Prompt one day handling as we quickly ship worldwide through trackable and reliable Registered Airmail Priority Service. Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines - Ashwagandha, Shilajit and Blend of Ashwagandha and Shilajit. Divya Pharmacy has had the exalted vision to bring Ayurveda to society in a contemporary form and to unravel the mystery behind this haloed and revered, Indian system of medicine by exploring and selecting indigenous herbs, ancient Ayurvedic literatures and subjecting the formulations to modern pharmacological, toxicological safety tests and clinical trials to create new drugs and therapies. Divya Pharmacy tries that medicines should possibly be available to common man at the minimum cost price. PLC controlled herbal extraction plant commissioned in the pharmacy is used for extracting from the various parts of the medicinal plant like the leaves, The salient feature of this plant is the production of medicine using latest SCADA technology under controlled environmental conditions of temperature and pressure. For the manufacturing processes in Divya Pharmacy automatic high speed spray drier unit, for quick liquification a fluid wed processor, tablet compressing device with the capacity for preparing one lac tablet per hour, high speed auto-coater for coating the tablets, high speed mixer-grinder, fluid wed driers and cleaning, crossing & pulverizing units have been established. In the modern packing section of Divya Pharmacy PLC controlled packing equipment having the capacity of 300 volts per minute with automatic blister packing equipment have been installed. As a result of this Divya Pharmacy has become the first medicine manufacturing unit of Uttarakhand to get ISO-9001 and WHO-GMP certifications. Product information provided, or products sold through this website, have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration or FDA of your country.
If you are Pregnant, have a medical condition or pre existing disease, do not self diagnose; it may be prudent to consult your Physician prior to using the recommendations given. Enhancement in energy of the body cells-The wonderful herbs used in the preparation of Divya Ashwshila Capsules helps in providing energy to the body cells. Triggers normal functioning of sexual organs- Divya Ashwshila Capsules are quite powerful in triggering normal functioning of the sexual organs by boosting up sexual senses in men. Enhancement in immunity– To have healthy and powerful sex organs free from all types of diseases and disorders, it is important that the body must have good immune system. Treatment of some diseases related to sexual activity- Some men suffer from sexual weakness due to some other diseases such as asthma and diabetes. Deals with other reasons for sexual weakness– Sometimes sexual weakness is felt in men due to stress, fatigue, debility, general weakness, chronic diseases or weak immune system.
To have amazing results of Divya Ashwshila Capsules, you must take it with milk or water daily with the meals.
Irregular flow of blood to our heart results in varied heart diseases that can be cured with different traditional medicines. Cures naturally – Divya Hridyamrit Vati is an apt blend of herbal ingredients that help in quick treatment of the heart diseases in a natural manner. Free from adverse effects – Like all other herbal medications, this Vati too is free from any type of side effects as it does not contain any toxic or other harmful elements and the users remain tension free as regards their general health and the heart.
Regular flow of blood to the heart – This herbal medication is much useful in maintaining the flow of blood to our heart in a balanced level. Strengthens the heart muscles – Equipped with the natural minerals and vitamins, this medicine prepared from the herbal ingredients helps to provide energy to the muscles of our hearts that sometimes become weak due to certain deficiencies. Prevents heart complications – It is recommended that this Vati is started in the initial stages of heart diseases that sometimes lead to serious heart problems. Boosts the immune system – Divya Hridyamrit Vati is quite effective in boosting our immune system and stimulating the normal functioning of our hearts.
Prevents cardiac surgery – Patients suffering from heart diseases are prone to cardiac surgery that is a matter of great concern and sometimes results in sad demise too.
All patients can use it – Regardless of one’s age or sex, patients suffering from heart diseases can take this medicine as it suitable for all. Useful for myocardial infarction, valvular & coronary and angina etc – These serious heart ailments can be easily controlled with the regular use of Divya Hridyamrit Vati that may be taken as per the prescriptions of the physician. This Vati gives best results if the patients stick to light food, adopt simple exercise and abstain from drinks and excessive salt etc.
Ashwagandha gets its properties from alkaloids called withinoids that provides it with the medicinal properties. Ashwagandha has numerous health benefits and is very widely used in so many ayurvedic medicines. It is a rasayana as per ayurveda hence it is helpful in retarding the aging process thus prevents early old age. Inflammation of joints results in stiffness that leads to acute pain which puts many people to problems for which they take different medicines for seeking relief. Cures inflammation – This herbal medicine is quite effective in getting rid of inflammation of the joints that become stiff which leads to deep pains. Optimum functioning – By adopting this unique package of natural herbs, the sufferers are able to realize enhanced functioning of their joints that relieve them greatly from the acute pains in the joints.
Strengthens the bones – This package of natural medicines is a good source of strength for the patients of arthritis whose bones become weak due to lack of calcium that is provided through this package. Born in Nepal, Balkrishan is a companion as well as business associate of Patanjali Yogpeeth as well as other business servings operating under Baba Ramdev Ji.
You will the astonished to know that Patanjali pharmacy of Swami Ramdev Ji has apt solution for all types of diseases and disorders suffered by human body in relation to various parts and organs. Apart from herbal medicines, there is an endless list of personal care products, baby care products, beauty care products and even food items from Patanjali Yogpeeth. Baba Ramdev and Patanjali Yogpeeth advocates use of ayurvedic remedies and products along with regular practice of yoga so as to ensure overall well-being of the users.
From time to time, Baba Ramdev Ji keeps on launching herbal products for various body parts.

If you wish to enjoy healthy and happy life, you must start doing yoga and use Baba Ramdev products and medicines. Jaundice and Hepatitis are the two harmful ailments that put adverse effects upon the physique. Certain exercises and yoga asanas are quite effective in proper treatment of jaundice and hepatitis.
Pranayam and yoga exercises – These two fatigue giving steps are illustrated in an elaborate manner and the patients who follow the same are enabled to get rid of jaundice and hepatitis at the earliest. Decrease inflammation of liver – The irritation or redness in our liver is a clear sign of ailment that results in serious complications. Secretion of bile juice – Undoubtedly, the fatigue through the yoga and other exercises are much useful in stimulating the liver to secrete bile juice for normal functioning of the digestive system of the human beings. Strengthen the liver – Our liver needs to be strong enough for energizing our physique in all respects. Say NO to gym – Patients who often go to the gym for benefiting themselves from jaundice and hepatitis through the relevant exercises and yoga asanas may do so at their own homes by purchasing the Yoga VCD for hepatitis and jaundice. Need was felt to provide quality Ayurvedic medicines to the patients to seek optimum results as results of Ayurvedic treatment are directly proportional to the quality of prepared medicines. The extract concentration is achieved under vacuum drying preserving the maximum valued contents of the herbs. In the Pharmacy the international standards like Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP), Good Packaging Practices(GPP), Good Agricultural Practices(GAP) and Good Harvesting Practices(GHP) are being strictly followed. In case your product is lost in transit or does not reach you within 30 days, we would refund you 100% on 31st day of dispatch. The information provided in this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and is not substitute for appropriate and expert medical advice. You should not use this information as self-diagnosis or for treating a health problem or disease.
While we take abundant precaution to provide you with the accurate and complete information on our webpage, there may be inadvertent error that can happen from our side and we cannot always guarantee you about the accuracy and completeness of the Product information. There may be any reason behind this weakness but the main point is that it interferes with proper sexual activity. Divya Ashwshila Capsules enhance immunity of a person by providing proper nutrition to the body cells. Divya Ashwshila Capsules have all the herbs present in them which help in dealing with such problems responsible for sexual weakness. Depending upon the requirement, one or two capsules may be taken daily in the morning and evening. However, Divya Hridyamrit Vati, with its unmatched benefits is preferred by large number patients throughout the world. Regular doses of this herbal medication are recommended to prevent complications of heart diseases at the later stages. This Vati is the best medicine to prevent such serious operations if it is taken in a regular manner upon observing the symptoms of heart diseases. Candidly, the increase in day to day tension in our lives put much pressure on our lives, physique and the heart that becomes weak. Owing to its numerous health benefits this herb has been favorite amongst the people especially in the Indian subcontinent.
The chemical composition of this herb is such that it helps in improving the stamina as well as raises the energy levels in the body. It has the unique quality that it normalizes blood pressure and can be used both ways in high as well as low blood pressure problem. Its helps in relieving from the stiffness from the joint and is also helpful in bringing down the pains.
The traditional medicines are also useful to get rid of joint pain and arthritis but there is always fear of side effects if one sticks to these usual treatments.
It is a wonderful treatment to relieve the patients from the acute pains that make their lives worse and make their movements too difficult.
The affected joints become red and enlarged too that is too painful for the sufferers who find it almost impossible to move freely.
The weak joints become alive and their movements become softer enabling the patients to move feasibly and get relief.
Candidly, the patients who adopt this package are able to lead a normal life if they stick to it on regular basis. Hence, it has become the preferred choice of patients suffering from joint pains and arthritis. The patients who use this package are quite satisfied as they realize that their joints become strong enough to enable them to move freely. Due to his knowledge of ayurveda, Acharya Balkrishna is engaged in the task of developing ayurvedic system of medicine.
That is why he has developed various principles, yoga poses, ayurvedic medicines and products so as to promote overall well-being of the users. There are herbal medicines and products that may be used by people of all age-groups and genders without the fear of any ill-effects on any of the parts or organs of human body. The uniqueness of food items and other products available from Patanjali store lies in the fact that these are all prepared from purely naturally occurring ingredients only. In fact, yoga and ayurveda both have now become the way of life for large numbers of people in present day arena.

Swami Ramdev Ji has introduced the Yoga VCD for Hepatitis and Jaundice that contains wonderful preventive measures for these harmful ailments.
The steps explained in this VCD are quite effective in curing the patients in a natural manner. The liver inflammation should be brought down immediately otherwise the concerned person may suffer from jaundice and hepatitis too.
That’s where this unique device developed by Swami Ramdev Ji helps the persons to strengthen their liver by way of undergoing the relevant yogas and exercises that are illustrated in a simple manner in this VCD. Hence a small scale manufacturing unit of Ayurvedic medicines was established in the campus of Kripalu Bagh Ashram, Kankhal. A new expanded unit of the pharmacy has been established well equipped with machines based on modern techniques.
Although from our experience, we assure you that 99.9% of the item always reaches and reaches in time.
Ensure that your full name, house number, street, building number, land mark, area, city and postal code (if applicable) and country is accurate and complete.
Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a chronic medical problem and symptoms are not subsidizing.
If you are on a prescription medication, you should consult with your doctor before discontinuing or reducing any drugs. This in turn keeps sexual organs in a healthy state and hence tackles with the problem of sexual weakness.
Divya Ashwshila Capsules help in fighting with these diseases and hence enhances sexual power. We have no intention to hurt anyone, please use this information at your own understanding. It helps in maintaining the blood pressure to the requisite level as per the individual requirements of the patients. This Vati is there to reduce such problems that attack all people, whether young or old and males or females.
Its active ingredient helps in generating extra ATP which is considered to be as the energy source in body. That’s where the Package of Medicines for Arthritis works effectively to get rid of Arthritis and Joint pains that are often the causes of difficult movements for the people, especially the old ones. He has contributed towards benefit of mankind by making available ayurvedic medicines and products. It is due to unique contribution of this renowned personality that Patanjali Yogpeeth has made so much advancement. In an effort to ensure good health and overall safety of the people, Baba Ramdev Ji along with his team of experts has developed such medicines and products that are completely risk-free.
These are all free from any chemicals or other harmful components and hence safe for the users. To the credit of Baba Ramdev Ji, he has invented such herbs that are proving useful for mankind in multiple ways. The recent development is the launch of Atta noodles that are purely organic and absolutely safe. The Yoga VCD for hepatitis and jaundice is a unique device that contains the yoga asanas and relevant exercises that help to regulate the functioning of the liver to great extent. This was the beginning of Divya Aushadhi Nirmanshala (Divya Pharmacy), which was totally based on traditional methods. The desired fluid component is added to this extract in the process of making the medicines. You must also take adequate amount of fruits and vegetables to enhance immunity of body naturally. It holds a high place in ayurveda and has been found mentioning in various traditional ayurvedic texts and Vedas. It is said to activate mitochondria in a cell that is considered to be an energy producing component of the cell. Also he has formulated and presented various yoga poses for overall well-being of human beings. He has invented herbs for curing cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and such other issues that may sometimes prove to be life-threatening. However, it is recommended that they should go in for the ayurvedic and herbal medicines that are free from adverse impacts. If you have a constant health state or your symptoms are rigorous, seek advice from a well qualified medical doctor.
Ashwangandha is considered as a Rasayna as per ayurveda that means a herb that provides longevity. These Capsules are prepared from an amalgamation of wonderful herbs found in nature so as to enhance sexual power as well as desire in both the sexes.
Content on the above page about physical and mental conditions and remedies have not been checked by the U.S.
Have a look at some of the benefits of using Divya Ashwshila Capsules for increasing sexual power.

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