With concierge medicine, you get to practice medicine the way it was meant to be practiced. Speaking different languages may make complete and effective communication difficult, but it need not prevent interaction with others.
FIGURE 44-7 · A word-and-picture card can assist in communicating with a person who has difficulty hearing or speaking or with one who speaks a language different than that of the nurse.
Key Concept All interpreters must be approved by the facility before becoming involved in a client’s care. Meanwhile, this song (which came at the end of the album) signifies the event of a€?leaving it all behinda€?. A smile is understood in all cultures, and people can often use hand signals to communicate their needs. Speaking a few words of another language often helps the client to appreciate the nurse’s efforts.
Box 8-5 describes techniques for communication with a client who does not speak your language.
Many people who do not speak the language being spoken will say they understood, even if they did not.
They can provide encouragement to the client and may be able to give information to the staff.

Be aware that some gestures used in the United States mean something entirely different in another country. Sometimes, each word is also written in the client’s language so the staff can learn some key words. Often a family member volunteers to help, but there are risks involved: the family member may add his or her own interpretation to what the client says or may not be able to translate medical terms correctly. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations require special training for interpreters. Be sure to have a signed Release of Information (ROI) before disclosing any information about a client to any unapproved person.
Key features of BPD generally include mood instability, unstable interpersonal relationships, and impulsive behavior [1]. It is important to check to make sure that the client understands questions and instructions.
Do not touch the client until you are sure the client understands what you are going to do. The interpreter must have documentation of this training and must be an approved volunteer or employee of the healthcare organization. Let all clients know you care, but do not allow them to participate in dangerous or threatening behavior.

For example, a drawing of a toilet or bedpan may ask the question, “Do you need to use the toilet?” when you cannot ask in the client’s native language. In addition, the use of a family member or friend as an interpreter violates the client’s privacy. A collection of drawings or photos may help the client to tell you when he or she is hungry, thirsty, cold, or in pain (Fig. If you ever noticed that he is controlling, narcissistic, or always puts the blame on you, it is time for him to take his ass to get a diagnosis [2].
Lord knows we dona€™t need another situation of him having continued failed relationships because his personality is more scrambled than a veggie omelet.
Some people may be very fearful or may react with false bravado or become threatening or assaultive.

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