Did you know that there are three different ways to pronounce the ED at the end of a word in English? Keep up to date with all of the new things we create by following us on your favorite social media site. However, did you know that there are three different ways to pronounce ED at the end of a word in English? Yes, the ED in wanted is pronounced differently to the ED in washed, which is also different to the ED in called.
We go into detail about the rules you need to know for the correction pronunciation of any ED ending that you may encounter. Remember, these rules are not only for regular verbs in the PAST TENSE (which end in ED) but also for regular PAST PARTICIPLES and ADJECTIVES that end in ED.

You will also find our ED Pronunciation chart where you will hear how each each word is said. For more information about how to pronounce ED at the end of words in English, see our page about the Pronunciation of ED in English.
Once you feel comfortable with the rules, then try our game to learn the different ways of pronouncing ED in English (with 20 questions) and our other ED Pronunciation Game (with 50 questions). All these worksheets and activities for teaching Pronunciation of -ed have been designed by English language teachers.
These are among the best phonics worksheets, games, videos and flash cards you will find online.
There are the regular verbs in past tense that end in ED (like Visited, Hoped and Lived), and there are also adjectives that end in ED (e.g.

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