This righteous reptile-human hybrid may be cold-blooded, but he burns with dedication to the Masters of the Universe®. Known as Lizzie by his friends, Lizard Man shares many attributes with his Reptile brethren, but chooses to align with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.
Although he deals with discrimination due to his genetic connection with the cold-blooded Snake Men, he is good-humored and has a warm heart.
With his agility, balance, and fighting skills, Lizard Man is a devoted member of the Masters of the Universe, displaying his bravery while fighting Skeletor's henchman or being tossed into the air to aid the speedy rescue of the Sorceress. With his strong, thrashing tail and light agile body Lizard Man stealthily fights the forces of evil. Inspired by the powerful students of DC Super Hero High, the DC Super Hero Girls action dolls are ready for powerful fun.

Unleash your inner hero with the Super Hero action dolls inspired by the new students of DC Super Hero High! Each 12-inch DC Super Hero Girls action doll wears an action-ready outfit that blends iconic elements of the original DC Super Hero character with modern trends that are ready for action.
The action doll is designed with high articulation and the ability to stand alone for action poses and active storytelling fun! Includes Poison Ivy action doll wearing fashion and accessories, plus bendable vines and ivy leaves. Lizard Man doesn't hesitate to toss his tail into the fray to defend Eternia®, and he's a worthy warrior when speedy stealth is needed. She wears a fabulous outfit that blends the iconic elements of her original DC Super Hero character -- signature green with ivy details and garden flair -- with modern trends ready for action.

Designed with high articulation and the ability to stand alone, Poison Ivy action doll is ready for powerful posing and creative storytelling -- capture a moment of action.
Girls will love finding their own unique abilities along with the preeminent students of DC Super Hero High who learn to master their powers and the hero fundamentals in ways big and small.

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