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Collars by Riley is an amazing small business that creates custom hand tooled and painted leather dog collars. Consult with your veterinarian before applying any of the information contained within this website, its blog, or via consultations. Rawhide bones an extremely popular dog chew that can cause a lot of problems for many dogs.
Dehydrated beef trachea chews make an excellent time-consuming snack and are fantastic for promoting dental health!
Dental health has a major impact on a dog's over all physical well-being and poor oral condition can lead to many different kinds of medical conditions and diseases.
Giving your dog something to chew is an important part of their day, it stimulates their mind by providing an activity that is instinctual and fulfilling to any member of the canine species. K9 Instinct recommends involving your veterinarian in any plans to utilize the information provided by K9 Instinct, and cannot be held accountable for any damages incurred by the use or misuse of any information provided by K9 Instinct.
Periodontal disease has become the most common disease in our furry family members, which is a hard fact to digest since dental disease is extremely easy to prevent.As dogs enter their golden years, poor dental health is the ticket to a shorter life riddled with illness and potential disease. These crunchy, lean pure protein chews are full of Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine and are great for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies. When we pair good, age-appropriate exercise with mentally stimulating things to chew on in the house, we can create balance and stability in our canine companions. With veterinarians pushing their dental chews, dental kibble and expensive surgical dental cleanings, it is hard for pet owners to decipher the best way to promote oral health in their pets.
Chewing has many benefits for a dog: It provides mental stimulation while exercising the jaw muscles.
Not only are they not fully digestible, but they are made with low quality ingredients that can negatively impact your dog's health and well being. Bad dental health can cause liver, heart and kidney disease; Infection from ill-kept teeth can travel through the blood stream and infiltrate the body's organs, which inevitably causes disease or failure.
Giving your dog something to chew on is a great way to entertain them on a instinctual level. There are very few dog homes that don't have a good selection of doggie cookies, chews and treats in the cupboard. It also cleans the teeth rather effectively by scraping the tooth and loosening plaque and tartar build up.
Intestinal blockages caused by the consumption of rawhide bones can lead to death, and can wreck havoc on a dog's digestive system.Instead of feeding your dog potentially dangerous and unheathly rawhide bones consider selecting healthy, safe chews for your dog such as antlers, raw meaty bones, grain-free treat bones and other various chews! Since dental disease in dogs can be easily prevented, it is important to find a cleaning routine that works best for you and your dog.You can use safe, natural and effective methods to keep your dog's teeth white and clean without having to spend a lot of money or jeopardize your dog's health. Dogs were born to chew bones and antlers, that is what wolves and other wild canines entertain themselves with in the wilderness! Chewing is an essential part of dental health and should be something owners make sure their canine companions are able to enjoy.

There are several steps you can take to maintain good dental health with your dog and there are many all natural options for cleaning!
Chewing can relieve stress, boredom and give a dog something to enjoy if exercise and activity must be limited for any reason (surgery, injury, etc).
A raw food diet does not leave residue or food particles on the teeth, which turn into tartar and plaque, and the natural crushing and chewing of raw bone scrapes the teeth and keeps them clean. They should be made within North America to ensure quality, and should be wheat, corn and soy free! They are cheap to make as well, since you can often buy them from a butcher or meat processing business for next to nothing.
I've had one that lasted approximately 8 months, but the length in which they last depends entirely on each individual dog. Elk and deer antlers are easy to digest, contain a spongy marrow in the center, are 100% all natural, taste great, don't leave a mess or stain, and are full of vitamins and minerals! That is why feeding poor quality treats can be detrimental to your pet's health and undo the good you've done by feeding a high quality, balanced diet. PetzLife Oral Gel works by softening the build up on teeth and beginning to break it down so that you can brush or scrape it away. They are long lasting, tasty and help promote clean teeth!Beef tendons, much like bully sticks, are 100% pure digestible protein. Grains aren't a natural part of a dog's diet, and they are one of the leading causes of allergies and ear infections in dogs. They are single-protein treats as well, which it good for dogs with sensitive stomachs or food allergies. You should seek to avoid treats with grains as mentioned above, but some dogs do fine with higher quality grains. Chewing is a natural, instinctual thing for a dog to do and can benefit them in terms of mental stimulation and enjoyment as well! Make sure you get the raw bones from a safe local supplier such as a butcher or raw food business. Consider healthy chews like bully sticks, beef tendons, dried knuckle bones, raw knuckle bones and elk antlers. Get a raw beef hock from your local butcher and monitor your dog as they enjoy this healthy, natural "toothbrush"!
Get a bone sized appropriate for your dog, you don't want them to be able to swallow it or break it apart and swallow the pieces.
Raw bones are safe, but some dogs tend to try to crack bones in half and may damage their teeth. This goes for any hard chew, so keep watch and make sure you dog is chewing and gnawing as opposed to trying to break it and swallow it.
I really like Nylabone products for the added benefit of the flavour infused in the material, which encourages dogs to chew on them.
Nylabone breaks off in tiny shavings making it safe to pass through the digestive system without causing any issues.

Animal digest is a mystery ingredient that can contain ANY part of an animal, and can even include road kill or euthanized animals. This is once again a single ingredient, pure protein treat that is great for dogs with food sensitivities.Z-Bones by Zukes are healthy alternatives to poor quality dental chews like Greenies, DentaStix or the VET brands.
Flossy chews are rope toys that also help clean the teeth as the dog chews and plays with them.
Most are inexpensive and there are a few options that will last your dog even longer than a rawhide does! These are grain-free, whole food ingredient treat bones that will last longer than regular treats.
These products are readily available these days and have proven to be a fantastic addition to any dog's arsenal of chews.If you do not feed raw, consider learning more about it.
Raw feeding provides a fantastic opportunity for dog's to chew and crush bone - which is exactly what they are biologically designed to do. You also have the benefit of herbs and beta-carotene with the Z-Bones!Giving your dog something to chew on relieves boredom, helps promote clean teeth, can be a source of nutrition and exercises their genetic instinct to chew on something!
All you need is a soft toothbrush or a finger brush designed for pets and some sort of toothpaste. A variety of different chews on rotation can prove to be very rewarding and exciting for your dog!Want more great information like this, or don't want to miss any of these great articles? It is important to never use human toothpaste, as there are ingredients in those products that can make your dog very ill. If you are unable or unwilling to feed raw, offering a raw recreational bone is the next best option.
The Triple Pet EZDOG Toothpaste is the most popular one due to being more of an all natural product. I personally like to use extra virgin, unrefined coconut oil as a toothpaste because of all the amazing benefits of this oil. In my years of working in a pet health food store, there are a couple of products I have personally seen work wonders for many pet owners. This gel will help break down built up tartar and plaque and reduce staining, but you need to use this in conjunction with a toothbrush or things to chew on to help scrape the loosened debris off the teeth. Another product I have seen work very well is the Tropiclean Fresh Breath Additive, which when added to your pet's water bowl again helps to loosen tartar build up and freshen your dog's breath. Out of all of the products on the market, those two are the ones I have seen the most success with.
I have personally used the PetzLife Oral Care Gel on my elderly cat and saw a 50% improvement, so I can attest to the quality!
Check out reviews of these products to determine which is best for your pet.If your dog is suffering from poor oral health try these NATURAL, non-invasive do-it-yourself methods before you turn to expensive veterinarian cleanings - avoid the anesthetic, the cost and the drugs by cleaning your dog's teeth the safely and naturally.Want more great information like this, or don't want to miss any of these great articles?

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