The creator of Coke was a colonel in the Confederate Army1After earning a medical degree, John Stith Pemberton served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War and it was his life-threatening wound that sparked his quest in creating Coke.
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In 1885, Pemberton began marketing a beverage called "Pemberton's French Wine Coca," a mix of coca, kola nut, and damiana (a flowering shrub that has anti-anxiety and aphrodisiac qualities). Pemberton was forced to take the alcohol out of his original coke wine formula due to prohibition laws, but he first touted that version as "a most wonderful invigorator of sexual organs." Once he launched Coca-Cola, he called the drink a "Brain Tonic" and "temperance drink" (anti-alcohol), saying it cured headaches, anxiety, depression, indigestion, and addiction.
In 1899, Coca-Cola became available in bottles as well as soda fountains, which means that there was a shift in consumer demographics. In 1923, the company began selling bottles in packages of six, which became common practice in the beverage industry.
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Coca-Cola, worlds’ most famous drink that you can find anywhere apart from Cuba and North Korea.
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In April 1865, Colonel John Pemberton of the Confederate Army was wounded in the Battle of Columbus, Georgia. In the '50s, soda fountains were at the height of their popularity, with Coke being a main component of this. Travel, Fun, Fitness, Training Tips and even more cool and interesting content is coming soon. He was slashed across his chest and like many wounded veterans, he became addicted to cocaine as a result to ease the pain of his wound.

Features: House of David Up Your Gas Energy Blaster Directions Take one tablet per day as a dietary supplement. He was a pharmacist and as such searched for a cure to counteract his addiction to morphine, he began experimenting with coca and coca wines, eventually creating his own version of Vin Mariani, containing kola nut and damiana, which he called Pemberton's French Wine Coca.
Activists including Martin Luther King would often stage sit-ins at Cokelling soda fountains.Coke invented the 6-pack9In 1923, the company began selling bottles in packages of six, which became common practice in the beverage industry. Originally it used to be marketed as a medicine which claimed to cure anything, including headaches and impotence.
Company cut out active cocaine ingredient after drink was accused to cause similar effects to cocaine and morphine.

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