Zamp offers the largest selection of COMPLETE, ready to install solar kits on the market today. Zamp was the first to design and develop Portable RV, cabin, and tiny house Solar Kits that were powerful enough to charge single and multi-battery systems designed for RV’s, Campers and Travel Trailers. A 12 volt solar charging system sized to daily electrical needs will replace the energy used both night and day. The only maintenance a solar system requires is to ensure the glass is free of debris, dirt and grime.
We’ve done all the work and calculations to bring you a solar system with high quality components with safety and efficiency in mind.
Use the sun to harness the daily power required for recharging batteries in a green, clean, quiet way. Purchase a Tiny Green Cabin Wildflower, Prairie Rose,  Prairie Schooner, Ravenlore model by June 1st, 2015 and we will sell you a Zamp ZS-600 solar power kit for $4,400. The heart of this solar system is the inverter, which has an internal relay that can determine where to draw power from. 600 Watts can power computers, LED lights,  bath fan, ceiling fan,  most other light kitchen appliances, cell phones, and small TV’s. Eight-year-old Brydon Sullivan dressed as Bernie Sanders waits for Sanders to arrive to his campaign event in Sacramento, California, USA, 09 May 2016. Bernie Sanders has another chance to slow Hillary Clinton's march to the Democratic US presidential nomination as West Virginians vote in their state's primary, a week after Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee. Clinton has a commanding lead in the pledged delegates needed to clinch her party's nomination for the November 8 election to succeed Democratic President Barack Obama. The outcome in West Virginia on Tuesday, where only 29 delegates are at stake and opinion polls show Sanders with a slight lead, is unlikely to alter the course of the Democratic race. But Clinton's battle with Sanders, who defied pollsters to win in Indiana last week, has become a source of gloating for Trump.

The New York real estate developer has taunted Clinton in recent days by saying she "can't close the deal" with Sanders, her only rival since February 1.
Clinton has said she will ignore Trump's personal insults and instead criticise his policy pronouncements. Online political stock market PredictIt says Hillary Clinton is more liekly than Donald Trump of becoming the next US president. Clinton apologised in West Virginia last week after being confronted by angry voters for her remark in March that she would "put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business" with her plans to increase renewable energy sources.
She said her comment had been taken out of context and that she wanted to help retrain people who worked in the industry, one of the state's biggest employers. Sanders has reminded his supporters at crowded rallies that most polls show him beating Trump by a larger margin than does Clinton. A win on Tuesday would bolster his decision to keep fighting for votes through June 7, when nearly 700 delegates are at stake, including 475 in California where Sanders is now focusing his efforts.
Sanders has vowed to take his campaign to the party's nominating convention in Philadelphia at the end of July. Although Trump is the last man standing in what was once a 17-candidate Republican field, Republican voters in West Virginia and Nebraska will get a chance to register their preferences on Tuesday, with the names of most of his vanquished rivals still appearing on ballots.
London's Muslim mayor would be welcome to the US, as an exception to a proposed ban on Muslims, US presidential hopeful Donald Trump suggests. The Simpsons officially endorses Hillary while severely roasting Trump Juric scores double for Swiss side Luzern Pauline Hanson: Please Explain! Decorating small house interior design can be challenging as you have to considering size and shapes of each objects and room carefully or you will create a scattering room. This prefabricated container home is an excellent example of industrial design in residential housing. Zamp Solar was born out of the desire to reduce and eliminate the use of noisy, toxic, high maintenance generators commonly seen at many of our favorite getaway spots.

A Zamp Solar RV Solar system can extend a properly sized battery bank 2 to 3 times their normal life. Many solar systems only need a yearly cleaning of the glass and sometimes the rain takes care of this for you. A proper solar system will have components sized to handle the electrical current it produces. It will draw from the battery pack, and if there is not ample power there, it will switch to an on grid power source or a generator.  For off grid living, this solar system will pay for itself in about 100 days, figuring a camp ground rate of $40 per day for power.
Our RV Solar Kits can replace the daily energy used by everyday electronics by harnessing the energy from the sun.
Our solar panels feature a 25 year power output warranty for rigid panels and 10 year for our Flexi Flat panels. We’re dedicated to producing products that last and providing unmatched customer service. It’s not uncommon for batteries to last 6 to 8 years and even 10+ years with proper solar charging.
We’re more than happy to spend however much time is needed with our dealers and our dealers customers to answer all questions to find the correct solar system. So, that makes this system affordable for many people that desire to live or camp off grid. Also, the containers durable enough, allow widely combine arrangement of the rooms and provide huge scope for designers of modular homes. Zamp Solar RV Solar Systems recharge daily used energy and automatically maintain battery charge as close to 100% when not in use. We intend for all of our products to go the distance and use materials that we ourselves would want.

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