If you have seen the Evil Dead series and especially the movie Army of Darkness you remember Bruce Campbell. Keyhacks: 1 add sun, 2 toggle invulnerability, 3 toggle no cooldown, 9 unlock survival and puzzle modes.
You can build towers anywhere on the map so there is no confined path that some other defense games have.
The makers of Defense Grid Hidden Path Entertainment just came out with a full-story expansion called Defense Grid – You Monster DLC.
You are the last of the Wizards and you can keep the Orcs from going through by setting traps for them and by directly defending the rift. The aim of this game is to stop the evil from getting the Necronomicon book which is the book of the dead. You are taking your fight to the alien homeworld and you unleash a huge collection of weapons on them to defend your base. If you use Steam you can just download your game again if you have a problem with your PC or if you play at home and at work you can install it at both locations.
The aim of the game is to keep the Zombies from eating the brains of the residents of the house. As the ground and air enemies come through your towers destroy them so they don’t get through. The evil sends various enemies to get the book and you stop them with weapons, tower upgrades and weapon upgrades.

There is an orbital weapon which pretty much devastates any of their forces it touches later on. There are 19 or so traps available such as the grinder which sucks enemies into it and grinds them up and spits them out. Wave after wave of zombies with different capabilities go up against your plants with different capabilities. You get to fight the lady in red from the movie and Bruce Campbell’s twin from the movie.
You place your towers in certain locations around a predefined map to destroy the approaching enemy or to slow then down so they take more damage.
The 9 slots you see at the bottom in this image can be filled with different traps, rings, players to right for you and a second weapon.
There are 20 turrets, automated drones, and the orbital ship weapon which you can unlock as you proceed through the game. Later in the game some of your plants can defend other lanes, but initially they only defend the lane that they are in. The towers can’t be destroyed by the enemies, but they can be sold so that you can buy new towers or to rearrange the map to slow down your enemy.
If a zombie or bunch of zombies reaches the house you can use the lawnmower one time to kill all of the zombies in that lane.
Get the right combination of traps, rings and fighters and you can keep the Orcs from the rift.

Later in the game you can also purchase upgrades for the lawnmower so it goes over water and on rooftops. Some of the enemies have force fields around them which need to be destroyed before the enemy takes on any damage. At first you only get certain traps to fight one onslaught of Orcs, but as the game progresses you get flying Orcs, and multiple types of Orcs coming from behind several doors all at once.
At the start of the level you get an idea of what types of zombies will be attacking you so you need to plan accordingly by planting the right type of plants to stop them. There are also portals in some of the levels to get you around quickly from one side of the map to the other that I recommend highly. Just when you think you have it all straightened out it becomes nighttime and you need to plant mushrooms to get coins to purchase more plants. Later in the game you need to contend with the pools in the lanes and the rooftop where you need to plant your plants in flower pots.

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