I like tactical toys like chest rigs with a gazillion magazine pouches riding over a plate carrier, I like ‘em with an integrated pistol belt that holds a large frame semi-automatic pistol and even more magazine pouches.
However, there are some guns that should come fairly early on in your preparedness journey, and that is today’s topic.
Shotguns come in several forms, but for my money the pump action is by far the best choice. One of the things that I like most about a lot of the pump guns is that it is very easy to change barrels. The pump action shotgun is truly a workhorse, and if I could have only one long gun it would probably be my first choice. The next long gun you should look into is a good centerfire rifle in a caliber capable of taking the largest game in your area. Once you have this assortment of weapons and have become proficient with them you can start looking for the more exotic types.
The chemical was originally used as a means of pest control in agricultural fields and during World War II.
Chlorofluorocarbons, commonly known as CFCs (Freon), are commonly used as refrigerants, propellants and solvents. You might actually have attended a Guillotine execution show if you were in France in the late 18th century. These bombs found a notorious way to make territories uninhabitable by radiological poisoning.
Though it might sound funny, Trinitrotoluene was originally in invented in 1863 by Julius Wilbrand as a yellow dye. Though the concept is believed to have originated in China, the modern landmines were developed by Nils Waltersen Aasen. Invented by Manuel Mondragon in 1882, this weapon gave a single soldier the power of an entire squad!
The “Little Boy” and the “Fat Man” have already shown the world the havoc that an atomic bomb can wreck upon the world. All kinds of facts on diverse topics are condensed into interesting top 10 lists by our curious, intelligent and well informed authors. CBRPS SKS Bullpup (This is a kit offered to convert your SKS rifle into a tactical bullpup.
I like these things a lot, and I can envision a time when all of this might come in handy, but for the moment it’s just FUN!
With the wide range of loads available the shotgun is probably the most versatile hunting weapon ever devised. In order to make the most of your pump action shotgun you should have at least two barrels for it. For starters, the ammo is very compact so you can carry or store an awful lot of it in a very small space. One of my favorite .22 rifles is the Marlin Glenfield bolt gun I got back in 1980-something when I was 11. One of my current favorites in the bolt gun category is the Ruger American, which is tough, reliable, fairly economical, and chambered in a number of excellent calibers. To misquote the infamous Gabe Suarez, rifles are good for projecting your will across a distance while pistols are ideal for controlling your immediate surroundings in unforeseen or only vaguely foreseen situations.
What you want in a defensive handgun is something powerful enough to put down an attacker with the first hit, is comfortable to carry all day, is comfortable for you to shoot under any circumstances, and is reliable to a T. I like them because they can provide a lot of small game for food, are useful for personal defense in a pinch, are great for getting varmints out of the garden, coup or orchard, and because you can carry a whole lot of ammo. But, the truth of the matter is that the small collection I have listed will more than likely be more than enough to see you through all but the most dire survival situation.
It is really a pity that the demands of human greed have taken a heavy toll on humanity time and again. Well, it is one of the darkest events in history, when around 1.2 million people, including about 960,000 Jews, were gassed to death in the concentration camps during the World War II. Even today one can see men spraying the chemical in sewer pits and roadsides to control mosquitoes and flies.
It has been used time and again by the military as a nerve gas for mass destruction of enemy territories, including the Halabja poison gas attack, Iran–Iraq War, and Syrian civil war.

It was invented to make capital punishment less painful, as it involved swift decapitation of the criminal. Conventional explosives are mixed with radioactive materials to make dirty bombs, which uses the power of the explosion to spread radioactivity to a sub-lethal level. Its explosive properties were realised much later and put to use not until the Nazis used them to fill artillery shells in 1902. Developed as a part of the Manhattan Project during the World War II by the United States to combat the Nazis, the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed hundreds of thousands of people and crippled many of the generations to come. From movies to music, from food to clothes, from gadgets to natural beauty, you will find a huge variety of heterogeneous information in the form of captivating lists here.
A majority of the products we review are purchased by ourselves, however a few items are provided free of charge. I like AK-47s, AR-15s, M1As, and just about anything that will take a BIG magazine and send lots of hot lead down range as fast as I can pull the trigger.
The first one should be a field barrel, preferably with multiple choke tubes for different tasks and conditions. Things have been a little weird where .22 ammo is concerned lately, but under normal circumstances it is cheap and abundant. Revolvers are a good choice for inexperienced shooters since they are a rather intuitive weapon to operate.
My two favorite .22 pistols are an old target model Ruger Mark 1, and an almost as old Taurus revolver. Science have given us a huge plethora of gifts which includes not only elements of comfort and luxury, but also a number of life-saving inventions, that have taken us out of the Stone-cold cave-dwelling life.
Zyklon B, also called Cyclone B, was the substance that the Nazis had used for this mass murder. None of us are perhaps unaware of the importance of the ozone layer in protecting the earth from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun.
The gas causes massive nerve damage to those who come in contact with the gas and can eventually cause death due to paralysis of the lung muscles. It became famous during the French revolution, when history witnessed the most number of decapitations as punishment which was turned into a form of public entertainment.
They are mainly used to create panic and economic disruption of territories, because people are quite aware of the effects of long-term exposure to radioactivity and would do anything to keep themselves away from it. These are bombs that are buried underground along the perimeter of a territory to prevent the enemies from trespassing around. Soon it started a race between nations and each came up with their better models of the rifle.
The radiation from the bombs remain in the place and thus the effects can be long-term and even worse than death. Make no mistake folks: Your first priority for preps should be securing your food and water supply, making your home capable of sustaining you and yours through whatever may come. Semi-autos, single shots, and double barrels are all fantastic weapons in their own right but the pump gun is the whole package where shotguns are concerned. Next, are there any regional or local favorite calibers, assuring the availability of ammunition?
I know a lot of hunters will tell you it is bulky and heavy, but these are a couple features that add to this rifle. They are accurate, they have plenty of knock down power, ammo is cheap, and so are the rifles themselves. I tend to carry a full-size pistol at all times, whether open or concealed, and my weapon of choice is a Taurus PT92 or an M9. On our homestead, I am as likely to have a .22 pistol on me at any given time as anything else. Both have 5 ? inch barrels and target sights, and both are deadly on small game at surprising ranges. But man did not miss his chances of twisting this same science to create things that threatens our very existence. Bruno Tesch, one of the inventors of Zyklon B, played a pivotal role in the misuse of this chemical during the World War II.
As more and more products are using Freon for various purposes, traces of ozone holes have been reported, mainly over the South Pole.

They seem to have the same ecological hazards as a nuclear disaster like that of Chernobyl.
TNT has toxic effects on the skin and can cause them to turn yellow in colour upon prolonged contact. Large minefields are generally laid during a warfare, most of which are not cleared after the war is over. It is also effective against crows, gophers and all manner of critters that might get into your garden or orchard.
I like the Mossberg 500 series, and have had good luck with its slightly less expensive cousin the Maverick 88. The thing is a rock and can pour out a large volume of very accurate fire from its 20-round magazine, and remains an excellent battle rifle as well as a good deer rifle.
The Nagant rifles are easily modernized and sporterized, and make a great addition to your gun safe. This is especially true during gardening season when there is a lot of work that keeps my hands too busy for a rifle, but a lot of critters trying to get at the food I am growing. I recommend that accuracy be a primary consideration in your .22 handgun, target barrels and good sites are a must.
Be it weapons of mass destruction or things that have done more harm than good, these inventions will always find themselves blacklisted in the history of science and technology.
It was originally invented as a cyanide-based pesticide and Zyklon A was used for pest control in agricultural fields and factories. It can not only unbalance the functioning of ecosystems, but enhanced ultraviolet radiations have increased the rate of skin cancer in various parts of the world. However, we can never be too sure when man reintroduces it into the weapons race for the destruction of mankind. Hamida Djandoubi was the last person to be guillotined, after which capital punishment was discontinued and so the guillotine.
It is one of the most favoured among the terrorists due to its efficiency and easy handling. However, the possession and use of nuclear weapons have been restricted by the various peace making treaties. The M1A was the last of the “Rifleman’s Rifles,” bridging the gap between the Garand and the “Black Guns” of today. Though the production of this pesticide has been stopped, it still remains as a weapon of mass murder. Better late than never, the ban on the agricultural use of DDT has saved quite a few species like the bald eagle and peregrine falcon from extinction. Thankfully, the Montreal Protocol has banned the use of the product, and various replacements for CFCs have already been found before further damage is incurred on the environment.
It now adorns the museum and keeps the memory of the horrors of notorious human inventions afresh. Large number of minefields have not been recorded, making demining impossible and pose equal threat to soldiers and civilians alike.
However, it remains the most deadly of inventions and possesses a constant threat to world peace.
This one is for home defense purposes; it is quicker handling in tight quarters and gives a wider shot spread at short ranges. The stockpiling and use of anti-personnel mines have been restricted by the Ottawa Treaty, and efforts are still on to free the lands of all existing land mines.
It is also fairly affordable and in my estimation this choice would not ever be a disappointment. The .308 has the advantage of being a current NATO round, which makes surplus ammo available and assures that in a true meltdown there will likely be ammo around. Though replaced by more efficient explosives, TNT still finds use in the military and construction companies.
If you choose to go further you can pick up specialty barrels for things like turkey hunting, and even rifled barrels to optimize shooting with slugs.

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