Sci fi movie set in year 2045 when global warming pushed the scientists to finding a solution. Story of The ZoneThere are areas on Earth where things happen that are escaping any logical explanation - tiny little crystals that are able to give energy to start the car, gravity traps that can kill or mutilate human being within second, unexplained phenomena inviting and dangerous at the same time. Sure, it succeeds in creating a cold, distant, post-apocalyptic future, but suffers from the major flaw of having the characters appear equally as cold and distant themselves. The premise involves Moses Baxter (yes, this is a commentary on religion) as he wanders across the vast, bleak universe created for the picture. Baxter is portrayed by Dylan McDermott, and that casting flaw is a major problem for the picture. But one actor steals the spotlight for worst actor of all time, and that is John Lynch as Shades.
To add insult to injury, the back of the box states that this film shocked the MPAA with a certain level of disturbing violence.
It is clear that this is director Richard Stanley’s bleak outlook and commentary on society, but it is the type of film that holds no purpose to anyone but him and his ego.
On this site, I hope to teach people about cult cinema and have them rent films that they normally would not, turning you into the monster that I have become.
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MOON ist ein geiler Film, ja, aber dem deutschen Kino-Puplikum haben die hiesigen Verleiher den Film vorenthalten.
Auf Super 8 warte ich schon lange aber JJ kann mich seit Cloverfield nicht mehr so damit kitzeln. Moon war zwar ein ganz guter Film fA?r solch ein Budget, aber nach spA¤testens 30 Minuten komplett vorhersagbar. Bitte beachten: Auf einestages kA¶nnen Hinweise nur unter Ihrem Klarnamen verA¶ffentlicht werden. Ja, ich wA?nsche unverbindliche Angebote des SPIEGEL-Verlages und der manager magazin Verlagsgesellschaft (zu Zeitschriften, BA?chern, Abonnements, Online-Produkten und Veranstaltungen) per E-Mail. Imagine being stranded on a hostile alien planet with a group of other elite young adults as part of a prestigious competition called Sol Invictus.
A unique story and wonderful cinematography make Sol an enjoyable film for fans of the genre.
What adds to the intensity of many of the scenes is not what you see, but more of what you hear and do not see. This is not a movie that everyone will love, but is one that true fans of the science fiction genre will respect.

The biggest problems are diseases - even the common cold can wipeout the entire colony, so very strict rules are applied to anyone who shows any symptoms. It is worth renting this movie just to see what an awful actor this guy is, but even then you might be better off finding a clip on YouTube. For starters, the violence is nothing special for gore hounds, and secondly, a movie needs more than gore for a reason to be seen. With all this being said, if you are a fan of this picture, Severin has done an amazing job on the transfer of this movie and the wealth of supplements they provided in this two-disc collection. The disc is rounded out with a German trailer, a promo piece from the heyday of VHS, and deleted and extended scenes. Sunshine und Moon sind zwar gute Filme aber letztlich ist in den letzten 10 Jahren wenig passiert.
The goal of your team is to be able to pinpoint Earth's faraway sun - Sol to wine fame and glory. I was reminded of futuristic version of Lord of the Flies, with elements of the Hunger Games and Stargate thrown in.
Jake Brown, Caleb Courtney, Sky King, Aaron Kuban, Spenser Pollard, Tyler Thomas, and Jake White put in solid performances. In the end, that turns this film into one of the most painfully long movie experiences you’ll ever have.
13, which is a robot created by the military for purposes still unknown to the audience or mankind. When violence is crucial to the storytelling, it can be thrilling, but when thrown into a sloppy film of this stature, it is just an insult. It starts off with an almost self-praising commentary by director Stanley over the uncensored version of his movie.
InA?s Kino gehe ich nur noch, wenn ich nicht die Geduld aufbringe, auf das Erscheinen der BluRay zu warten. Aber das Science-Fiction Filme mit Jodie Foster floppen kA¶nnen, weis man nicht erst seit gestern. Avatar gehA¶rt meiner Meinung nach nicht in das Genre denn hier wurd eine bekannte Story mit einem Pseudo-Sci-Fi Image belegt. In the case of SOL, I was pleasantly surprised to with the amount of thrills and tension from such a low budget film. There is a feeling of isolation and paranoia throughout the film, primarily because of the location.
It allows you to create tension in your mind, which builds up over time until there is a reveal. Of course they have room to improve, but the level of emotions and line delivery was decent.

I love what I do, and I enjoy sharing everything I can with you when it comes to movies and geekery. The distract call from nearby colony is the beginning of chain of changes that will affect the survivors. Baxter brings the robot to his sculptor girlfriend (naturally…?), and within time they discover the purpose of the robot and accidentally unleash it on humanity. She has locked herself in her apartment and has a problem smoking dope, and one can only wonder what Baxter sees in her.
Over the years, I’ve unintentionally become a movie encyclopedia that I often find myself the recipient of late night phone calls from my friends while at Blockbuster [One such conversation between the Editor of this site and the film “Redbelt” immediately comes to mind.] As far as my preferences go however, I love both the cult cinema and the classics. Auf Korsika und in Bayern verfilmte der gebA?rtige Schweizer Tim Fehlbaum, 26, ein futuristisches Szenario, in dem die Strahlung der Sonne nahezu alles Leben vernichtet hat. This is what worked well for shows like LOST, where the smoke monster is making so much noise in the jungle on the first episode. If you're looking for something to watch at home this week, then I can not think of a better option than SOL. The message without any details is intruiging and after deliberations they decide to send small rescue mission. Interesting plot and reality, but since the emphasis were put on completely wrong elements of the story, and some details of the plot make no sense, the final effect is average at best. Now, humanity in this picture is full of perverts, junkies and anti-social thieves, so it really is no big loss.
My love of film ranges from features such as “Amadeus” to “Sorority Babes in the Slime Ball Bowl-A- Rama.” I have a long range of film heroes as well that include, Michael J. Die Story einer Gruppe A?berlebender, die sich vor UV-Strahlung und Postapokalyptikern in die Berge retten wollen, wo es noch Wasser geben soll, ist mehr Psychothriller als Zukunftsvision.
The sand dunes and natural wildlife in the area offer an eerie space-like atmosphere The natural and over-saturated lighting was a great way for creating moments of intensity. 13 as a Christmas gift – they bicker and somehow end up in bed together as we watch through the infrared eyes of a pepping tom.
Doch wie er Deutschland mit vergleichsweise geringen Mitteln in eine gespenstische Steppe verwandelt und in souverA¤nen Breitwandbildern eine HA¶lle auf Erden evoziert - das wird Fehlbaum garantiert manchen Anruf aus Hollywood einbringen, wo er bisher nur als Gewinner eines "Shocking Shorts Awards" war. Nach der Weltpremiere von "Hell" beim Filmfest MA?nchen wurde Fehlbaum nur folgerichtig als bester Regisseur prA¤miert. Alien, Pitch Black und Event Horizon hatten jeweils eine sehr gute Story, die einen auch Jahre spA¤ter noch fesselt und mitnimmt.

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