It is commonly assumed that hand eczema is linked to general atopic eczema, but a new study has found that hand eczema can exist independently from atopic eczema. The new study, published in the January edition of the British Journal of Dermatology, has found that contrary to common the common assumption that hand eczema is linked to general atopic eczema, some hand eczema exists with no link to atopic eczema but with a link to filaggrin mutations in the skin. Filaggrin is a protein that binds keratin fibres to epidermal cells and helps maintain a healthy skin barrier.
Skin that is Filaggrin deficient has a lower tolerance to allergens than normal skin and the hands are an area of the body which are more commonly exposed to external irritants than other sites on the body, which may explain, taking the new study findings into account,  why people with a filaggrin deficiency may find symptoms of their deficiency most commonly on their hands.
It’s more common with hand ‘eczema’ than any other type of eczema, that steroids are ineffective.

For non-eczema related hand dryness and cracking products for reducing skin sensitivity and products to reduce itching and dryness would be more helpful than steroids.
Mutations in levels of Filaggrin production can be linked to hand eczema, without the presence atopic eczema. The new study, plus other studies on filaggrin deficiencies, might explain why this is the case. So if steroids are not improving hand dryness and cracking, try products that reduce itchiness and sensitivity and increase moisture in the skin. Skin Shop’s KALME Undercoat helps reduce skin sensitivity (by as much as 70%) and creates an armour for sensitive skin against external irritants.

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Logically if hand dryness and cracking is caused by filaggrin deficiency and not eczema then it’s more likely that steroids typically used for atopic eczema will not be effective.
Skin Shop’s chemical- free Defensil Rescue Serum  helps reduce skin itchiness and restores moisture to very dry skin.

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