Some whoop and holler as they hear it; some look questionable, as they've clearly never, ever seen this song before and - most importantly - one person reads 'twenty one pilots' and says "Is this twenty one pilots?". Shailene Woodley's boyfriend - or at least her rumored one - is currently being hunted by Taylor Swift; the singing sensation reportedly wants 'Divergent' actor Theo James to be her next boyfriend. According to Classicalite, Shailene Woodley's boyfriend Theo James is getting much too much attention lately following the successful release of their film "Divergent." Part of this attention is Taylor Swift's hopes of dating the rising Hollywood actor.
It can be noted that Swift is rumored to be dating Ed Sheeran since the two almost always post pics on Instagram of their insanely close bond.
Additionally, Sheeran revealed that he and Taylor also talked about dating but it always boils down to how afraid they are of breaking their special friendship.
Now we're not really sure if Swift is going for a three-minute-and-a-half rant over Douglas Booth's gesture against her request.

However, it seems that there's nothing Swift can do to break Shailene Woodley's boyfriend's attention for the young actress since the two are now teaming up once again for "Allegiant" Part 1 and Part 2. Beauty world News reports that Shailene Woodley is quite pleased to hear that she will be getting more time to spend with her rumored boyfriend Theo James since filming for the final book adaptation is to commence soon. Julie Deane, founder of The Cambridge Satchel Company, shares her tips on starting your business. Voice Coach Blake Shelton Intensifies Romance With No Doubt Singer Gwen Stefani; Promise Ring Spotted On The Block? Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani rumored to strengthen their relationship with a promise ring. Experts believe that switching jjobs more often can help young professionals increase their pay packets quickly.

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The Fine Bros have released their newest vid and these teens are reacting to the absolute tune 'Stressed Out'!
Clearly you haven't seen the latest instalment from the Fine Bros, who have got several teens reacting to 'Stressed Out'.

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