Mountain biking in Fort William and Lochaber is incredibly popular with both locals and visitors and is a fantastic all-year-round activity and extremely good for a healthy and well balanced life style. UCI - the world governing body for mountain biking brings world-class bikers from countries all over the world to compete at Nevis Range in Fort William - one of the largest outdoor events in the calendar year with thousands of spectators from all over Europe and beyond.Fort William has a superb cycle track which allows all cyclists and walkers to get to and from the town centre in a pleasant and safe manner. Located in the village of Inverlochy, a few minutes walk from Fort William town centre, Nevis Cycles is a very friendly and professional bicycle shop providing a full range of cycle and mountain bike sales, repairs, hire, rental and accessories. One-stop first aid supply selling first aid supplies online, including emergency first aid supplies, first aid kits and first aid kit supplies, and much more.
An excellent product offered by First Aid Supplies Plus is the Pocket BVM (Bag Valve Mask). This device is designed for one-time patient use; however it can be re-folded for training purposes. The Pocket BVM is easy to use, prevents operational fatigue, requires minimum pressure to be compressed and, due to its design, quickly recovers its shape. For more information about the BVM, contact First Aid Supplies Plus online or call us at 1-888-385-6363. With more than 23 years experience in search and rescue, and medical emergency preparedness,  First Aid Supplies Plus is your one stop first aid and public safety supply source. Visit us on the web or contact us by telephone at 1-888-385-6363 for fast ordering and shipping to any location in the United States, including Florida, California, Alaska and Hawaii. Our Medic Response Health and Safety company provides safety supplies, training and service in the northern Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia areas. Medic Response offers CPR training that teaches how to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation on adults, children and infants.

This course teaches chain of survival, activation of EMS, emergency response, understanding what CPR is and a hands-on skill check of CPR and foreign body airway obstruction. Medic Response offers this course which teaches initial assessment, EMS activation, assessment of responsiveness, bleeding, burns, shock, illness warning signs, injury assessment, heat and cold related emergencies and specific body injuries.
BASE KIT ORANGE: This ultralight waterproof kit contains the essentials to start a fire and signal help. We deliver locally in the Washington DC metropolitan area, and serve the rest of the United States through our Internet based First Aid Supplies Plus company. If you haven’t visited our Internet based emergency first aid, search and rescue, medical and public safety supply store recently — stop in! Established over 20 years ago, First Aid Supplies Plus is located in the metropolitan Washington DC area.
Do you remember a time when you were out of a first-aid supply and you really regretted it? A well-stocked first aid kit is essential for emergency preparedness at home, at the ball field, on the job and at the office. First Aid Supplies Plus has everything you need to stock or replace important items in your first aid kit or medicine cabinet. It's possible to hire a bike in Fort William and cycle all the way to Nevis Range in Leannachan Forest on a safe cycle-way, without having to journey along the busy A82 trunk road.Fort William has two well-established cycle shops and both operate bike hire.
This is a hand-held disposable device for manual resuscitation and emergency respiratory support for adult patients.
It is ideal in either emergency or clinical settings and replaces any standard BVM combining all components and operational capabilities into one compact unit.

We combine a large and comprehensive product line, professional expertise with the convenience of one-stop-shopping to allow you to quickly and confidently select and purchase the products you need. This course also discusses adult information on heart attacks and strokes as well as specific childhood injuries. If you are hiker, ranger, search and rescue group leader — being prepared is always important for the unknown wilderness emergencies. Kit includes: Sparkie fire starter, WetFire tinder, Starflash Signal Mirror, JetScream whistle, and waterproof storage bag. We serve the surrounding areas,  — Maryland,  Pennsylvania and West Virginia and ship to customers across the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.
Visit our First-Aid Supplies, Kits and Cabinets page for more information about new or refill kits. Only 7 miles from Fort William town centre Nevis Centre is our most popular all-year-round visitor centre. Other providers in other areas of the Lochaber area also provide a good service to cyclists. Not only is it important to have a well-stocked first aid kit, you need to make sure the items are not out of date or expired.

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