Garry Newman, who has gathered a following with the Source engine sandbox Garry’s Mod and, more recently, the online survival title Rust revealed today that his team, Facepunch Studios, is investigating new platforms.
Lifeboat VIP gives you gameplay advantages on all servers of the Lifeboat server network (Survival Games, The Walls, Capture the Flag, and all future servers).
The Lifeboat VIP app also allows you to see your statistics on Lifeboat servers, and leaderboards for Survival Games.
If your username is listed below you have a couple of days to register to the lifeboat survival games by logging into the server and registering. Ever since I was little I was lucky with these drawings I hope over the years it didnt rub off.

OMG I PUT IN A RANDOM URL IN THE SUBMIT A MAP PART AND I DIDN’T REALIZE THAT IT WOULD EXCEPT IT! They are high-quality servers with custom plugins designed to provide the best game experience for all devices. VIPs in Survival Games get access to six extra classes in Survival Games, which include items such as lava, a stone sword, water, or leather armor.
This is my favorite server and I would love to be able to see my statistics on hunger games finally!
And, with the Lifeboat VIP app, even more capabilities can be unlocked. For example, you can unlock a few extra classes in SG, unlock a magic healing wand in CTF, or get some credits in Walls to help you with the shop.

I do not relish the idea of living room hardware becoming home to paid alpha and beta access, though.

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