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MDMA (ecstasy) has a tendency to induce euphoria, a sense of intimacy with others, and diminished anxiety and depression. Historically sassafrass oil has been an important raw material used in the flavour & fragrances and insecticide industries.
Currently the most used source of Sassafras oil is extraction from the bark of different species of trees. Beginning in 2003, production moved to Cambodia, namely in the Cardamom Mountains controlled by the Khmer rouge, but just a couple of years later (in 2005), the Cambodian government also banned harvesting of Sassafras trees, which are now classified in the country as rare species. Deep in the Cardamom Mountains and Phnom Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary in western Cambodia clandestine factories are distilling safrole oil to be used for the production of ecstasy. Most safrole oil distilleries are found in the Phnom Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located in the Cardamoms and is where the majority of oil-bearing trees remain.
In the early 1990s, certain forest shrubs of the Piperaceae, indigenous to the humid forests of Central America and Greater Amazonia, were found to contain high levels of safrole in their leaves. Piper hispidinervum offers excellent conditions for cultivation in areas with facilities for harvest, transport, and industrialization [4].
Forest preservation in developing countries is a controversial issue that involves many different interests. Vanguard is a documentary series aired by Current News on Current TV, which is based out of San Francisco. For a significant period of time sassafras oil has been traditionally used as an important raw material in the production of chemicals used in the flavor & fragrances and insecticide industry. In Cambodiaa€™s tropical forest, particularly in the Phnom Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary, trees containing safrole oil are cut down in order to begin the manufacturing process.
This small chapter from the book a€?Perspectives on New Crops and New Usesa€? does not directly deal with Cambodia or the use of safrole or sassafras oil in ecstasy, but it does address the destructive deforestation used to produce it and provides an alternate plant to be used rather than the mostly endangered tropical tree species currently used to meet the demand. This article highlights first the chemical composition of sassafras oil and why it has the hallucinogenic effect on the human mind in the form of ecstasy.
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Many, particularly in the fields of psychology and cognitive therapy, have suggested MDMA (ecstasy) might have therapeutic benefits in certain individuals, and offer benefits that would facilitate therapy sessions.
The main component of sassafrass oil is safrole (80 to 90% of the raw oil depending on the source) which can be chemically converted to isosafrole. Apparently the stop to production didna€™t work too efficiently, since in 2005 more than 600 tons of oil were produced and exported.
The western Cardamoms are part of southeast Asiaa€™s largest mainland contiguous rainforest and serve as the last refuge for more than 80 of the world's most threatened species, including Asian elephants, Indochinese tigers and Siamese crocodiles. To meet the current demand for these oils the Earth's tropical forests are losing over 500,000 trees per year.
The Brazilian Amazon contains a wide variety of Piper species but attention had focused on P. The young journalists of Vanguard report stories from around the world that often go unheard or unnoticed despite their importance. Safrole, the main component of sassafras oil, is the raw ingredient used to produce ecstasy which was first synthesized in 1898 by the German chemist Fritz Haber.
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They spoke of terabytes, zettabytes (Google it, I had to) and how 72 hours of media is being uploaded to the internet every minute. Clinical trials are now testing the therapeutic potential of MDMA (ecstasy) for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety associated with terminal cancer. Safrole and isosafrole are mainly derived from the safrole oil from a number of increasingly rare species of trees and are used as the starting material for the illegal production of the drug ecstasy (MDMA, 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) which has become one of the world's most diffused drugs.
China is the largest consumer of sassafras oil, using around 2000 tons annually for the production of heliotropine and other derivatives. Trees containing the viscous, fragrant, safrole oil are cut down during the manufacturing process.
Safrole oil, which is also used in the production of cosmetics and in the traditional Khmer remedies, is produced from the aromatic oil of a tree known in Khmer as Mreah prew phnom, which experts think is Cinnamomum parthenoxylon. Pilot-scale distillations have been conduced to determine oil quality and yields and permit estimation annual productivity on a per hectare basis. One of these documentaries a€?Forest of Ecstasya€? is the inspiration for my webpage topic. Ecstasy can be easily synthesized starting from safrole and its cost is relatively low compared to classic drug such as cocaine or heroin. The resulting mixture is then distilled over fires that require enormous quantities of firewood to fuel them. French also addresses the emergence of the large underground industry created to supply the worlda€™s demand for ecstasy and the detrimental effect this demand has had on the environment.
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Safrole was first used as the natural raw material to produce ecstasy by the German chemist Fritz Haber in 1898, but the ecstasy molecule itself was not patented until 1914 by the pharmaceutical company Merck.
In addition to this, a further annual requirement may be estimated at around 500 tons for the world-wide production of piperonyl butoxide. DEA, led to the seizure in a Thai port in October 2007 of three containers containing 50,4 tons of safrole ready for export to America and China. The species is generally considered rare, and in Vietnam, it is classified as critically endangered. Since their is still an industrial demand for sassafras oil along with an illicit demand from the ecstasy industry these rare trees will continue to be cut down despite the best efforts of national governments. The safrole content of the oil in unselected stock is about 85%, but a improvement to more than 90% is possible through selection. The documentary features Adam Yamaguchi of Vanguard who goes to Cambodia to report first hand on the impact the demand for MDMA, the chemical precursor in the drug ecstasy, is having on Cambodiaa€™s pristine and until recently untouched mountainous tropical forests. According to the annual report of the European monitoring centre for drugs and drugs addiction, the global annual production of amphetamines and Ecstasy is estimated to be around 520 tons. Safrole oil manufacturing is a big business, and as a result, severe deforestation and erosion scar the mountainous areas around the factories. The drug is particularly difficult for governments to combat due to its small size which makes it easy to smuggle and the flexibility of the source of production which can easily shift as governments outlaw the harvesting and exportation of sassafras oil (which we have seen happen production centers have moved from China to Brazil to Vietnam and finally to Cambodia) also makes ecstasy particularly difficult to deal with. These dogs were then used as family pets but were trained to behave adequately to their owners.
MDMA (ecstasy) is one of the most widely used recreational drugs in the world and is taken in a variety of contexts far removed from its roots in psychotherapeutic settings. Ecstasy can be easily synthetized starting from safrole and its cost is relatively low compared to classic drug such as cocaine or heroin. Considering that more than 95% of the needed Sassafras oil comes from destructive harvesting of the trees, most of which is illegal, it can be estimated that more than 500.000 trees are destroyed annually, which means 5 million trees were lost only in the past 10 years. The last seizure occurred recently in June 2008: the cooperation of the Cambodian authorities with the Australian police blocked 33 tons of safrole-rich oil, an amount big enough to produce 245 million tablets of Ecstasy.
The resulting mixture is then distilled over fires that require enormous quantities of firewood to fuel them.
It has no common name in English and no one knows how many of the trees are left in the world. Adam discovers that little by little the forest is being devoured from the inside out due to the trails blazed deep into the mountains by criminal gangs who are setting up illegal factories to produce safrole oil (aka sassafras oil, the raw ingredient for ecstasy) which comes from the trunks and roots of the rare Mreah Prew Phnom tree. More than 95% of the worlda€™s sassafras oil comes from the destructive harvesting of trees, most of which is illegal, and has resulted in over 500,000 trees being cut down annually to meet the demand.
The rickety improvised distilleries are perilous at best, and explosions are not uncommon.
French also comments on the dangers of the drug and the long term effects it has on the brain. The pit bull puppies are born deaf, blind and helpless relying upon the mother to serve food. In short their habits and ability to type with the environment have made a good shed to grow. According to the annual report of the European monitoring centre for drugs and drugs addiction (EMCDDA) (4), global annual production of amphetamines and Ecstasy may be estimated in about 520 tons. Sources of Sassafras oil are now becoming more and more difficult to find both due to the more strict control on the illicit use of the product and, even more importantly, in order to prevent massive deforestation of tropical forests. According to a declaration of the Australian Embassy in Cambodia, the stockpile had a potential street value of more $7.3 billion. Safrole oil manufacturing is a big business, and as a result, severe deforestation and erosion scar the mountainous areas around the factories. Four Mreah prew phnom trees are needed to produce a single, 40-gallon barrel of safrole oil. The economical exploration of its productive potential could be an important step to assist in the maintenance of trpoical rainforest, providing a new livelihood option. While the Cambodian government is making a determined effort to root out these criminals and save the forests the lucrative drug trade and high demand for ecstasy is ensuring that this problem will not be dealt with easily or stopped quickly.
Sources of sassafras oil are becoming harder to find due to the traditional suppliers (China, Brazil, Vietnam) banning its harvesting due to its illicit uses (ecstasy) and to prevent further tropical deforestation.

Nearby streams that provide water for processing are soon contaminated by factory waste causing the poisoning of a delicate ecosystem.
Many complications associated with MDMA (ecstasy) are fatal, the psychological effects of the drug range from psychosis to depression to panic disorders.
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There have been debates within scientific, health care, and drug policy circles about the risks of MDMA (ecstasy), specifically the possibility of neurotoxic damage to the central nervous system (CNS). Ecstasy is produced mainly in Europe (with the Netherlands being the leading country) and, more recently, in South East Asia (China, Indonesia, and Hong Kong) and in North America. China, Brazil and Vietnam, the three main historical producers of Sassafras oil, have now banned harvest of the trees to prevent depletion of the resource. The oil was destroyed by the Cambodian National authority by burning it over a three-day period, under the supervision of the Australian Federal police. The ramshackle, ad-hoc distilleries are perilous at best, and explosions are not unknown.
An additional six trees of lesser value are felled to use as firewood in the processing of a single Mreah prew phnom tree. Another production possibility is sustainable management in natural vegetation since it occurs in high populations in several open areas bordering primary rainforest. This might include culture as a crop but also sustainable management in natural vegetation, since this species occurs in high populations in several open areas such as in natural gaps in the forest and in areas bordering the primary rainforest. Unfortunately the demand has remained for sassafras oil remains, particularly for its illicit uses, and has caused a shift from traditional areas of production to virgin oasisa€™s of tropical forest particularly Cambodiaa€™s Cardamom Mountains. In both cases “American pit Bull Terrier” tends to be the larger though their behaviour and appearance resembles. Regulatory authorities in several locations around the world have approved scientific studies administering MDMA (ecstasy) to humans to examine its therapeutic potential and its effects. According to the same report, 8,5 tons of Ecstasy have been seized in 2004 world-wide, 50% of those coming from Central and West Europe, 23% from the North America and 16% from Oceania. Cambodian authorities have been working since 2002 to stem the distillation of the oil and since then have succeeded in detecting and dismantling more than 50 clandestine laboratories capable of producing up to 15 gallons of oil a day, according to the Australian Federal police.
Workers who distill the oil deep in the jungle also often rely on poaching rare animals (tigers, pangolins, peacocks, pythons and wild cats) for food or for extra income on illegal wildlife markets. The species is most frequently found on degraded forest, bordering primary forest or farm land where itoccurs as a colonizing a€?weed,a€? either as a pure stand or along with other Piper species. Reforestation projects, in natural or deforested gaps, could take advantage of the vegetative and productive potential of P. An integrated project based on this species among research institutes, universities, governmental, and non-governmental institutions could produce a sustainable alternative crop for the tropical rainforest[4]. The best solution to stopping the deforestation caused by sassafras oil is to develop a synthetic version which is sustainable and environmentally friendly.
The western Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia are part of southeast Asiaa€™s largest mainland contiguous rainforest and serve as the last refuge for more than 80 of the world's most threatened species, including Asian elephant, Indochinese tiger and Siamese crocodile. The carrot shavings, diced potatoes also can be implemented for the healthy diet of the pit bulls. Continuing to study the substance in clinical trials, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies released the following statement in October 2008, "We found that low doses of MDMA (between 50 and 75 mg) were both psychologically and physiologically safe for all the subjects [2].
The average cost to consumer for an Ecstasy tablet was, in 2004, about 3 a‚¬ in Poland and eastern countries and 15-25 a‚¬ in Greece and Italy. Vietnam then took the place of Brazil as a producer, but in 1999 the Vietnamese government also banned harvesting, while exports stopped in 2000.
Production of Sassafras oil in China is strictly controlled by the authorities, but the Chinese companies, as well as those in Vietnam, operate in Laos and Burma on a sporadic basis.
Poaching threatens the livelihoods of the estimated 12,000-15,000 hunter-gatherers who live in the wildlife sanctuary [3]. Raw materials, such as Sassafras oil, used to produce Ecstasy and other methamphetamines, are often subjected to illicit commercial practices.
The trade is illegal; despite this, a few tons of oil from these regions occasionally enters China [2]. In order to prevent and block this drug trafficking, international authorities have issued laws and rules to make available world-wide a uniform set of criteria for the control of drug precursors and chemical substances used for their transformation. Though small-scale production of safrole oil for traditional remedies has been going on for centuries in Cambodia, the industrial production of oil destined for the narcotics trade has been ebbing and flowing since the late 1990s. The criteria are based on the preventive authorisation to produce and market these types of chemicals and to control their export-import and final use.
In recent years, authorities have taken action against the safrole industry with some recent high-profile raids highlighting the issue. It has no common name in English and no one knows how many of the trees are left in the world.
Not surprisingly a black market has developed to get around the strick regulations set on the handling and production of safrole oil.
A June 12, 2009 raid, led jointly by conservation NGO Flora and Fauna International and the Cambodian authorities, captured 142 barrels containing 5.7 tons of sassafras oil.
Four Mreah prew phnom trees are needed to produce a single, 40-gallon barrel of safrole oil. Since the main raw material used as the precursor to ecstasy is no longer readily available drug manufactures and organized crime groups have had to find an alternative source of safrole oil to meet the demands of the lucrative ecstasy industry [2]. Seized from a secluded house in the isolated village of Oa€™ Kambou in the western Cardamom mountains, the haul could have produced 44 million tablets of Ecstasy with a total street value of $1.2 billion [3]. An additional six trees of lesser value are felled to use as firewood in the processing of a single Mreah prew phnom tree.

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