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Impersonal skills are the life skills we use to communicate every dayPeople with good impersonal skills are more likely to be successful and have a reputation of being calm, optimistic, successful and confident. Type of nonverbal communication that occurs naturallyWhen feeling shy we tend to not give eye contact and fidget moreWhen we feel confident we give good eye contact and good posture. By being clear when talking people will have a better understanding of your communication and they are more likely to understand what you are trying to sayBy mumbling or talking through your teeth people won’t be able to understand you.
Pace is how fast or slow you talkIf you are talking too quickly then people will not be able to keep up with what you are talking about, therefore they cannot understand you. There two types of distractions: external distractions, which are distractions that surround your environmentExamples of external distractions include noise, if your surroundings are noisy like when an aeroplane is flying overhead, you are drawn to the noise of the aeroplane and your initial reaction is to look at the aeroplane, this means that it becomes a distraction and it is preventing you from completing your task. Have a lack of concentration is mainly cause by a lack of sleep (sleep deprivation), famine, and dehydration.
Open questions usually require a longer answerThese contain a response which includes opinions, knowledge or feelings.
These are visual pictures that indicate your emotion, Emoticons are frequently used on online communication such as social networks.They more typically used by teenagers as they are a fun, visual, and a quick way of telling someone what you’re feeling or your opinion on something. This is an online system for sending and receiving messages electronically over a computer network. Spell check is a very useful tool to use with written communicationSpell check and grammar check is used to identify any mistakes in your writing such as spelling mistakes, grammar misuse or mistakes.It is usually found on software that uses written communication for example Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
Proofreading is before submitting a written text, you read through what you have written and make sure it makes sense and make sure there are no mistakes.
This PowerPoint covers verbal and non verbal communication, written communication and barriers to effectiove communication and how to reduce these. Our face is able to communicate countless emotions without even saying anything.Facial expressions are used by everyone, every day, and all day. This means that when talking you must talk at a steady pace but not too slowly or fastYou must find the right balance so that people can understand you.

You can reduce this barrier by moving to somewhere else quieter to avoid all distractions so that you can focus and pay more attention on your work rather than being distracted by others. These are all barriers to communication because when these symptoms affect us we instantly think of them and how to cure them which distracts us from our task.
Emoticons usually represent an emotion for example a smiley face: ? represents happiness and approval to something, Whereas ? represents that you are unhappy and you are communicating to someone that you do not agree or approve with what the person is saying. There are many advantages to using email as a way of sending written messagesOne is that it is free and there are no postage expenses unlike posting letters and mail by hand, this makes email an affordable way of communicating which is why it is used frequently in business. Spell check is very important to use when writing because without it we would have to re-read what we have written and spot spelling mistakes ourselves. With proofreading you can identify any mistakes you have made and correct themProofreading is not just skim reading and glancing over what you have written, proofreading involves deep concentration so that you can identify where it doesn’t make sense or where it can be improved, You must also concentrate because errors can be difficult to spot, this is why it is essential that you read every word thoroughly to ensure you don’t miss anything.If you proofread a document correctly then you are very familiar with what you have written and with time you will know the text like it is written at the back of your hand, however sometimes after you have proofread your work it is best to ask someone else to check your work as well as they may spot mistakes that you were oblivious to because you are so familiar of that text.
When it comes to effective communication, there are certain barriers that every organization faces. Also to make sure there is no background noise students should not be able to listen to music as this is distracting and creates background noise. Sleep deprivation causes a lack of concentration because we become very tired and cannot focus very well. Closed questions are usually seen on questionnaires where you have to tick the box or circle the answer as they give you a specific answerClosed questions are good for testing your knowledge and making decisions. Overall emoticons carry emotional aspects of communication which is represent by an imageWe are in fact influenced by these images as we take on board how the person you’re talking to online is feeling which affects the written communication. Another advantage is that email is fast and within seconds the participant will receive your message, breaking news can also be received within seconds keeping you updated. If this is the case then it would be very time consuming, unnecessary and inconvenient especially if we have to get the text completed for a quick deadline or if we are very busy.
Internal distractions are usually thoughts that interrupt us from completing our work as they suddenly spring into our mind stopping our trail of thought. Being tired makes it harder to do other things such as decision making and it may lead you into choosing poor decisions due to the lack of concentration. Another way to reduce background noise is to wear ear plugs or earphones that block sound; this will make you surroundings silent with no noise meaning you can focus on your task better. Ways to reduce sleep deprivation are, getting active, by doing exercise your blood flows and adrenaline kicks in, b doing things such as walks, running, weights, or push ups your brain feels awake and your body stops feeling sluggish and lazy, keeping you alert and awake.

Spell check is also important because many people cannot spell certain words especially complex words which are hard to remember.
No doubt, but what makes it complex, difficult and frustrating are the barriers that come in its way. Another factor is dehydrationIt is proven that drinking low amounts of water causes a lack of concentration and affects your moodDehydration makes you more tired and less likely to be able to focus on a task.
However this can also cause problems as you will not be able to hear if someone is asking you something or is talking to you, this creates another barrier to communication. Another way to stop tiredness is to watch what you are eating and by making sure you have a balanced diet.
Emailing systems also contain an electronic copy of your contacts address book which stores all of your contacts personal information such as email address, telephone number and home address. With spell check if you don’t know how to spell a complex word then you give it your best shot how you think it is spelt and then spell check will tell you that it is incorrect but it will give you multiple options of how the word is spelt correctlyThis is the button for spell check and when you press it this information box appears telling you that you have no spelling mistakesTherefore you do not need to remember how to spell hard words.
You must drink plenty of water, eat high protein meals, don’t consume much energy drinks, caffeine sugar as there will release your energy insufficiently and it can have a bad effect on the body in the long run. Contact address books are useful in email as you do not need to remember your receivers email address because your email account stores it for you, saving time and effort.
They are also good for finding out details and opinions as open questions require explanations, thoughts and feelings. Email is the most common use of online written communication because it is very efficient and effective as it is quick, easy and cheap to use which is why businesses use it every day.
Verbally asking open questions are good for communicating with people as they build up relationships. Furthermore you can reduce the communication barrier of famine simply by having something quick to eat such as a healthy snack, if you are not allowed to eat because the place is inconvenient then simply distract yourself from thoughts of hunger as this will make your mind be focused on something else. Finally by overcoming the communication barrier of dehydration, the cure is to simply drink plenty of water, you should drink at least two litres of water per day so that you brain is alert and so that you can concentrate on tasks much better.

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