Ford will revealed no less than three different custom 2011 Ford Explorer SUVs at the 2010 SEMA tuning show in Las Vegas. Funkmaster Flex collaborated with Team Baurtwell to show the urban appeal of their custom 2011 Ford Explorer, Galpin Auto Sports threw in as much luxury as possible and CGS Motorsports went monochromatic. The all-new Ford Explorer has been turning heads with its eye-catching, modern design, and things will be no different when it hits the floor of the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show this year, which will be held Nov. For the 2010 SEMA show, Explorer will take to the Ford stand along with customized versions of Ford Taurus SHO, Edge and Fusion Sport, as well as the all-new Lincoln MKX.
The design that sets this Explorer apart starts with the exterior, with custom touches from Team Baurtwell and Funkmaster Flex including custom logos.
The custom interior shows off its luxury side with a leather-trimmed headliner that has suede running down the center, a look thata€™s replicated on the seat inserts. CGS Performance Productsa€™ take on Explorer shows off what a luxury vehicle for an active customer looks like.
The luxury details are evident in the built-in video screens in the headrests, 22-inch silver wheels and the complete custom leather interior thata€™s designed to resemble the links on a watch band. I then went under the hood to see if I could find the other end of this line coming into the engine compartment. I can't do this, or afford it, is there another way I can route the line, my van is doing the switch as I'm on the hwy changing gears on hills. For this year's SEMA show, the Blue Oval employed the help of three different tuners to show the customization possibilities offered by the new generation 2011 Ford Explorer. The Explorers on the show floor will open up customersa€™ minds as to the possibilities that can be created with the all-new SUV. The interior offers Katzkin two-tone leather seats with custom interior accents and Funkmaster Flex logos. An iPad pops up from the second-row console, and is viewable in either landscape or portrait mode. The look runs throughout the monochromatic silver Explorer, and is completed by two carbon fiber mountain bikes on the roof rack. A CGS cat-back exhaust provides more power, a throatier sound, and even improved fuel economy.

The American automaker is also pitching packages for the bigger families based on the new Ford Explorer .
At this time I took the Battery, the battery tray, the blower fan and the front right headlight unit out.
Taking some careful measurement from a given point under the hood on top of the fender well and under the heater. If for any reason I have problems with this again, I have a panel that I can open up and gain access.
I had the same problem and after looking and following the factory vacuum diagrams I concluded that my 1998 E350 Club Wagon did not have the tank and valve. The hole was cut in the right inner fender well at about the 12 o'clock postion, positioned under the blower evaporater case under the hood. The custom shops that modified the three 2011 Ford Explorer SUVs for the 2010 SEMA show include: CGS Motorsports, Funkmaster Flex, and Galpin Auto Sports.
Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a little longer for some power, performance and handling upgrades for the new 2011 Ford Explorer.
The look is highlighted by three-piece forged billet wheels, which are complemented by 24-inch Cooper tires. The black vacuum line at this location is the one that feeds the HVAC control head in the dash. Take the right front tire off and transfer those measurement to the underside of the wheel well.
Another Explorer concept, designed by Galpin Auto Sports, takes a vehicle with luxury appointments and makes it into an ultra-luxurious ride that even James Bond would enjoy. This idea was achieved with Alcantara leather seating, interior accents, door panels, and Orion Car Audio amps, speakers, and wiring. If you were to reach in the hole the blower (fan) motor came out off, there is a flange about 4 to 5 inched that sits behind the squrril cage of the fan. Using the character as their inspiration, the Galpin team used 24-inch wheels, custom silver paint on the exterior and modified exterior light treatments to convey that image. Under the blower case about 2 inches toward the rear from this flange is where the check valve is.

The exterior is painted in a Seaside Collision two-tone paint scheme with charcoal and orange side graphics."The all-new Ford Explorer lends itself to a lot of customization trends because there are so many directions you can go in. Trying real hard you can see the check valve at this point, but there is no way you can get to it. This is why I said take some measurement from a set point that you are able to transfer to the underside of the inner metal wheel well. Put a bead of body panel poly seal around the flange and the hole in the inner fender well. Well, you can’t blame me for the because it truly looks very the same with Rover Evoque from the style, design, dimension and with its front bumper.
The check valve and the vacuum tank location is between the inside heater core case and the evaporator case which is under the hood on the right side of the vehicle.
Then stick the panel up into place and using short self tapping screws, screw the panel in place. I removed the lower right side dash panel and the steel reinforcement behind it to get a better look at the heater box that would have to come out if you were to follow Ford procedures. I then put another thin coating of body seal around the edge and smoothed it out with my finger tip. I thought to myself, there's no way I'm going to remove the dash to get this heater box out. Looking at the lower far right corner of the heater box you can see the black vacuum line going thru the firewall. The check valve is just push rubber connectors, but the vacuum tank is held in by a small screw.. Ford dealers gets about 15 to 17 hours labor to replace the HVAC check valve and the vacuum tank. The other fix is bypass that whole system with another external check valve and vacuum tank.

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