The medium to high priced grocery stores have all that stuff you can’t find in the budget stores. Find closest store here – Clik the small crosshairs in the bottom of the page and click Accept to use your location. Find closest store here – Clik the small crosshairs on the right of the page and click Accept to use your location. Fotex got a wide selection of everything from food products to clothing, electronics, books, household products and more. In Copenhagen, we only have one Bilka, and it is situated in the shopping mall called Fields. Irma is personally my favourite store, but it is also the store I know can make me go bankrupt!
The 'Zombie Survival Map' plots petrol stations, grocery stores, and even gun shops in major cities across the world, should the worst happen and the undead take over the planet.
Mapped out in an ominous black and red colour scheme, the map, the map shows the nearest location for key locations in the fight against zombies, such as convenience stores, gun shops, and hardware stores.Usefully, it also points out liquor stores, shopping malls, military facilities and police stations. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Many of these prepper supplies stores offer an excellent service selling you emergency food supplies, emergency water equipment, emergency communication equipment and a whole host of other stuff. But if you are new to prepping, by that I mean, you are now beginning to see the possibility of civil unrest in the UK, where do you begin? You must make your home secure enough so that any would-be visitor simply chooses to go to somebody elses home.

Click on Marvin to listen to his instruction of how to use this page to make the most of your visit. The Arrow Slits were narrow vertical windows from which castle defenders launched arrows from a sheltered position. The selection of products depends a lot on the size of the specific Netto, but in general absolutely a good budget store.
Personally we prefer Netto, but we have Fakta just around the corner, so that is where we go normally. They are somewhere between Aldi and Netto – slightly depressing, but they have a lot broader product range. So if you are looking for some specialities, more products or just some better food, check out these stores.
It is a little expensive to buy food products in Fotex, but if you are missing something for the kitchen, a cable for your phone etc. Fields is located right next to Orestad station, and can be reached by the metro towards Vestamager.
Often, the keep is the most defended area of a castle, and as such may form the main habitation area, or contain important stores such as the armoury, food, and the main water well, which would ensure survival during a siege. Go here to find better meat than in Fakta (at the same price in most cases), wider wine selection and a lot more vegetables. Torvehallerne is a mix between the local farmers market, the high end chocolate producers and some really nice butcher and fish stores. I go into greater detail about water supplies in the free ebook that is freely available from this site.

Now, whether they land on your doorstep, I don’t know, but if they do, do you think they will understand when you explain you only have enough food and water to last six months?
Either way, make sure that your own precious food and water does not become the neighbourhoods prepper supplies. Arrow slits were different designs and sizes which accommodated the shape of different weapons. Go here to get the good pesto, the nice olives, the Gastrik for your gravy or the nice steak.
Do you think the people who live a mile away from you are reading an article about prepping? Would you walk away from a pile of food and water knowing that your own family is thirsty or hungry? This was used to trap the enemy and often, burning wood or fire‐heated sand would be dropped onto them from the roof.
The arrow slits were built to accommodate the archers who launched arrows using the short bow, the crossbow and the longbow.
Food-wise they are above average in price, but like Fotex, it is a great store if you need other things than food. So, when putting together your prepper supplies, my suggestion is to hope for the best and plan for the worst.

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