Many people are aware that they’re having excessive cough, but hardly do they know that it has switched to bronchitis unless they visit the doctor after a month complaining that their cough hasn’t stopped yet. Because of the bacteria and virus infuriating the bronchial tubes with infection, they tend to get affected by bronchitis. As the cough doesn’t get healed within a few days, it gradually subsides in the chest and you feel tremendous pain when you repeatedly cough throughout the day. Known to have anti-bacterial and anti-viral substances, honey helps to deal with bronchitis. Ginger helps in curing your bronchitis as your soaring lungs gets better after you add few pieces in the tea and drink it. Turmeric powder is a great home remedy as the bronchitis will disappear after consuming it on daily basis. Via bronchitis you are related to breathing problem, tiredness, nose choking and muscle pains. You feel eased down by the intake of ginger when you take one cup of boiling water and add one teaspoon of ginger powder and one teaspoon of black pepper and mix it well.

Hence include some drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water and have a steam therapy done daily as its antibacterial substances will heal the bronchitis. Hence when you get up in the morning you can make one teaspoon of raw onion juice and have it regularly in empty stomach. As you take a glass of warm water, add a pinch of salt, mix it well and thus gargle the salt water. Hence you can make the orange juice and drink it for that phase when you’re suffering from too much cough. Your throat infection will heal down with the intake of its nutrients and vitamins.
You need to consult the doctor or stick to effective home remedies when you see such indications. You can also include honey to the lukewarm lemon water so that your throat soreness and clogging is treated superbly. Wait for some minutes and then pour honey to it and drink it two times per day till your extreme coughing ends.You can also make a mixture with one teaspoon each of ginger powder, cloves and pepper in honey and drink it regularly.

You can also massage the oil on the outer portion of the chest as your respiratory system will work superbly.You can also gain steam inhalation treatment by taking the help of tea tree oil or pine oil.
The swelling in your throat will fade and also the irritation won’t be caused on the throat membranes.Hence the patients should follow the above home remedies of bronchitis and get well soon! Avoid having solid food in those few days; rather stick to only orange juice in the morning and evening.

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