Merit Badge Counselors: If the green Teach button is illuminated, sign up to teach a Merit Badge! Tour Leader: If the blue Register Button is illuminated, sign your Scouts up for their merit badge(s).
Located 11 miles north of Newark, Ohio, Camp Falling Rock sits on more than 600 acres of land with rolling hardwood forests, streams and waterfalls, and scenic meadows. The Brownsea Island Adventure is a specialized program for scouts who are in their first year of scouting, often having just crossed over fro Cub Scouting, though first year scouts of all ages are encouraged to participate int he program. The program is built around the idea that rather than focusing on just completing requirements, a scout should be well trained in their skills, and the completion of rant requirements is only part of the adventure.

More Challenging- provides older scouts who may be too skilled for normal camp activities a more challenging experience. The Scuba BSA experience contains two parts— Knowledge Development and Water Skills Development. During the first part, participants learn basic dive safety information and overview skills to be used during their water experience. The Water Skills Development session introduces essential dive skills, such as mask clearing, regulator clearing, and alternate air source use. The Scuba BSA program is conducted in clear, confined water by an instructor certified by diving organizations recognized by the BSA.

Completion of Scuba BSA requirements sets the stage for additional training but does not qualify the participant to dive independently, either in confined water or open-water environments.

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