The Twilight Forest Mod is an quite expansive mod that adds a whole new realm to the game: The Twilight Forest. Access to this new realm is actually pretty easily obtained, you simply have to find (or dig) a 2×2 hole, fill it with water, add flowers to the edges, and finally throw a diamond into the water. This should activate the portal to The Twilight Forest, giving you access to this mythical world. You will find plenty of new areas to discover in this realm, such as heavily guarded dungeons, many new creatures like rams, deer and fireflies, as well as new mobs, biomes, items and you might even stumble upon an abandoned castle or two.

Another neat features of this realm is that glowstone grows here naturally, as it does in the Nether, so you’ll find another source for that here.
This mod is definitively worth a look due to the large amount of new items, environments and enemies to find and fight. There are also new monsters, a new tree (grape tree), and 6 vines, as well as the whole dimension. The Twilight Forest Mods significantly adds a large chunk of content and it feels like a legit expansion pack to the game.

This uncrafting table, also functions as a crafting table though, so you can use it for all your crafting needs as well.

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