The 2012 Toyota Venza is like a stylish Frankenstein's monster version of a family vehicle.
The Venza drives like it's a family car, and there's really no getting around that, even with the more powerful engines. If you're thinking about getting a car deal on a Venza, than chances are your priorities are more aligned with practicality and comfort, rather than thrills and horsepower. There are only three trims for the 2012 Venza, but with the amount of available options and packages, you can easily customize one to fit your family's needs perfectly.
This is a family vehicle, and with that said, most families' primary concern is not burning rubber and drifting around all over the place. The 2012 Toyota Venza and its unique design offers it a larger interior than most the competition, and although it is missing a third row seat, it takes advantage of the extra room very well. Family vehicles like the Venza are designed to be as enjoyable to drive as possible, and the Venza certainly comes with enough standard equipment, even on the lowest trim, to make that happen. Moving up to the bigger v6 engine or the higher trims will add on features like voice activated touch screen navigation, keyless entry and ignition, anti theft systems, power lift gate, leather seats and a rear view camera, among other things. The Toyota Venza was named an IIHS Top Safety Pick for 2012 in the midsize SUV class, scoring top marks in front and side impacts and rollover strength.

Chevrolet has brought us something that is quite foreign looking, and is in fact part of their foreign line up. Kia has made quite a name for its self over the years and they are continuing that with the 2013 Kia Rio.
The Ford Fiesta was introduced into the market back in 2010, and has made a name for itself in the small car class.
Mixing and matching elements from sedans, wagons, minivans and crossover SUVs together to create something new altogether. That said, this is a unique vehicle that does what it was designed to do, and it does it very well.
This downsized engine offers the Venza the best gas mileage available, but the livelier v6 is not very far behind at all. The styling and features in the interior is top notch for its class, and although there are some quirks to it, it still comes off very pristine. It did not fare quite as well in its government testing, earning an overall score of four out of five stars. It’s platform is based on the Ford CD3 which is shared with other models such as Mazda CX-9 crossover, Ford Fusion and the Lincoln MKZ sedans.

In addition to North America is its primary market, Ford extends the market for the Edge to 40 other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel and Brazil. While it is completely unfair to call the Venza as ugly as the fabled monster since it is pretty stylish and attractive, they are similar in that once you get past their skin; you'll find a lot to like. The Venza is certainly a unique looking car, but if you like the look then there is a lot more you will like when you get in. Since it launch in January 2006, The Edge US sales has been continually increasing, exceeding the sales of all middle to full-size CUVs.
Each Venza comes standard with an arsenal of airbags, anti lock disc brakes and electronic traction and stability control.
Although there isn't a third row, every other seat is so comfortable and spacious that there really isn't a bad seat in the house.

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