Of course, the iPad has only been around for two months and wowing seems like something that's sure to start happening after developers have had more time to wrap their heads around this, er, magical machine.
Until then, here's a look at some of the games that are making the most of the iPad's unique features. Yeah, it's priced at $9.99, but “Scrabble” fans will find a lot to love about the iPad version of this famed word game. There are several play modes, giving you the opportunity to pit your wordsmithery against either friends or the computer.
Thanks to the sprawling iPad screen, this uber addictive iPhone game can finally stretch its gorgeous wings. The iPad version of the game delivers the same increasingly frenetic gameplay but with a pretty hefty package of additions.
Zombies are shlumping their way toward your home and the only way to survive is to strategically deploy a yard full of undead-battling flora. The spacious screen and multi-touch controls really feel like the very best way to play "Plants vs. This super cute, super polished game of demolition has received a lovely high-def update for the iPad. With "Zen Bound 2," this oddly absorbing gameplay mechanic returns and remains the same, but this time around the beautiful wooden artwork gets the show it really deserves.
The atmospheric adventure game known as "1112" gets a second installment both on the iPhone and the iPad.
For those of you who’ve depleted your bank accounts buying your iPad, there are a number of enjoyable games out there for the low-low price of free. The art and graphics are bright and adorable and the iPad's generous screen real-estate makes managing your entire planet feel comfortable rather than cramped. Cattail is the upgrade for the Lily Pad. It costs $10,000 to buy from Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies and 225 sun to upgrade Lily Pad in the Pool. Its tail and name are based on the Typha latifolia, the Cattail or reed, a perennial herbaceous plant in the genus Typha.
It is a good idea to use Cattails in limited numbers in Survival Mode that take place in Pool or Fog. Cattail is the only aquatic plant that is an upgrade and is also the only offensive upgrade plant that upgrades from an unoffensive plant. Cattail, Gloom-shroom, Split Pea, and Starfruit are the only plants who can shoot backwards.
Cattail does the damage of a pea and rate of fire like a Repeater, making it an aquatic version of a Repeater. A Cattail can be downgraded to a Lily Pad if the player has a Pumpkin on it and try to dig up the Cattail, as that would cause the Pumpkin to fall into the water otherwise. Bungee Zombies can also downgrade a Cattail with a Pumpkin. Cattail is the most expensive aquatic plant, costing 225 (25 extra for Lily Pad) sun with a 250 sun total.
During the ending credits of Zombies on Your Lawn, it is shown next to Laura Shigihara's name. When a zombie is defeated, the spikes from Cattails are still aiming for the same direction, it will not damage the zombie behind the defeated one (unlike some other projectiles, which hit the zombies at the back). Cattail is a pun upon the Typha latifolia, commonly known as a cattail, as evidenced by Cattail's cat's head and its tail having a Cattail seed structure.

Cattail, Starfruit, Gloom-shroom, Cob Cannon, Cherry Bomb, Winter Melon, or Melon-pult (splash damage), Doom-shroom, and Threepeater are the only plants that can hit zombies in other lanes. Cattail, Cactus, and Sea-shroom are the only projectile-shooting plants that use a projectile that is colored significantly differently from the plant itself. Cattail's spikes on the Nintendo DS version of the game will sometimes miss the zombies, and keep circling it until it dies, as well as not target zombies, but rather fly straight ahead and rotate slowly. Cattail is one of four plants which can fire at a Digger Zombie, the others being Gloom-shroom, Split Pea, and Starfruit.
When a Cattail is targeting a Pole Vaulting Zombie and the zombie vaults, the spikes will act as it would if the zombie already died, but when the Pole Vaulting Zombie lands, the spike will turn around and attack the zombie again. This also happens when a Balloon Zombie loses its balloon or when a Dolphin Rider Zombie loses its dolphin. It is strange how the Cattail can support a Pumpkin, as the Pumpkin looks like it is floating.
In some versions, when a zombie targeted by a Cattail is not killed by it, the spikes fired targeting the dead zombie may circle around the dead zombie's death location. Cattail seems to act like a normal plant on a Lily Pad, as they cannot plant anymore plants on the cattail and it can support a Pumpkin.
Even if Cattail can hit zombies from the back, Cattail will still damage Screen Door Zombie's screen door, even if the projectile hits on Screen Door Zombie's back. Strangely, a Wall-nut in Wall-nut Bowling 2 can kill the Screen Door Zombie when the said zombie is hit from the side. That's because the iPad’s gorgeous, spacious screen finally gives many games the room they've been begging for.
After all, the vast majority of iPad games are simply larger, prettier iPhone games with heftier price tags. Sure, you can play it on your iPhone for a third of the price, but the iPad is where this crossword puzzle is most at home with the HD game board sprawling across the bright, spacious screen. The basics are this: You’re an air traffic controller and you have to guide incoming aircraft to their landing strips without letting them crash into one another. This award-winning game came to life on the PC and Mac then shuffled its way onto the iPhone and iPod Touch. The twisted yet adorable graphics have been prettied up and the game has the room it needs to breathe on the big screen. The game's goal was deceptively simple: Wrap rope around various wooden figures by using the multi-touch screen and tilt sensitivity. As you twist and turn these objects, the beauty of the imagery suckers you in just as the rope puzzles twist your brain in knots. A fast-paced online word guessing game, it works like this: You're given a word and a time limit and by drawing pictures on the touch screen you must do your doodly best to clue in a virtual room full of people as to what that word is. But the place to truly enjoy the game's lovely hand-drawn art and moody environments is on the iPad. And this 2D, side-scrolling version of the game for the iPad is really hitting its paces too. With swipes and flicks of your finger on the touch screen, you'll send her running, jumping, climbing, sliding and rolling her way across the rooftops of a gleaming metropolis. And you use your almighty finger to interact with your very own planet that you shape and tend to.

The spikes it fires home in on zombies and can damage zombies regardless of their position on the lawn. Do not forget to back them up with more consistent firing plants, such as Repeaters or Melon-pults.
However, this value can rise in Survival: Endless due to the increasing price of upgrade plants. The plant that fires in the second most directions is Gloom-shroom (eight) and the third is Starfruit (five). All the original levels are here plus many more and a new "paint bomb" mode adds an interesting twist.
The iPad is the perfect place to delve into this game, with its mix of "point and click" adventuring, hidden object sleuthing and puzzle gaming. Your finger will bring sunshine and rain to grow things, it will work miracles to awe little mortals into following you, and it will push your converted followers to do your bidding.
However, they are easily overran because of the ability to cover all six lanes and the priority of targeting the zombie closest to the house.
Gloom-shroom can only attack one block near it, while Split Pea and Starfruit cannot attack other lanes backwards.
On the other hand, they cost 50 more sun (25 for the Lily Pad and 25 extra sun for the Cattail), and Cattails can get even more expensive in Survival: Endless.
However, Cattail is not listed as a weakness of Balloon Zombies in the Suburban Almanac entry. The only difference between the two is that Cattail fires 2 spikes dealing 1 normal damage shot each, while Homing Thistile only fires a spike, but dealing 2 NDS each. Simply download the free “Scrabble Tile Rack” app from the App Store to your iPhone or iPod Touch. However, if you’ve never purchased this game before — this one is a must buy and the iPad version is worth all 499 pennies. Meanwhile a new soundtrack from Ghost Monkey makes this game a treat for the ears as well as the eyes. A Cattail may be targeting a Conehead Zombie, then a Pole Vaulting Zombie that is closer to the house draws its fire, letting the Conehead Zombie go on unattacked.
It may also be because it cannot fire at it as the Cattail might not be able to fire heights that low.
Then use your phone or pod to manage your own private tile rack while sharing the game on the iPad. And the iPad's spacious screen offers room enough for head-to-head multiplayer matches with two players each using half the screen as they try to outrun and outmaneuver each other. It is very useful for killing Digger Zombies if they are in the back row, as it will kill them before they can even move or eat.
Also, all your Cattails will usually fire at the same target (except under certain conditions) and when that target dies, spikes in the air are wasted.
This limits the effectiveness of large numbers of Cattails, so it is recommended that you don't rely solely on Cattails for pool defense.

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