The University has had the unique fortune of having a succession of eminent Vice-Chancellors to guide its destiny. Alagappa University was brought into existence by a Special Act of the Government of Tamil Nadu in May 1985 with the objective of fostering research, development and dissemination of knowledge in various branches of learning. The University offers education through Regular, Week-end, Distance and Collaborative modes.
As a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), as well as the member of the Association of Common Wealth Universities (ACU), it has rewarding relations with other academic institutions, research laboratories and industrial establishments that promise a spectacular feature. The main objectives behind setting up this varsity were to spread knowledge in various branches of higher learning with special emphasis on research and development.
The University offers quality education through various modes - Regular, Week-end, Distance and Collaborative.
Alagappa University is located at Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu which can be accessed from Madurai and Thiruchirappalli airports.
The DDE was established in 1992 at Alagappa University and over a decade it has made a tremendous growth with 52 different type of course offerings and with more than 40,000 student enrollment.
Similarly, the DDE is offering excellent diversification of Management Programmes and more than 14,000 candidates have enrolled in different Management Programmes. Alagappa University was brought into existence by a special Act of the Government of Tamil Nadu in May 1985 with the objective of fostering research, development and dissemination of knowledge in various branches of learning. Alagappa University, hitherto of unitary type has been converted into an affiliating type, by the Tamil Nadu Universities Act, 2002, with a view to widen the horizon of its academic activities by bringing into its jurisdiction, the Arts and Science colleges in the Districts of Ramanathapuram and Sivagangai. As a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), as well as the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), it has rewarding relations with other academic institutions, research laboratories and industrial establishments that promise a spectacular feature. A post graduate in English Literature, called to the Bar, Middle Temple , England in 1933, Dr. No single individual has done so much for education and that too in such a varied fashion as Dr.Alagappa Chettiar. Alagappa University, reputed for its correspondence courses, accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council with an A grade.
Objectives : * Providing instruction and training in such branches of learning as it may determine Fostering research for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge transforming the Society through transfer of knowledge by way of Extension activities. Filed for a patent on a novel anti viral agent from a plant and a process for the preparation of the said agent. Excellence thro Human Resources: There is a substantial capacity addition by fresh recruitment of faculty members. Built Infrastructure: There is an authentic space addition in the University in the recent past and now.
Modern Lab Equipment: Just installed Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope (LSM -710 the state of art latest model) and Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT- PCR).
DST-FIST: To the list of DST-FIST Departments of Industrial Chemistry and Physics, the Department of Biotechnology joins now with allocation of Rs. Shortlisted Candidates (from the written Aptitude test), will be called in for the interview. Interview is just a formal talk with the interviewer, in which he tries to know about you, your technical and personal skills.
Unfortunately, Meena kept thinking only about the incident and how she had made a fool of himself.
During his interview, Suresh made an effort to smile at the interviewer, took time to reflect on the questions before answering. Hope that this article provokes you in having a positive outlook to life which in turn will definitely help you get the right job.
Resume must be precise, and should not bear any unwanted information like family details, languages known etc.
Nobody wants to read long resumes, especially an employer who has very little time to spare. Quantify your results and experience - Avoid using generic terms to describe your work experience. Ensure good presentation - The style of presentation can help make your resume look good or bad. The resume must convey a positive, can-do attitude - Having the right attitude is sometimes as important as knowledge or skills.
His stellar record as a business entrepreneur was acknowledged by the British Government when he was knighted in 1945 at the age of 37.
He harboured a firm conviction that education is an absolute must for a human being to become productive, wholesome and humane. To bring prominence to the educational institutions he had the vision to convince Prime Minister Nehru to house one of the Government's National Research Institutes in the heart of the Alagappa campus. At the tender age of 48, in the midst of single handedly revolutionizing his native place and changing the course of history he succumbed to his illness.
Chancellors ProfileHis Excellency, the Governor of Tamil Nadu, Thiru Surjit Singh Barnala was born on 21st October, 1925 at Ateli, Begpur in Mohindergarh District, Haranya State where his father was a Magistrate.
His public life spanning over 60 years is full of achivements which are inspirational, particularly for the younger generation. With a landslide victory in Assembly Elections he became the Chief Minister of Punjab in 1985. His Excellency has also represented India in the United Nations, FAO, SAARC and other International Organizations.
After having served for nearly four years as Principal (2003-2007) and Warden of various Hostels both for Women and Men, she was appointed as Professor in the Department of Physical Education and Health Sciences in the year 2008 and then become ex-officio Head of the Department and Chairperson, School of Physical Education. During her tenure as educator in the field of Physical Education, she had acted as Member for Board of Studies in various Universities in the field of Physical Education and further served Member on Standing Committee on Academic Affairs and Senate of Alagappa University.
The candidate may seek admission either directly to the University or through any one of the approved Study Centres.
If the candidates enroll directly with the University, the Course Materials shall be directly sent to them and they have to attend the Contact Classes at Karaikudi.
If candidates enroll through Study Centres, the Course Materials shall be sent through the Study Centres and they have to attend the Contact Classes arranged by the Study Centres at their places.
The services of workshop-cum-instrumentation center are most essential to back the good quality teaching and research. Alagappa University has been continuously in NSS since its inception with the major objective of providing ample opportunities to the youths to involve themselves in social activities and ultimately developing their personality.
Every year elocution and essay competitions are organized on personality development, leadership development and national integration to motivate students and to build leadership and communication abilities. The University has a Health Care Centre for early diagnosis of diseases and reference to speciality treatment, if needed. A team of student volunteers along with the Medical Officer went to the Tsunami affected areas and carried out relief work. Furnished hostel accommodation is made available to the students from other countries on priority basis. The Department of Physical Education trains students in various sports and games activities and enables them to participate in tournaments at various levels. The Department of Biotechnology, Alagappa University offers consultancy services in the following areas. Setting up of biotechnological laboratories (especially Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Recombinant DNA Technology, Biochemistry, Plant Tissue Culture, Fermentation etc) for the benefit of Academic Institutions. Canteen: A Canteen is functioning at the University campus for the benefit of the students, faculty and staff. Reprographic Facility: For the benefit of the student community, a number of reprographic facilities are available in and around the campus. Post Office: A full fledged Post Office - cum - Sorting Office is available just in front of the University.
Banking Facility: The salaries of the faculty and staff are distributed through the banks viz. Co-Operative Stores: The stores is in operation to help the faculty and staff of the University. Quarters: The quarters facility is made available to the faculty and staff of the University in adequate number. Parent-Teachers Association: Regular and frequent PTA meetings are conducted for involving the Parents of the students. Department of Physics and Crystal Research Centre are equipped with the sophisticated instruments for the preparation of thin films and single crystal growth.
In its stand to offer quality education to the community, Alagappa Institute of Management has embarked itself on its own mission to provide value-added consultancy services to the people from varied fields with regard to different aspects. The Institute has associated itself with the following organisations to enhance its services. The Institute has established an Entrepreneurship and Management Development Cell (EMDC), under the AICTE funding, which aims at spreading the entrepreneurial culture in the young minds. The Department of International Business and Commerce offers Post Graduate Programme in Commerce and International Business Administration.
The faculty members frequently participate and deliver special address in Entrepreneurial Awareness and Motivation Camps organized by Entrepreneurship Development Cell or Affiliated Colleges of Alagappa University for the benefit of students as well as prospective entrepreneurs. Business people can approach the department for the purpose of monitoring and improving financial performance of their business units. Banks, Schools, Colleges, Government Departments, Public Sector Undertakings of the Sivanganga District for conducting programmes could utilize this auditorium by paying reasonable rent along with electricity charges consumption charges.
The Centre for Adult Continuing Education and Extension was established in 1988 in tune to the University's motto Excellence in Action and it keeps before it the vision of excellence in all spheres of education.
The Centre has carried out and had the facilities such as: community support services to help community people to develop their life skills with self sufficiency and ensure the quality of life. Considering the social need and welfare of the community people of under privileged districts like Sivaganga and Ramnad, Prof.
The centre has planned to start a Socially Relevant two-years PG Programme during the academic year 2010-2011 for regular students. AND WHEREAS the Correspondent, Alagappa University (hereinafter referred to as the appellant), preferred an appeal dated 01-12-2009 to the National Council for Teacher Education, New Delhi (hereinafter referred to as the Council) under Section 18 of the NCTE Act, 1993 against the said Order. AND WHEREAS the Council deferred the decision on the appeal on that day for want of some information- documents from SRC. Therefore, the Council came to the conclusion that there was no justification in accepting the appeal and that it should be rejected. The Centre for Distance Education (CDE) of Bharathidasan University (BDU) was established in the year 1992, mainly to cater to the students of the University area for those who could not enter the regular colleges for higher studies.
Besides the Conventional programmes, the Centre for Distance Education is offering programmes in Computer Science and Applications, Information Technology, E-Commerce, Bank Management, Financial Management, Co-operation, Library and Information Science, etc. The Centre for Distance Education conducts the theory and practical classes on Saturdays and Sundays.

With the awakening of national consciousness in the early years of the last century, a few notable efforts were made in British India to improve the system of education prevalent in India during that time.
Historically, Rajasthan has been a paradise for knowledge seekers, as it has a rich and Royal cultural heritage in the form of manuscripts, historic documents, icons, epigraphs and monuments.
After the historic event of the unification of Rajasthan, 'Hindi Vidyapeeth' added new dimensions to its basic objectives. Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) was established on 1st June 1996 with the assent of H.E. Karnataka State Open University is situated at the North–Western end of the Manasagangotri campus, Mysore.
Mission: The Karnataka State Open University shall strive hard to provide a market oriented professional education to the student community of the India in general and of Delhi in particular, with a view to serving the cause of higher education as well as to meet the needs of the Indian industries by promoting affiliations to study centres to make them as centres of excellence in emerging areas of education with focus on professional education in disciplines of engineering, technology, management, medicine, education, pharmacy, nursing, law etc. Manonmaniam Sundaranar University (MSU), named after the famous Tamil Scholar Professor P.
The University Grants Commission, New Delhi, an apex higher education body of the Union Government, has accorded its approval for getting financial assistance since 29 March 1994. The concept of community colleges, being experimented under the aegis of a special wing, offer diploma courses of one year duration to those interested in entrepreneurial enterprises and the Extension Learning Programme run by this wing also offers diploma and certificate courses on skill development.
I am searching for the MBBS Exam Time Table for December 2013 at Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences so give me it. Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences has not announced date sheet for the December session for MBBS exam. Other Discussions related to this topic Thread IGNOU Exam Time Table for December B.Ed Exam Time Table RGUHS Karnataka MBBS results University Of Madras Exam Time Table December VTU Exam Time Table RGUHS MBBS results VTU MBA Exam Time Table MKU MBA Exam Time Table VTU exam time table for 5th Sem vtu mba time table for exam? The Distance Education Directorate offers variety of programmes to the student community spread across the country and in selected foreign countries.
The university is located at Karaikudi which is well connected by rail and roads from Madurai and Tiruchirappalli. Within a very short period of time, Alagappa University has established itself as an excellent centre of study and research.
23 Affiliated Colleges located in the districts of Sivaganga and Ramanathapuram are part of the University. Further, as per this Act, the Government colleges in the above districts have become the constituent colleges of Alagappa University. Alagappa Chettiar took to Business in India , in his own style, spanning textiles to airways.
It was this facet of his achievement that made Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Babu Rajendra Prasad, Rajaji and many stalwarts visit him when his health suffered a set back. Colleges affiliated to the university are spread across the districts of Sivaganga and Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu. Alagappa University becomes one of the few Universities to have this kind of modern equipment to give fillip to top-end research in bio-sciences.
It is better to stick to one or two questions regarding the company and not dwelve into how you performed or the pay package or any personal questions to the interviewer.
She was so upset that she could not collect her thoughts and was hesitant with her answers. His dad, who realised that he was tense, encouraged him to think positive (and to have a good night's sleep). If u cant hold your own in technical questions try to remain composed ;your confidence may do the trick. What should be in your resume is, your qualification, area of interest, industrial exposure, professional experience, projects done, ceritifications (if any), extra curricular activities, your hobbies and any other thing that you can impress with.
As a business savvy and a model employer he practiced then, what the Harvard Business School preaches today - diversification of portfolios with rubber plantations in Malaya, Tin mines in Burma, Textile Mills in Kerala, Insurance companies in Calcutta, Hotels in Bombay, Theatres in Madras, a flourishing stock broking company and a private airline and has been referred to as the unsung business maharaja of South India in the thirties and forties.
Alagappa Educational instituitions is providing a continuum in education for children of the community to start from kindergarten and pursue studies right up to post doctoral studies in a wide array of subjects. Radhakrishnan, the Vice President of India surmised at the opening of the Central Electro Chemical Research Institute (CECRI) on 14 Jan 1953.
Perhaps his crowning piece of philanthropy was giving away his own palatial residence in Kottaiyur to found the Women's college.
In 1943 Dr donated Rupees One Lakh for the installation & development of Tamil Department of Travancore University. Rupees Eleven thousand for instituting higher secondary school at his birth place Kottaiyur, Tamilnadu.
Rupees One hundred thousand for the development of the township infrastructure of Kottaiyur, Tamilnadu.
Rupees Five hundred thousand to establish an Engineering College at Annamalai University, Chidambaram, Tamilnadu.
He was instrumental in persuading the Central Government to establish the one and only Central Electro Chemical Research Institute (CECRI), one of the premier Research Organisations under CSIR, at Karaikudi. Rupees Twenty Thousand to establish the South Indian Educational Society at New Delhi in 1948.
Chettiar was full of compassion and gave whatever he had at the moment to the various causes. He proceeded to Lucknow for higher studies and graduated in Law from Lucknow University in 1946 and practiced Law at Barnala Constitutency in 1967. He is one of the most distinguished and ablest leaders of the nation with profuse administrative acumen. During his tenure, he was instrumental in founding the Guru Nanak dev University in Amristsar.
As Cheif Minister, he was tough on terrorism and dear to hearts of many, including opposition leaders.
He assumed the officer of Governor of Tamil Nadu earlier in 1990 and served for about a year. As a patriot, his fervour for achieving freedom for Bharat Mata was so great that he had participated in Quit India Movement in 1942 and was arrested.
He had done scores of paintings and an exhibitions of his paintings was held in 1998 in the Art Gallery of Patiala University and in 2004 at Hyderabad State Art Gallery, at Lalit Kala Akademy, Chennai on Octobet 12th 2005 and at Aurodan Art Galleries, Pondicherry on 30th Oct 2005. A graduate of Law, the Honorable Minister for Higher Education holds 3 Post Graduate Degrees in the Social Science area, besides a Doctorate. She had organized 15 National Seminars, 3 International Conferences, and presented 40 papers in the National and International Seminars and Conferences.
4200 NSS volunteers from 21 affiliated colleges and university departments are actively participating in all NSS activities of Alagappa University.
Developing infrastructure in the adopted village, leadership programme, tree planting, medical camp, progarmme on preserving water resources, voters awareness, free legal - aid awareness, women and children welfare are the important activities undertaken by students in the special camping programme.
Compulsory general medical check up camps are organized for all the members of the University viz.
Alagappa Engineering College, Alagappa Arts College, Alagappa Polytechnic and Sree Sevugan Annamalai College, Devakottai utilize the services available at the Physiotherapy Clinic free of cost. This gives them an opportunity to easily mingle with other students and adapt themselves to the local culture at the earliest. Apart from this, each department has Placement Coordinators to carry out the placement activities in an effective manner. Feedback from the parents is obtained so as to fine tune the educational system at the University. Also some of the characterization techniques like photoconductivity, impedance spectroscopy, surface analysis, etc are available for the inhouse scholars and for other institutions' scholars from various universities and education institutions. The Institute has made it a view point to build up a cohesive environment around it by offering its expertise to bring out the efficiency. To cater to the needs of these sectors for managerial inputs, Alagappa Institute of Management has lined up services such as consultancy, training programmes, organising seminars & workshops, conferences on various themes. The Institute has associated itself with many institutions promoting entrepreneurship, for the sake of providing guidance and counseling to the potential entrepreneurs with regard to various technicalities. Its curriculum is need based to the students as well as to the business people and society.
It is revised periodically based on the changes and requirements in the business in India as well as abroad. The research scholars can approach the department for identifying appropriate research problem and collecting relevant literature to their research problem. Palaniappa Chettiar Memorial Auditorium was constructed facing the college main road in the Alagappa University campus and donated to the University by the family of Hon'ble Union Finance Minister Thiru P.
Subsequently, the area of Centre for Distance Education was extended to cover all the four Southern States and Union Territory viz., Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
There are more than 20,000 students on roll, with an annual enrolment of about 8,000 to 9,000 students. The lab-oriented programmes are meticulously planned and executed with the same rigour of regular programmes, with no compromise on the practical requirements.
The conduct of the programmes is strictly monitored by the Director & the staff of the Centre for Distance Education.
Late Manishi Pandit Janardan Rai Nagar's initiative and vision led him to start the Prachin Sahitya Shodh Sansthan in 1941 to preserve, edit, translate and publish old manuscripts.
It became a leading Non-Government Organisation during the course of its journey and the founder Pandit Janardan Rai Nagar renamed it as Rajasthan Vidyapeeth.
Sundaram Pillai, was established on 7 September, 1990 to cater to the long felt needs of the people of the three southern most districts of Tamil Nadu namely Tirunelveli, Tuticorin and Kanyakumari. Sri Paramakalyani Centre for Environmental Sciences functioning at Alwarkurichi is an illustrious example of University-Industry collaboration while the Centre for Marine Science and Technology at Rajakkamangalam is breaking new ground in Coastal Area Studies.
The University has been accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council of India with five star status.
Programmes in the disciplines of management, computer applications, science, education and languages. This University has emerged from the galaxy of institutions initially founded by the great philanthropist and educationist Dr.
Through all modes of education, the University caters to the needs of the student community of around 1,00,000.
New innovative programmes suitable are designed and offered at the University (for the foreign students).
The sprawling 440 acre green and lush campus of the varsity houses all the departments and centres which are engaged in various academic and research activities.
Through all modes of education, the University caters to the needs of the student community of around 1, 00,000. And 23 colleges located in the districts of Sivaganga and Ramanathapuram are affiliated to the Alagappa University. In the SJY we need to do remarkably well that will speak high of us until the Golden Jubilee Year.

In 2 years time, the University will have enough and more space on par with Central Universities. He told him that it was important for him to consider the interview as only the beginning of his job search. It should state clearly the type of work you desire to do and the specific strengths that make you qualify for the job and add value to the organisation.
Alagappa Chettiar had his primary education at the SMS Vidyasala in Karaikudi and went on to obtain his M.A. The distinction of Padmabushan was conferred by the President of India on January 26, 1957. Annie Besant centenary celebrations the Vice-Chancellor of Madras University called industrialists to start colleges to educate India. He held the profuse affection of those peolple that he represented the Constitutency till 1999. In 1977, he was elected as a Member of Parliament and was inducted as Union Cabinet Minister holding the portfolios of Agriculture, Food, Irrigation and Rural Development. Later, he became the Governor of Uttranchal State and Andhra Pradesh before assuming office as a Governor of Tamilnadu on 3rd Nov 2004 for the second time.
Karunanithi, our Hon'ble Higher Education Minister is bringing about a metamorphosis in the complexion and content of Higher Education in the State of Tamil Nadu. Shenbagavalli presently Professor and Head, Department of Physical Education and Health Sciences assumed the office of Registrar on 29th April 2009.
In Alagappa University, we have a centralized workshop-cum-instrumentation center to cater for the needs of the Department of the faculty of Science viz., Industrial Chemistry, Physics and Crystal Growth, Biotechnology and Oceanography and Coastal area studies.
NSS takes streneous efforts to inculcate in the minds of the students the voluntary participation in community service while they are studying in educational institutions. From the year 1988 on wards, many cultural competitions, namely Dance, Group song, literary Events, Mono acting, Rangoli, Mimicri, Clay Modelling, Cartooning, Skit, Mime, one act play are held to bring out the talents and potentialities of students. As it is located very close to the Distance Education Directorate, the students of DDE also make use of this facility. Career Counseling is also done by the faculty members and class advisors after understanding the needs of the students.
They were utilized the sophisticated instrumentation facilities and interpret their data with the expertise available in our department. The Institute provides consultancy to the corporate world, small scale sector, entrepreneurial institutions and educational community.
The students can approach to the department to identify the right course for the future studies as well as employment.
So the budding entrepreneurs as well as existing business people can approach the department for identifying right projects in the present competitive market.
The faculty members have rich experience in guiding and supervising the research scholars and produced large number of Ph. Ramasamy, Vice-Chancellor, Alagappa University, has the vision to make life long education as a discipline and he has upgraded the Centre for Adult Continuing Education and Extension as a teaching department in the University.
The Centre for Distance Education offers as many as 60 programmes including 18 UG, 21 PG, 13 Diploma programmes and 8 Professional programmes in selected disciplines.
Inspired by the same spirit, Pandit Janardan Rai Nagar established the 'Rajasthan Vidyapeeth' in 1937 to uplift the down-trodden common man in the feudal state of Mewar.
Probably, it was a unique Institute of its kind in Rajasthan, which was established for the conservation of cultural heritage.
All the University departments are receiving research projects from several funding agencies in India, Europe, USA, Japan and UNO.
The University Act authorizes the functioning of Directorate of Distance and Continuing Education outside the university jurisdiction and the courses offered through this mode are recognized by the Distance Education Council of India. Under his leadership the University is witnessing a spectacular growth in teaching, research and extension activities.
28 Affiliated Colleges located in the districts of Sivaganga and Ramanathapuram are part of the University. Copious Funds flow from DST, DBT, UGC, CSIR, MoEn., ICMR, DRDO, BHEL, SSCP, CIIL, MHRD, IGNOU, Banks, etc. Being very nervous, she was not careful and soon she dropped his file containing his certificates. Within a span of 2 decades he demonstrated his versatility as a successful business tycoon, an intrepid academician with a vision to change the mere scrub jungle of Karaikudi to an educational Mecca.
Spontaneously Dr.Chettiar answered the call in the same function and within three days Alagappa Arts College started functioning at Gandhi Maleghai in Karaikudi. Alagappa Chettiar helped the Government of India to select Karaikudi as the seat of Electro Chemical Research Institute. His donation to this society is immeasurable.Educational StreamsThe Universityoffers education through Regular, Week-end, Distance and Collaborative modes.
She dedicated her career to the betterment and upliftment of the students who came from many walks of life and hailed from various social backgrounds. Besides, these facilities are thrown open to help the science Departments of the 23 affiliated colleges. The hostels have separate hygienic mess halls, a reading room supplemented with leading English and Tamil dailies, magazines and Employment News. Preparation of placement brochures, identification of possible recruiters, coordination of placement activities are few of the activities of the University Placement Cell. Annual meetings are conducted to share their experiences, exchange of ideas amongst their peers and share their views with their juniors. The faculties have the enough as well as practical experience in project identification, formulation, evaluation and execution. However, the above restriction will not apply in case of minority institutions established under Article 30 of the Constitution. MCA, MBA, Diploma and B.Sc Degree in Animation programmes are the most sought after Courses.
Started as a night Study Centre for the Elementary, secondary and Advanced Courses in our national language Hindi, Rajasthan Vidyapeeth has grown into a large complex of more than 50 institutions spread over several districts of Rajasthan.
The University Library has rich collection of books and journals on a wide range of subjects. This seat of higher education has emerged from the galaxy of institutions initially founded by Dr. The interviewer picked up the positive traits and in return responded more positively, and Suresh was selected. His generous donations led to the establishment of a string of educational institution, which formed the basis for the establishment of the Alagappa University in 1985 by the Government of Tamil Nadu. The University is a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and the Association of Common Wealth Universities (ACU). In addition to these thin film characterization and single crystal growth instruments were utilized with the consultancy of expertise available in the Crystal Research Centre to grow single crystals of NLO materials useful for optical communication devices. The faculty members will guide the prospective entrepreneurs for preparing their project report. Since your institution is not a minority institution, hence the application submitted by your institution for start of B.Ed.
The courses offered by the University have been designed keeping in mind the changing times and the emerging needs of the region.
Alagappa Chettiar had redefined philanthropy and contributed more to the betterment of education in Tamil Nadu than any other person of eminence had done until then.
Alagappa Chettiar is aware of the industrial possibilities of our country and the need for scientific, technical and technological education in his lifetime he has built a monument for himself you have only to look around.
As a consequence the College was absorbed by the University and renamed as Alagappa University College of Physical Education. The grown crystals are characterized with metallurgical microscope with the magnification of 1000X. In the appeal and during personal presentation it was submitted that the institution was a State University under the Govt. The appellant again submitted an application on 31st Oct’09, and by then a public notice dt.
The educational institutons developed to its peak in 1947, by Allagappar who is the founder of todays Alagappa University. After having served for nearly 29 years in the same institution in various grades, she was elevated to the post of Principal of the same institution in which she studied and served.
Alagappa Alumni Association (AAA) has its own website through which the latest information is disseminated to the Alumni. Being members of the AIU and ACU, the University has established tie-ups with other academic institutions, research laboratories and industrial establishments to boost the primary methods of learning.
Experienced faculty members are posted as Warden and Deputy Warden to look after the welfare of the students. Hindu College, Sarah Tucker College, the oldest women’s college in the state), have contributed decisively to the cause of higher education of this region. The city is known for Sri Meenakshi-Sundareswarar temple, also known as Sivan Temple which was built during 1872. The University has educated several numbers of students belonging to different communities rooted across the country and in selected foreign countries in a variety of programmes through the Distance Education Directorate.
HistoryAlagappa University was established in the year 1985 by a Special Act of the Government of Tamil Nadu. He was conferred the distinction of Padma Bhushan by the President of India on January 26, 1957. The University was named as Alagappa University after the famous philanthropist and educationist Dr.
His stellar record as a business entrepreneur was acknowledged by the British government when he was knighted in 1945 at the age of 37. Alagappa Chettiar who was the founder of several institutions, which gathered to emerge as a University.
The distinction of Padma Bushan was conferred by the president of India on January 26, 1956. Enhancing research, development and dissemination of knowledge in various branches of learning was the prime objective behind the formation of Alagappa University.

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