Quick news update about hitting 1 million Youtube subscribers and the creation of my new Steam group for indie gaming! Kevin ordered a Gameband and when I put it on, I get transported into a crazy game where I am a thief and have to hack into systems and try to escape cameras, guard robots, lasers and more! The Heist is one of the most advanced Minecraft maps ever made with over 6000 command blocks! In this episode, we use rope to hog-tie our arch-nemesis, Benjamin, so we can work our escape plans in peace! In this episode, we encounter a ghostly creature in the night and also craft a moonrock sword! In this episode, we obtain a work key from Officer Ronald and use a key mold to make our own copy!
In this episode, we upgrade a few tools and weapons and sail to a nearby island to check out a pirate ship!

In this episode, we try to make friends and influence people by making small talk and giving gifts!
In this episode, we get our old janitorial job back and later use our cutters to cut through slats in the ventilation system!
In this episode, Punchwood makes a hole in yet another wall and covers it with a vintage ’78 KISS poster!
With Terraria 1.3 coming soon, just felt the urge to play on my server and leave a gift for my son as well as do some fishing! In this episode, Mad Papa demonstrates the new makeshift rifle and attachments, Sportshot rifle, Desert Eagle, spiked bat, and more!
In this episode, Punchwood completes his wolfskin coat and sets out to the east to find some bunnies! In this episode, Sheriff McShooty finds a cute little critter on his ship, thanks to the newest update!

In this episode, Punchwood winds up at Alcatraz, AKA “The Rock”, and gets right to work chipping a hole in his cell!
We tried recording the season premier last week but the login servers were down so we didn’t have our custom skins! Where I must survive in mysterious and hazardous realm for 14 days on Hardcore mode and extra-challenging rule set, including: * Limited crafting!

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