As workaholics, the health conscious and the elderly are becoming an increasingly large part of society, the success of the food delivery industry is inevitable. People want to be healthy, but they don’t have the time to wander around the grocery aisles and the elderly can find it difficult to go out and do the weekly shop.
However, this isn’t just about big online supermarket orders; many are now going specialist. Here we look at the opportunities (both current and potential) available in the food delivery franchise industry. Due to the work-life balance of today (let’s face it: a 9-5 is a rarity), visiting specialist organic produce and independent shops can be impossible. Now they have a dedicated network of over 70 franchisees delivering to around 50,000 homes a week. Another (currently non-franchised) example of organic produce delivery is Abel & Cole, who also sell a wide variety of organic produce. The UK has  an ageing population, with around 10 million over the age of 65 and by around 2030, it is predicted that the figure will rise to 15.5 million.
Oakhouse Foods franchise have been operating nationally for 20 years and delivers a selection of frozen meals and deserts to customers’ homes. Generally, most of the customers order weekly or fortnightly (choosing from a vast range of over 300 dishes), meaning that a solid business can be built. Similar to Riverford, franchisees of Oakhouse act as distributors within an exclusive area and hold a 10-year renewable contract. Wiltshire Farm Foods is another meal delivery franchise catering to the elderly, and cleverly features the affable Ronnie Corbett as it's ambassador in its marketing campaign.

An upcoming trend has been to deliver the exact quantity of ingredients within recipes to the doors of customers.
This is a relatively new concept and currently Riverford is one of the only franchises to introduce this into their website, however other food delivery businesses specialise in this. Gousto was initially started by two friends in 2011, who found it difficult to find time to buy ingredients from various grocery shops and cook them. HelloFresh is similar, however it provides you with three options: Classic Box, Veggie Box and Family Box. As you can see, there are a variety of opportunities in the food delivery industry, but it's also obvious that the market is ripe for expansion. Order organic food online with Ripe and have organic fruits and vegetables delivered to you in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. We are one of the largest manufacturers and exporters in the field of vegetable oils ,frozen chicken parts,milk products,other products you can check with High Quality in Europe (POLAND.
We are direct producers and suppliers of good quality Coffee and Cocoa Beans of different types. They sells fresh organic and biodynamic food, supplements, skincare cosmetics, baby items and household cleaning products. The movement was initiated by a collection of farmers in the early 1900s as a response to the growing use of pesticides and synthetic nitrogen fertilizers.
Yet people are tired of the weekly mega-shop, with many shoppers losing faith in the ethics of the major supermarkets. Started over 25 years ago by founder Guy Watson, the business was inspired by a knee-jerk reaction to the negative way that supermarkets would treat smaller suppliers.

They offer fresh, seasonal organic fruit and veg alongside RSPCA award-winning organic meat, cheese and pickles. With such dramatic increases, demand for meals delivered to the door specifically for the elderly has risen, meaning that there is much potential in the market. They offer a wide menu, including: a hearty breakfast, afternoon tea or pureed meals and desserts.
Not only does this save a lot of time for the customers buying (no weighing needed, nor wandering grocery browsing!), it also saves waste as you’re only buying what you need. The website allows you to select the quantity of people you want to feed (two or four) and three meals from that week’s recipes. Unlike Gousto, you don’t choose the recipes but within each box they’ll provide you with the ingredients for either three or five meals per week for two or four people. Their products are over 10,000 hormone and chemical free directly from farms.They have selected farmers to produce organic products, so the people can buy the products with 100% trust. The production method was initially regarded as a fad, however is now comprised of a large portion of the food market.

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