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Our round table of military, law enforcement and other industry experts answers the age-old debate between .45 ACP and 9mm ammo. Less recoil, cheaper ammo, higher capacity — read on to learn why LEOs are going back to the 9mm! An evolving need for pocket pistols has left the market full of incredible choices for concealed carry enthusiasts everywhere.
Rounding up some of the most advanced fighting carbines and combat rifles for the 21st century! Designed for those who value extremely lightweight and highly functional game and trophy care tools, this entire set from Baldy Mountain Forge weighs in at just 4 ounces. Named for Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness, where Rick Dunkerley spends much of his time during the fall guiding big game hunters, the Bob Fixed Blade features a blade crafted from 52100 carbon steel.
Designed by Les George and produced by Pro-Tech Knives, the Wilson Combat Eagle Automatic is made from T-6 aluminum and 154-CM stainless blade steel. Designed as a machete backup, the all new Brakimo from TOPS Knives was created by Joe Flowers of the survival school Bushcraft Global.
A new line of light weight fixed-blade Buck Knives designed for big game field care and trophy work! Rust-proof and hard to the core, Stone River Gear’s line of ceramic-bladed fixed and lock-back folders are ready for game! NY’s Utica Cutlery has flown under the radar for decades, but their new blades are poised to move mountains! To get all 11 video lessons enter your name & email address then click the "FREE Instalt Access" button.
To get all 11 video lessons enter your name and email address then click the "FREE Instant Access" button.
The chances of you finding yourself in a wilderness survival situation where you must live off roots and berries, make fire out of flint stones, or make improvised hunting tools and weapons is not very likely even if you were lost.
How often do we hear people say “Aw that will never happen to us” or “we live in a modern age and civil society and you’re just being an alarmist.” I wonder how many people in New Orleans used to think the same way before Hurricane Katrina. There will be two kinds of people in the next major catastrophe: the “thriver (sic)” and the survivor. The following tenets are basic principles that must be considered, if one is to develop a “Thriver” strategy. Locate and know where potential assets and resources can be found if needed to exploit (i.e. While I was in the Army we had a mantra that we lived by, which reminded us to stop being lazy and start being productive. HI BOB I enjoy the blogs you have, I would like put some blogs on my new website where can I find them. In today’s modern world hunting with a simple bow and arrow can be taken as very primitive and basic. You may want to be better prepared in the wilderness, or just want to show off your skills to your friends, knowing how to make a bow can be invaluable. Before you proceed to the actual makings of the bow (and arrow), you need to assess what kind of wood piece you’re going to use.
Determine the midpoint of the branch and measure three inches up and down the branch from that center point.
Another important step in shaping your bow is to determine the harder spots of the wood piece. We still have to point out that you must keep the center area (for your grip) the hardest and keep it as thick as it was originally.
Remember though that nylon can be heavier and the arrow may not get the strength to fly far.
Another optional step, which isn’t going to improve your hunting skills or results, but nonetheless, part of the arrow, is to make fletchings.
As we said, they are not crucial for your hunting experience, but can improve the accuracy and flight of the arrow through the air. Keep in mind though that knowing how to use and perfect the fletching’s takes time and experience.
Also, be aware that hunting with bow and arrow is very difficult and it takes time and practice to get used to the tools and handle them properly. In order to fix some of the above issues, you will have to go through the above stages many times until perfecting your bow. So, take care of your bow and arrows, use with care and only in extreme cases (in a survival situation), and practice a lot in order to become better and better with time. Arrows can be recycled, you just need to make sure that you can retrieve them after firing. You can throw any knife and hope that it hits the target, but throwing knives are usually built just for one purpose.
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When he's not writing post-apocalyptic fiction or survival guides, Steve's snowshoeing on the Pacific Crest Trail or training for his next off-road triathlon. The movie San Andreas has impossible earthquake scenes, but the real thing is even scarier.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to renewable, cheap, and dependable energy when living off the grid? The official definition of a solar cell is “a device that converts light into electricity”. So far, we’ve covered the all-too-common question, “How to solar panels work?” But that’s only part of the picture. Compared to the other types, monocrystalline silicon solar panels are the most efficient you can buy.
Before going off the grid, it’s highly recommended that you learn more about solar panels and how they work.
Many would envision a multi-day trek into the wilderness, carrying all of the essential overnight camp gear in their pack.

He has been a full-time maker since 1996 and he received his American Bladesmith Society (ABS) Mastersmith rating in 1997. In addition, Micarta handle scales (available in black or orange) are securely affixed to the full-length hidden tang.
I wonder how many people in besieged cities and countries in the last century thought the same thing.
The Thriver will stay ahead of the threats because he already prepared for their eventuality. You see I use the descriptor “Thriver” over “Survivor” because one implies proactive process to deal with adversity whereas the other implies a reactive process to deal with what will no doubt be unforeseen adversity.
Conduct an area study of where you live that includes topography-terrain, demographics, political inclinations, law enforcement capabilities, and LEA’s predicted courses of action and attitude toward the populace and especially you, first responder capabilities, cultural norms and tendencies under different possible scenarios. Do you have a place where you and your family can go to safely hide until the situation is safe for you to reenter civilization?
Dale Comstock is a former Delta Force Operator, Green Beret – Light and Heavy Weapons Expert, Paramilitary Operative, and former professor that taught Psychology of Violence, Technical Surveillance, and Area Study Analysis. If most of all you need tools for hunting, in cases you’re lost, or you just look for adventure, knowledge of how to make a bow and arrow can literally save your life.
Bamboo canes tend to be thick, so if you want to use bamboo, make sure it’s thinner than usual, like a younger stem.
To do that, place the wood piece on the ground and press your left hand on the middle of the branch. On these two places (above and below the center), set marks (either cut small indentations, or mark with a felt-tip marker, etc). When you shave the wood, also keep in mind to remove only bark, not the inner and softer area of the branch. Each limb of the bow should be equally long and flexible; each individual limb should be able to withhold enough amounts of strain and should make a smooth arc when you curve it. This can easily compromise the bow’s strength and durability, and can turn to the weak spot, which causes the bow to break. You may have to tiller many times, until you’re certain the bows limbs are bending and flexing evenly and consistently.
Samuel is excited to share his knowledge and the things he learns while travelling in British Columbia, Canada where he lives and around the world.
Especially in a post-apocalyptic scenario, you need to know how to make tools that will help you survive. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
If there are multiple threats or prey, you’ll be able to handle each one without alerting the others. Grip the handle of the knife as you would a hammer, but with your thumb kept along the edge instead of wrapped around the handle.
I wanted to keep this as simple as possible because, quite frankly, we’re survivalists (not scientists). For this reason, they’re arguably more aesthetically pleasing than the previous two types of panels (which shouldn’t really matter since you’re living off the land). Leave your comments below… Skip Tanner is more than a writer, avid outdoorsman, hiker and international survival expert.
Even though I’ve spent weeks in remote regions participating in such adventures, most of my hunting is conducted within a half-day’s hike back to my truck. Every ounce, beyond the very essential, can add weight that will wear you down as the miles pile up. Are we as Americans so arrogant to think that we are immune to the calamities that struck other countries? The survivor will live a reactive role where he is always trying to hastily defend, recover, or reconstitute his well being.
The point is, you have a choice to be offensive or defensive.  I assure you the offensive mindset will increase not only your morale but also your well being.
Think “Baltimore riots”, and you are the innocent family that lives in the middle of such as chaos.
Of course you will have to decide if exploiting said resources is something you want or need to do from the outset, or if your situation deteriorates to a point where your existence depends on this, and then you take action.
Meanwhile, pull one end of the branch with your right hand upwards, so you start to curve the branch.
Start curving the branch, hold the bottom end with your leg and keep holding it with your hand as well. You should end up with a bow that has similar diameter evenly across the branch, and similar curve and flexibility.
Basically what makes the arrow fly is the way the limbs are curving when you put strain on them, by pulling the arrow back on the string.
Preferably use different grits, and begin with the roughest one and gradually change to grit with finer surface (rough grits have lower number, e.g. You can place the bow on a branch so you can pull the string downwards to test its strength.
The longer the bow stays with the string the most it bends naturally to that position, and the less shooting power it has as a result. I think it is great to develop the skills to create the tools you’ll need to survive. For the most part, you’ll find knives no more than around 12-13 inches in length and 13 ounces or so. The heaviest part of a knife should be thrown first, so if the knife is blade-heavy it will be held in your hand. Handles of the slim knives are often bare to streamline the throw and maintain a good balance as the knife makes its rotation through the air. You need special material that’s capable of harnessing sunlight, storing it, and then converting it into energy. In general, they are less expensive to make compared to monocrystalline silicon units, but they’re also less efficient. You can also harness the wind (using wind turbines) or water (using water-powered generators). Obviously, since you’ll have to carry everything necessary for responsible game care, your choice of edged tools is important.
In addition to all of this, Rick has garnered numerous awards for many of his one-of-a-kind cutlery creations.
Are we that brainwashed into thinking that there could never be a civil war or revolution in our country?  Let me remind you that we had both at one time and at the rate we are going, another one could be around the next turn. Multiply that by, let us say a family of four, and as a survivor there is a lot of responsibility to manage under duress.  As a Thriver that has prepared for surviving disaster, his management is at least four times easier because he and his family have taken steps to ensure their survival by learning and preparing strategies to help them.

Include anything and everything that will provide you a clear picture of your operational environment. Do you have bug-out bags packed and supplies pre-positioned in a cache site or pre-planned hide site? Have you thought about moving by foot as family unit through rural terrain with weapons and gear?
You have entire counties overrun by Armies and militia and you still think it is not possible in this day and age?
The branch should be a dead and dry one, but not cracking and completely unusable for our purposes.
Even if you have to shave bark at the handhold area, it should remain the thickest and strongest area, the least flexible. Be careful not to cut the wood too deep for the notches, or you compromise the bow’s strength. The best procedure for drying the arrow though is to leave it to dry inside for several days. It should be only slightly exposed to strong heat, without damaging the structure of the wood. You can carve the back end of the arrow to slide in the fletching’s, or just glue them, and tie around them some cord or fabrics thread. This is why it’s good to also get used to carrying a string or cord whenever you go camping or hiking. Of course, if you make a bow, but then don’t use it at all, better give it to someone else who may enjoy using it, instead of keeping it in the closed and letting it gather dust. There are a few blade types to test out and a few throwing styles that can fit various levels of skills. When planning for survival situations, weapons that are reliable and quiet are great options.
There are tactical throwing knives that can be used for general purposes as well as throwing.
Be sure to throw the knife straight ahead and keep your follow-through a clean line and not across your body.
To perfect your technique, vary your distances and pay attention to the number of rotations it takes the blade to make contact. In fact, there are several different types, each of which have their advantages and drawbacks.
Due to the high efficiency of monocrystalline silicon solar panels, you won’t need very many to power your stuff.
For them to produce enough electricity to live, they’ll need to be in an open area that receives a lot of sunlight.
Skip's been studying, sharpening, and expanding his skills every day since he was 15 years old.
Not only is Rick a knifemaker, but he’s also a licensed Montana hunting guide with more than two dozen years of experience in that state’s wilderness areas. Continue to update your intelligence plan and learn it, because any change in your environment could affect your Thriver strategy. In a bad situation if you don’t have a male and are disabled but pretty Damn strong,what other moves may be performed. When you’re in the wilderness you may have a hard time finding a suitable substitute for a string, so preparation beforehand is the best option. You’re thickening the final bow string this way, by using not just one string, but several. You also need to consider the arrow according to the bow’s full potential when stretched. Place the arrow (wood piece) in the notch and tie the arrowhead with string or other thread or cord. If the situation continues to get worse, throwing knives will only need to be sharpened and you’ll never need to buy ammunition. Small game and personal threats can be stopped in their tracks with an accurately handled knife. A balanced throwing knife is thrown either blade or handle first, so it is more versatile depending on what your needs will be. While the initial cost of owning a solar panel may be considered high, the long-term advantages far outweigh that. These absorb sunlight, and through a series of chemical processes, convert that sunlight into usable, emission-free energy.
For example, some solar panels are more efficient at converting sunlight to energy (but they also cost more). It’s easy to tell these types of solar panels apart from the rest due to their square-shaped cells. Simply type “Off Grid Solar Panels” in Google and you’ll see thousands of results showing where you can buy them, as well as showing companies that install them. Otherwise, it will be difficult to produce the kind of energy you might need when living off the grid.
For more information on living off the land check out our article, 10 Mistakes People Make When Going Off The Grid. I refuse to be a sitting duck or just lay down and die and if I have to get out I’ll fight. Otherwise, here are our suggestions: nylon rope, hemp cord, twine, rawhide, finishing line, etc. If the arrow is shorter than the distance from your jaw to your stretched arm, then this arrow is unusable. This way, when you place the arrow it will comfortably meet the string and will not shift sideways. For the price, a good set of throwing knives can end up being an indispensable asset to have. You don’t want to rely on something that requires constant maintenance or many parts that you might have to replace.
If and when SHTF, you’ll be one of the few people who are still able to power digital devices. With that said, this article is for anyone who’s ever asked the question “How do solar panels work?” We’re about to show you. For your plan think “PACE.” Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency to ensure that you have covered all possible scenarios.

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