Amaya is the middle child of five siblings, 2 older brothers, a twin sister (Sister is younger by 10 minutes), and a younger brother. At the age of 14 Amaya completely finished her training with Kakashi since he couldn't teach her anything anymore. Amaya is also quite fast and agile with sharp reflexes, able to easily dodge a much larger opponent's assault in a Taijutsu battle or Ninjutsu cast at a close range. Amaya primarily relies on her mastery of ninjutsu, of which she has a vast arsenal due in part to her Sharingan and her training with Kakashi and Tobi. Both Sensei's trainined her affectively in Ninjutsu to the point were she learned many jutsus. While used less often, she has also shown proficient skill in genjutsu, which she can use as a set-up for stronger attacks.
Amaya's Mangekyo Sharingan Amaya awakened her Mangekyo Sharingan after she watched her Father and brothers deaths. Amaya's Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan Since Amaya already mastered her Mangekyo Sharingan while she was training with Kakashi, she awakened her Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan while she was training with Tobi.
Amaya's Kekkei Genkai is Lava Release ninjutsu, such as spitting out lava that can melt almost anything in its path.
Amaya's second Kekkei Genkai is Blaze Release, she easily developed Blaze Release when she obtained Mangekyo Sharingan during her training with Tobi. Like his Akuryo's Scythe body, Akuryo's scythe has fire, lightning, and lava flowing inside it like blood also. Erika hated that Amaya wanted to become a ninja, or that she always wanted to play with her brothers and be outside instead of learing from her. In the morning of Amaya's birthday, Amaya and Erika got into the biggest fight they ever been in.
Sasuke about to whisper a threat to Amaya At first Amaya and Sasuke hated each other, always yelling and insulting one another.
Her Mother is from the Kemono clan which is a rare clan from Onigakure (Village Hidden Among Demons).
Her mother always compared Amaya to her twin sister, whom's personality is the complete oppisite of her's.
Amaya found out right before her father died that her mother and sister had set the entire thing up.
Since she was done with her training Amaya soon left the village since she never actually was a ninja for Konohagakure. Her dexterity and balance are also considerably high, allowing her to skillfully dodge a large barrage of projectiles nearly unscathed, further aiding her in battle. Her skill in it's usage is able to easily deceive most opponents with well-timed diversions, giving her opponents little chance to counter. However, he only trained her to awaken it not master it since he was soon killed. This dojutsu allows Amaya to analyse and predict movements, observe the flow of chakra, copy the techniques of others, and cast powerful illusions through eye-contact. When she awakened her Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, she was able to cast Tsukuyomi, allowing her to break a target's will and paralyse them. The great amount of steam generated after the lava strikes can serve as an effective smokescreen, allowing her to attack again while the enemy is distracted. When she summons Akuryo the burns her skin, and Akuryo forms out of the seal, in a lava like form.
Amaya was already upset from the fight with her mother in the morning, and Daisuke was trying to talk to her. Sasuke didn't like that Amaya was half an Uchiha with the Sharingan, he always insulted her saying she was a fake.

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He didn't like the idea of Amaya traveling at such a young age, with such little ninja skills. She traveled and trained for a year before she ran into the Akatsuki and stayed with them for 2 years, training with Tobi for those 2 years. And a small navy blue jacket with the Uchiha symbol on the left sleeve and her old headband on the right sleeve. She has impressive acrobatic skills; akin to parkour and free-running, she can slide across surfaces with great control, perform mid-air flips and twirls, run up and across walls.
Since she also has the Sharingan, she was able to copy many jutsus, mostly fire, lightning, and lava jutsus. Since Kakashi, also known as Copy Ninja Kakashi, her skills to copy attacks are very good, however, she hardly copies jutsus. She is also able to cast Amaterasu, which converges unquenchable black flames at the focal point of his sight that continue to burn for an entire week, or until they have completely consumed whatever they come into contact with.
A significant amount of exposure was enough to make Itachi's Susanoo begin to melt when it was hit during a training exercise.
Aside from unleashing a wave of unquenchable black flames that incinerates everything that reflects in her eyesight, Amaya can control the movement of the flames into surrounding her and creating spikes to protect herself. When she gained her Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, her Blaze Release greatly improved. Akuryo and Amaya can only go 5 miles away from each other before a invisble chain pulls them back together.
She wanted her two daughters to grow up to be exactly like her, to learn how to care for the husband. So he started being different toward Amaya, instead of insulting her, he would protect her.
In his eyes he could never see how such a playful and adventurious be changed to good mannered or poised. He didn't have a team at the time, and after some negotiating she agreed to be trained by him.
She can easily throw a much larger and heavier opponent against a set of pipes with enough force to break them, and can shatter large boulders of rock launched at her with a single punch each. She is also quite flexible, able to bend and twist effectively enough to attack from various angles or squeeze through most spaces.
Against most high-level techniques, she has advanced knowledge of their working, and is able to dispel genjutsu as well. Instead, she uses her Sharingan to analyse and predict movements and cast powerful illusions. Akuryo's weapon is a large silver scythe with a long chain on the end, that he usually wraps around his arm.
Akuryo can also come out of the seal, if Amaya is extremely angered or if she's very close to death.
He even stood up for Amaya when his wife would try to teach to cook or clean, which is something Amaya hated to do. I HATE YOU FOR MARRYING SUCH A STUPID WOMAN!" Of course Amaya didn't mean it and Daisuke knew that, so he wasn't mad at her.
Erika left the house furious and to the man she's been having an affair with that her father was an assassin, which was a lie. He would always pull her away from any guys that tried to flirt with her, and would always try to keep her from getting hurt in a battle.

However, Amaya never wanted to act or be that, she wanted to be an ninja; something her mother strongly desapproved of. And ever since that day Amaya has been traveling from village to village, not stopping to stay at any. Her skill and aim is amazing, able to successfully warp small, large, fast-moving, or multiple targets in rapid succession.
She could also create an armour made of lava that not only has defensive purposes but adds lava to her taijutsu attacks increasing their potential damage.
Daisuke would never admit it but he had a special place in his heart for Amaya then his other children.
For 6 months Erika was having an affair with an ANBU captain and Amaya knew about it, which made her hatered for her mother grow.
That night when Sasuke was saying that Itachi tricked Sasuke to protect him, he started crying. And same with Amaya, she started growing feelings for him and always became worried about him whenever he used the Mangekyo Sharingan.
Itachi and Sasuke Im waiting Itachi Uchiha Lovely Man Itachi Uchiha Lovely Man Itachi loves dango Itachi Uchiha brothers in grief itachi's ninja info card Itachi itachi Itachi and Sasuke itachi Itachi itachi Itachi!!! Since her mother and Amaya had completely different personality's and ambitions, it caused them to have a horrible relationship. If people actually get on her soft side, she is sensitive and will protect them no matter what.
The demon is different from Tailed Beasts , they are demons that come directly from the dead. The last time they talked was them arguing, and the last words Amaya said to her father was "I hate you." Amaya now believes that her father died thinking she hated him, and she hates herself for saying something like that to him. However, when Erika tried to teach everything to Amaya, she would just run outside and play with her father. Instead of insulting or making fun of him, Amaya hugged him and let him cry on her shoulder since she knew how confused he was. She went up to him, grabbed his face in her hands then kissed him, which he returned and told each other they were in love.
But Daisuke died knowing she loved him since she was crying and fighting while she watched him die. When Amaya was being taught how to cook or clean she would always run outside and play with her brothers and father. She was forced to watch her father be stabbed to death, forced to watch her brothers be stabbed then thrown into the fire. Her mother disagreeing with her father, saying that Amaya should be lady like and house wife instead of a ninja. While this was all happening, Amaya's mother toke her twin sister and ran away from the village during the attack. While her father was agruing that she shouldn't be kept inside, that she should be allowed to learn how to become a ninja.

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