Meals ready-to-eat contain their own heat source that only requires a small amount of water to activate.
If you use melted snow or ice for water, it needs to be both filtered and purified before it is potable. Boredom leads to frustration and fighting among your family and friends, which is severely detrimental to working and living in such close quarters. This Preppers survival list is just some of the things I though a new Prepper might consider as they get a survival plan together. 11. Lamp Oil, Lamps, Wicks get more than you think you will need they are a good barter item and I have found it goes faster than you think.
20. Socks, Underwear and T-shirts lots of extras if you are planning long term just a few for shorter term plans. 53. Rain gear you will no doubt need them unless you like being wet, miserable and perhaps hypodermic.
65. Tarps, stakes, para-cord, twine, rope, nails and spikes all useful items in a emergency. 76.Baby wipes, oils, Water-less and Antibacterial soap, baby wipes, oils ( my wife has dry skin) the rest will save on your water consumption. 89. Alternate methods of communications, land lines, cell phones, and internet could go down, these might include Walki-Talkies and or shortwave radio. 91. Up to Date Local Map to include Topographical and a compass a good one and learn how to use one. If you have some Prepper Survival List ideas you want to share I would love to here about them.
This entry was posted in Prepping and tagged prepper 101, prepper survival list, preppers list, preppers survival list, survival list, survival list 101 by lledslinger.Bookmark the permalink. Prescription meds are important and if any of them need refrigeration, some way of keeping them cool is needed. Solid Iodine is a compact and long lasting water purifier, even though it tastes foul.It is also a superb disinfectant.
For my Bicycles I picked up a two seater kids cart that you attaches to your back wheel of your bike.
One of the most important items in your bugout bag or GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge) bag is a bottle of water.
Well, we have the perfect solution — the Sport Berkey bottle, which has built-in filtration and is refillable up to 600 times before replacing the filter.
If you were in the World Trade Center towers on 11 Sept 2001, would you have been better off leaving, or staying? If you were a Christian in Jos, Nigeria, 2010, would you have been better off leaving, or staying? Now that we’ve proven the need to bug out sometimes, please read on, right after this video of my bugout bag.
NOTE: It was easier for an enemy of the state to leave Spain under Franco, a dictator, than it is now for a citizen of the USA in good standing to leave his own country.
While we’re on this topic, this might be a good time for you to study our Top Ten Survival Tips.
If you do want the best bag on the planet, buy the Maxpedition Doppelduffel Adventure Bag from Amazon and get free shipping (note that some of the color choices ship from eBags instead).
Compass and topographical map of every county you’ll traverse on the way to your BOL or alternate BOL. In Washington State there are limits on blade length, but with exceptions for hunting, fishing, and other activities for which knives are commonly used.
I also have one of the Level III bags from CTD and a Camelbak that has the same layout (got it used at a pawnshop for $5) that I used in the military for years.
Information for preppers on all aspects of emergency preparedness, prepping and food storage.
Due to federal regulation regarding the number of air exchanges per hour, the small local canneries have become too expensive to operate.  As a result, the canneries are being consolidated to large facilities in Utah and the surrounding areas. While bland, each MRE contains about 1,250 calories, and is designed for situations that require a high expenditure of energy.
Backpacking stoves are small and lightweight, but can be frustrating to cook on for long periods of time and require specialized fuel canisters. Filtering removes the dirt and microscopic creatures, while purifying kills any bacteria that are living in the water.
Stock age-appropriate activities for everyone in your family that do not require batteries or electricity. Its will cover Preppers that are prepping for small emergencies all the way up to the Doomsday Prepper.
Food for survival: Canned, de-hydrated, freeze dried, get things you like it will be stress-full enough. Firewood: Seasoned firewood preferable but if you go out and cut your own it will take 6 to 8 months to season. I have two Coleman camping stoves that use the 1 pound canisters and a gas grill that uses the bigger tanks. Booze: Wine and Liquors for the alcohol it is a must but I suggest if you are committed to prepping and survival you might want to gets some. You might pick up a couple of extras even if its just the cheap ones from Walmart, Walgreens ect. Salt, Flour and Yeast: Salt is important and is one of the beat barter items in a emergency.
It can take some of the misery out of being outside and for those that are more allergic than others it is a must have. A deck of cards a board game or two something to pass the time and take your mind off of things for a while. I like plastic plates, you can wash them and if you have to bug out you don’t need things that break. Books: You will find that books not only can be educational but they can settle the mind and pass the time.

I did the same thing, no preppers list no plan just lots of stuff and some of it I did not know how to use properly.
As we discuss below, it is completely impractical to carry a three-day supply of water wherever you go.
The contents might overlap somewhat, but the everyday carry bag is smaller and has less stuff. Let’s assume you work in an urban environment and your bugout location is something other than your home. There is also a smaller model called the Fliegerduffel which, as the name suggests, meets FAA carry-on size regulations. If you can change before bugging out, you won’t have to carry your suit, tie, and dress shoes.
This will go in your first aid kit but I’m giving it a separate entry here because of its importance to coffee drinkers.
My wife makes plantain salve, which also works like magic on bug bites, stings, and other skin irritations, so that’s what I carry. Personally, I don’t care about a little sunburn, but if it bothers you, SPF 30 should do. If you get delayed for some reason, this is a very small addition to the BOB that can produce huge returns. Good point about the capabilities of a fixed blade knife, but remember that with your BOB the focus is not survival. Starting November 1, you will be able to purchase these already packaged items at the LDS Dry Pack Centers.  All but five of the current products will be available immediately. Coleman makes a variety of propane camping stoves that will work with the pots and pans you already have in your kitchen and make cooking for your family easy. Boiling is effective, but it you’re trying to conserve propane, iodine tablets are the easiest way to purify water.
It is not everything but it will get you well on your way to being ready for what may come. You could find yourself in a situation that staying indoors might be the smart thing to do.
These items store well are cheap in bulk and will extend your Prepper food supplies without killing your bank account. Some will not grind to the constancy you are used to and some of the cheap one’s are just that cheap and not worth purchasing. If you have no other reason to have firewood but for prepping it will need to be checked for rot every few years. For the rest of use it can take the edge off the stress if used wisely and it works well as a medicine. You might have the wheat and grinder as mentioned earlier but have some flour on hand you might not have the time to spend grinding flour in the early stages of extended event. Some may say they are a bit of a luxury but I am big on having a few feel good items around. Great for storage and the metal ones make very good EMP protection for small electronic devises. I checked up on prices the other day and was surprised that they are still very affordable.
I started just having them for back up but found I like using them to make some tasty dishes, so I rotate them out. Plywood is great for windows and doors not only will it protect them from wind but from intruders.
If you are very careful you might be OK without but I don’t want to take that chance.
Digging a hole for it would be the safest way but when things calm down burning it is easier. I had all kinds of prepper gear and had now idea what I really needed for my particulur situation. But I believe if a person has not done so yet, most importantly, start your own relationship with The LORD Jesus Christ, because Only The LORD Jesus Christ can be your Savior at end of it all. You can store it in your vehicle, but when the time comes to grab your BOB and hoof it to the bugout location, you’ll need water.
As usual, before we actually prepare a list, you first need to understand the principles so you can adapt the list to your particular needs.
Here’s an article describing the purpose and suggested contents of an everyday carry bag. Although he did not support the Marxist Popular Front government, he nonetheless caught Franco’s ire because of his opposition to a dictatorship, and because he was a Protestant. In general when I have a choice between a bag and a larger bag, I go larger because you can always pack less if you want. We’re talking the most calories you can pack in the space allowed, as light as possible, and no cooking required. About half the people who consume caffeinated beverages will suffer some degree of caffeine withdrawal when they stop. I have a Swiss Army Camping model pocket knife in my everyday carry bag; a Victorinox Rescue Tool, a Swiss Army Swisstool, and a couple other options that vary depending on my mood. When my dad was a kid they were scolded for being unprepared if they didn’t take their pocketknife to school. Remember that when you're prepared, it helps everyone, not just you, so share this info with friends and family and help them be prepared for 2012.
It is my understanding that all the products will be available on this site in a short time.  There may be a little confusion during the change over, but I am sure it will be resolved quickly. Pick the items from the survival list that fit your situation the best, make a plan and get started on your path to survival. On some of the very isolated beaches of Texas while on fishing trips I have traded them so lots of beer.
Even if you don’t smoke tobacco can be stored long term, a few years so think it over before investing if you are a non smoker.

You don’t want these pests joining your troop, they are pests and can contaminate your stores and spread diseases. They take up very little room and if you take some wild game they can help your prepper food store last even longer. Things might get bad enough to have to resort to the freeze dried survival food but by them hopefully you will have adapted to your new situation some what and stress levels will have diminished some. I have my generator in a shed that it insulated well and if that is not enough solar panel, batteries and inverter’s.
It really is not, just take a few of the items you think are the best ones for you and your plan and start on them.
Now the Gardening is one I left off the list, its deserves a lot of attention and I will tackle it in the future.
Amount is decided by how many people you are planning to prepare for and how many days you plan on.
For some people, home is the most dangerous place to remain, and their BOB will need more supplies. He was arrested by the local police, tortured, and then released, but when he continued his opposition to Franco, they sought his arrest again. Also, if you don’t have control over your destination you might find it occupied when you arrive.
I do stock water in my vehicle, but in my BOB I have a single 0ne-liter bottle of water that I intend to refill on the road. This one has a few adhesive bandages (Band-Aid brand is good), a couple of gauze pads, some antibiotic ointment, burn cream, roll bandage, maybe one Sam splint.
I fall into the group who suffer moderate withdrawal, including nausea and severe, debilitating headaches. Basically I can screw, cut, file, twist, smooth, roughen, uncork, can-open, ream, puncture, saw, shatter, drill, loosen, tweeze, magnify, squeeze, sew, measure, or ratchet pretty much anything. I like to use these items and rotate them out, that way they never get close to the expiration date. I think the Peanut Butter is the best on this list and I’m not just talking about taste. If you smoke it would be a good idea to have back-up, going through withdraws in the early days of a emergency can and has caused many people to do stupid things. Eggs, Cheese, Milk and Meat, Lets not forget fertilizer for the garden, you get it all with these guy’s.
Choose a bright yellow or orange lighter, or tie a long lanyard to it to help keep from losing it. Bugout day is not the time for me to withdraw from caffeine, so at the onset of the headache I’ll take a pill. Some of you big guys like me might prefer the 2 person its more comfortable when used as a one person. Paracord would be a great barter item, as is toilet paper, although people will soon cotton on how to improvise, so toilet paper is something to be bartered off relatively early in the crisis.A lot of people are pretty stupid(and desperate),so you will be amazed at the sort of trades you can make. How many of you know what its like for the weather to be so bad you can’t go out and for the TV and Internet to go out? That way in the process you will see some accomplishments while working on ones that take some time.
In an urban environment, there will be lots of cars-practice with sling shots made with car tires. And don’t think you have to do Everything at once you could start out with something simple like starting an Organic Garden. It will make you feel like you are getting something done while you get your plan together.
There they boarded a skiff, bought passage on a ship bound for Italy, and tried to buy a train ticket back to my grandfather’s native Switzerland. Dark chocolate (high fat, high carb, and mood-altering) is a best-in-class selection here, but messy in hot weather. Many weeds are edible-I have allowed several edible ones to flourish among my obviously edible crops. When they tendered cash, the clerk told them it was no good, but my grandmother had packed some gold coins left over from the old kingdom of Spain, and they made it safely home.
And once that Dasani is gone, the empty plastic bottle won’t filter pond water for you like the Berkey will. Depending on the sort of community you live in, essential items that people in your area would NOT have normal need for will be valuable barter items. Eg, where I live, few people would be in to camping-backpacks and sleeping bags will be unbelievably valuable.
Living near the ocean,I picked up a fish spear, which could be useful for fishing or and defense. Axes and small shovels will some of the most valuable items around- small cast aluminium hand shovels could be great barter items.
Knowing where the edible weeds are in your area (do not want to travel too far-cities will be death zones)could give one the edge. Houses will be abandoned(dead owners) so many items can be pilfered from said properties , although food will probably have been stolen well before you get there.If bunkering down under the house, have a locking system to make it hard for someone to get to you under the house. Have a method whereby you are able to bust out to the outside if the house above you is set alight.
I am considering installing some discreet glass bricks for muffled light to under the house and as a means to escape outside in a truly dire emergency, although the emergency where one would have to escape with basically ones life from the house being burned down would probably leave one highly vulnerable.In an urban environment, depending on the nature of the emergency, forming gangs may be the only means of survival-having some special skill, such as the knowledge of how to purify water, how to use a car tire slingshot and which weeds are edible will put you higher on the gang pecking order. Knowing your neighbors before SHTF day will enable one to start those strategic alliances early.

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