As time wore on and years went by, I began researching more and more disaster or crazy survival stories. I’ve often wondered to myself if I were thrown into a life or death situation, would I know what to do? As with many things, my obsession with survival stories began to fade…until I stumbled upon the Discovery Channel show, “I Shouldn’t Be Alive.” OH. In the most recent episode, “Blizzard of Death,” three men set out on a hunting expedition for Marco Polo sheep, high in the remote mountains of Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia.
After bagging two sheep, the guides and hunters decide to head back to the nearest town, which was over a day’s drive away. The next day, Clay used his satellite phone to get a hold of his brother, but just as he was giving him their exact coordinates, the phone went dead. To everyone’s surprise, just as the helicopter landed, 3 snowmobiles driven by Americans on Border Patrol also arrived. Now, had I gone through something like that, there is no way in HELL you would ever get me back on a trip like that…EVER! About THE RED CIRCLETHE RED CIRCLE is a self publishing online magazine serving as a map to all avenues of storytelling's past, present, and future. The only blizzard declared a major natural and national disaster by the American and Canadian governments. My dad had a book called Darkest Hours which chronicled worldwide disasters from ancient times to the present and I just loved paging through it, reading up on everything from hurricanes and avalanches, to disasters at sea, to mine collapses or explosions. Spook, Dennie and Clay along with a team of local guides were to spend 2 weeks crossing miles and miles of frozen mountains in search of the sheep.

The guides and hunters cooked the rest of their food and hunkered down for another night in the blistering cold. It was at this point that the hunters needed to decide whether to ride out over land with American Military, or catch a ride with the local Kyrgyzstani helicopter…they opted to stay with the helicopter. Clay attempted to charge the battery by rubbing it on his wool pants for over an hour — this “boy scout” trick worked, and the phone was able to maintain a charge long enough for Clay to get a hold of his brother again. With a BA in English and a writing minor, she aspires to join the ranks of Edgar Allan Poe in the literary world. It's mission: become a destination where media and motivations converge at the center point of a red circle! I’m not sure what it was about that kind of thing that drew me in, but all I can say is that I couldn’t get enough (And still can’t).
To this day, it still amazes me as to what lengths people will go through to survive through a situation. Or would my brain keep throwing up mental roadblocks that would prevent me from doing what I had to do? The crew loaded the helicopter with all their gear and equipment and prepared for lift off.
Miraculously, though severely injured, the three men were able to climb their way out of the wreckage. A self-proclaimed horror movie fanatic, she’s always searching for that one movie that will scare the living crap out of her and make her want need to sleep with the lights on (so far, she hasn’t found it). Revised again and expanded to 432 pages in 2005 with both the American and Canadian experience.

When push comes to shove, their animalistic survival instinct kicks in and they’re able to get past the thought of what they need to do (even if it’s morally and ethically wrong) and just do it.
They prepared for another night in the cold—the guides (having given up hope) began drinking through all the vodka they had on hand. Just when they thought their plight couldn’t get any worse, they were enveloped in a complete white-out blizzard. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, drinking, hanging out with friends, listening to music, drinking, SyFy Movie Saturdays and devising plans of attack and escape routes for when the dead walk the earth. From plane crashes in the Serengeti, to shark attacks off the coast of Australia to leisurely wilderness strolls that turned into terrifying ordeals of being lost for days, this show had everything! As the fire died down, panic set in, and the survivors began burning their clothes, shoes, anything they could find to keep the fire ablaze. When one of the snowmobilers stopped momentarily, Clay fired off another round…and the man looked up.
When they finally made it to the top of a peak, they saw it, a glimmer of hope…a military post could be seen in distance.
In an uncanny turn of events, the snowmobilers turned out to be the same 3 American Border Patrol officers who offered assistance before the helicopter crash.

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