While packed with vitamins and minerals, Fenugreek is primarily known for its amazing ability to relieve digestive problems such as loss of appetite, constipation, bloating, upset stomach and gastritis.
Our fenugreek seeds are Certified Organic making them perfect for sprouting, and they are 100% Australian grown, produced and packaged.
Fenugreek seeds have a slightly bitter taste and are often roasted, ground and used as a flavouring in curries. It can be frustrating to have a dog that continually digs holes everywhere in the garden.  In most cases, digging is a natural behaviour and it is done for a variety of reasons and each one needs a specific solution. Bones can be quite ghastly when exhumed, so try to give treats of a less perishable nature. Dogs often dig holes to lay in when it’s hot.  Providing some shade or covered area for your dog will help them stay cool. It is a fantastic natural cleanser which stimulates and helps remove waste products from the body, as well as lowering cholesterol levels.

They can also be eaten sprouted in salads and best of all, they can be crushed to make tea for the treatment of digestive discomfort. Don’t reprimand or punish your dog when you come home to find your dog has been digging, they won’t understand why they are being chastised for something that happened maybe hours ago. A trampoline style bed, which allows air to circulate underneath, is a great idea for bigger dogs.
Terriers and dachshunds are breeds that are natural diggers, and these dogs are resistant to any measures to stop them digging. Fill in the holes with rocks so your dog finds it unpleasant to dig and they will move to a new location. Chewing is a know boredom buster, so keep treats and suitable toys available when you are not at home to keep your dog occupied. A digging pit can be created as a designated area where your dog is allowed to dig as this may redirect their behaviour.

Most people underestimate the amount of exercise their dogs need, and some working dogs and larger breeds may need two walks a day. Bury treats and bones in an area of soft ground and reward and praise your dog when they use the area. Using chicken wire around an area can be a deterrent, but use with caution as it may cause injury to your dog.
Take your dog to their vet or groomer for regular nail trimming as this may also discourage digging.

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