Baltimore, MD – September 2014 – Activz Whole-Food Nutrition and its founder, Frank Davis, are pleased to announce the release of Activz Coconut Water Powder, a whole-food powder made from the nutrient-rich liquid of young, organic coconuts from Thailand.
The new Activz Coconut Water Powder comes in a lightweight and easy-to-transport canister, reconstitutes easily into water, and retains the same pure taste and nutrient content the coconut water had in liquid form.
For those looking for a versatile, cost-efficient way to get all the benefits of organic coconut water, Activz Coconut Water Powder retains the same pure taste and nutrient content the coconut water had in liquid form and can be enjoyed daily as a substitute for any less-than-healthy beverages.
Activz Coconut Water Powder comes in standard and family size containers as well as convenient single-serving stick packs for additions to ? cup water or juice. Activz’s revolutionary whole-food and organic produce powders are part of an easy-to-use, preservative-free whole-food line and are available in a variety of organic fruit, vegetable and grass options like organic kale, beet, carrot, mango, strawberry, blueberry-acai and more. Details about the Activz produce powder line and the new Activz recipe book, The Simple Scoop — 150+ ways to make delicious, nutrition-packed meals using Activz whole-food powders, will be available at the Natural Products Expo East Show at the Baltimore Convention Center on September 18th-20th at Booth #5623.
Get the Stealth Health newsletter and stay connected with Montel & activz, plus get recipes, news and more! Description: Our affiliate garden grows their own organically cultivated night blooming jasmine flowers used to scent this super fine organic green tea.

Ingredients: Finest quality organic green teas from small gardens, scented with exotic night blooming jasmine flowers.
Description: The finest grades of organic peppermint are specially plucked and dried to produce this simple and elegant tisane. Molokai’s 4H Livestock kids are making final preparations to show their animals at the annual expo.
The white tents have gone up at the Kaunakakai Ballfield marking the beginning of the 2013 Molokai 4H Livestock Expo going on today and tomorrow. Auction fans will miss the recently deceased Larry Helm who always used his fast talk and humor to help capture the top prices at the 4-H livestock auction, a job he volunteered for every year. Unfortunately, Uncle Larry Helm, who recently passed away, will not be the auctioneer for the first time in many years.
Activz Coconut Water Powder is the newest product in the highly-acclaimed Activz Whole-Food Nutrition revolutionary line of produce powders available in a variety of organic fruit, vegetable and grass options. The powder also provides a convenient way to replenish electrolytes after exercise, illness and everyday activities.

Thanks to the Activz patented dehydration process, a method which gently evaporates only the water molecules while leaving vital nutrients intact, the powders retain all the nutrition of fresh produce. Activz is a natural products company devoted to providing “food actives” – the living, bioactive nutrition of whole foods – in the most convenient forms possible, all while retaining 100% whole-food integrity. A classic in evert manner, delicious straight and wonderful with a touch of honey or a dab of cream. The new Activz Coconut Water Powder will be available for tasting at Natural Products Expo East Booth #5623 September 18th-20th at the Baltimore Convention Center. Activz Coconut Water Powder provides a natural alternative to traditional sports drinks, which tend to be high in processed sugars and almost always contain artificial colors and flavors. The “Stealth Health Revolution” is a campaign aimed at helping millions of families incorporate whole-food nutrition into their lives and to provide tools to consumers who have long believed they must choose between healthy eating and convenience.

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