Unlike most emergency kits out there, your investment in our gear won’t just sit idle waiting to be used in an emergency. Sturdy material and rugged construction, plus features normally found on more expensive backpacks.
Leather Palm-Split Gloves Gloves can be very important in an emergency situation when you may have to move & cut wood, clear brush, or when using tools repeatedly.
Signal Mirror This un-breakable mirror can be used for signaling messages, rescue and hygiene.
Whistle This police whistle can be helpful for communication, calling for help, or to ward off an animal threat. Playing Cards In the aftermath of emergencies playing cards can be a form of stress release and soothing to the nerves.
Redundancy of crucial survival items like fire is vital in case one item fails, breaks, or just runs out, you have a backup. UST Wetfire Tinder–8 pack Initially developed for military personnel, WetFire is now available so that you too can get a blaze going even in a downpour. How about a small EDC (every day carry) pocket pouch sized bag, containing just the bare essentials that will be most useful to you in a survival situation.
The 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 backpack is a three-day bug-out, survival, tactical, and bushcrafting bag that is designed to hold up in even the roughest of environments and conditions. Padded, extremely comfortable shoulder straps with a yoke system designed to even out the weight load. For my purposes, I treat this bag like a survival bag, even though it serves well for a variety of functions.

The front compartments keep all the rest of my smaller survival tools, including my flashlight, extra knife, additional fire starters, multi-tool, sharpeners, and folding saw.
My bag is upward of around 40 pounds when this is all said and done, but that is mainly due to my preference of carrying a tent and sleeping bag.
What’s great about the MOLLE webbing on this particular bag is that it is compatible with most of the higher end pockets and pouches. If cost is a factor, 5.11 and Maxpedition pouches can be a little higher in price, so opting for condor pouches works nicely.
The 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack has received incredible reviews across the board, and most people love this pack.
Unlike other BOBs out there, our backpack is specifically designed for long-distance backpacking, giving you maximum comfort and usability .
Hydration–ready with center exit hole and tube bungees on both sides (bladder not included).
A bandana can be used in a hundred ways such as protecting your neck & head from the hot sun, a towel, a water pre-filter, or a wound dressing.
These large gloves, which can accommodate a large variety of hand sizes, are sturdy & rugged and hold up under tough conditions.
Actually, as attested to by combat forces, shaving and simple hygiene has a calming and civilizing effect on people in the midst of turmoil.
Crank the hand turbine for four minutes and you’ll produce enough power for 10-15 minutes of use. That’s why we’ve included an easy to operate (even with cold hands) gas lighter–try lighting one of those small bic style ones with cold hands, its almost impossible!

The Sparkie can be operated with one hand and start your fire even in the most adverse weather conditions.
An effective way to warm your body is to put the warmers under your armpits (to prevent possible burns, use a barrier between your skin & the warmers). Paper that can withstand wet weather would be ideal in this situation to leave directions and notes. Yes it’s not your beloved bug-out-bag, but it the little pocket pouch has one HUGE benefit of the bug-out-bag, you’ll always have it with you! It is also helpful to record important information like contact information, notes about water intake, food, etc., and kids can use it as a draw pad too!
The compact body has a rubberized grip wrap giving you maximum control and comfort during use. And, with our kits the bonus is you can and should use your BOB for your outdoor activities like camping, hiking, hunting or backpacking! Here’s why. Main compartment has double cinch cords and false floor unzips to combine with lower compartment for more vertical space. Unique, patented one-handed operation is perfect in cases of a hand injury, or using one hand to block wind.

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