At checkout, please write in the ordering instructions what combination of meats you would like, adding up to 12. This order gives you enough high quality pork to take you through considerable periods of time, and the meat herein can be used in just about any way you’d use regular pork. The natural juices of the meat are in the can, but nothing is added, these meats are all natural.

They are low in sodium and low in fat, which makes them healthy and great to eat every day!All meats are USDA inspected and approved, and they are all from the U.S.! They have all kinds of fun and sometimes crazy deals, so it’s a great place to bookmark and stop by from time to time! Each Survival Cave Canned Pork Food Storage - Full Case order comes with 108 servings and 10,800 calories; and this product has a shelf life of 12 - 15 years.

12 - 15 years is a general shelf life, but after that, they are still accepted to be good and healthy for another 30 years by many people!

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