This Tactical Combat Full Tang Military Survival Knife Black offers a simple yet highly effective full tang design.
The AK-47, to most people, is the ultimate survival weapon, it functions well at close range and medium range, takes an incredible amount of wear and tear, requires very little maintenance, and is simple to operate. The AK-47 (The Automatic Kalashnikov Rifle, 1947 model) was officially accepted as the standard issue rifle for all Soviet troops in 1949.  As one of the first assault rifles in production, the AK-47 enjoyed tremendous success and was adopted by almost all Warsaw Pact countries. This entry was posted in Survival Weapons Introduction, Weapons and tagged ak-47, survival weapon, survival weaponry, survival weapons.
If you are a first person character in a video game, it might be a good idea to avoid riding on a plane, at least at the beginning of your game. Much like the massive slew of survival games that came about after Minecraft, this game is all about building shelters, hunting for food and fending off enemies. One of the default items is your axe, and without needing any instructions you’ll naturally find yourself chopping down trees for supplies and hunting in no time.
For extra points, you can even craft weapons from items in your inventory, allowing you to craft bows, arrows and spears, making combat and hunting much easier.
One time, I picked up a couple of logs when I turned to see three men and two women, twenty feet away, staring at me. After being chased away from my cabin one time, I returned to find charming effigies on my front garden, mostly consisting of severed heads on sticks.
Jumping into this bizarre world with a limited supply of provisions and a survival manual is a great touch.
There’s a fine line between simply telling the player what to do and keeping things too vague and that balance is mostly achieved here (though the idea that his survival book details sacrificial effigies from the get go is rather strange).
While there is much to admire in The Forest, the simple fact is that there isn’t much going on.
With no real objectives to speak of, your only option is just to build defenses and avoid contact with the cannibals, as exploration usually results in more combat. I truly look foreword to a more polished, less glitch filled game in which you have to find clues as to the whereabouts of your son whilst surviving the elements. Despite jumping into the same paddling pool as many other Minecraft inspired games, there is enough atmosphere and intrigue here to help it stand out from the rest.
The Final Word: Even though The Forest is missing some features and can be a touch on the buggy side, this survival horror game has enough tension and atmosphere to make it worth a look. Cloaked in an all Desert Digital Camo finish, this survival knife is sure to stand out while out on a hunt.
Here is a small collection of animated GIFs that I have collected over the years whilst researching moose on the web.

Known for their kind, loyal, protective and fearless temperament, the Black Mouth Cur makes an excellent hunting dog and companions. Measuring 11.5 inches overall, this knife features a drop point stainless steel blade with black finish. The Ak-47’s low cost of production, durability, high rate of fire, and ease of use make it the most commonly used weapon in the world. For example, adding a UTG 5th Gen Quick Detachable Double Rail AK Side Mount, will cost you around 30$, whereas adding it for an AR-15 or FN-FAL can cost upwards of 80$ or 90$.
Though much like Jack from Bioshock, it appears the main character from The Forest missed that memo.
The game starts with a plane crash, and while you do survive, you wake to find your son kidnapped by the locals, whom are usually decked in white paint and sporting fashionable skulls.
While there is a tutorial in your survival book, for the most part it simply isn’t needed. Building structures is as easy as selecting it in your manual, placing the blueprint somewhere then simply dumping the supplies on top of it. They didn’t attack, though they did occasionally snarl, and eventually they simply walked away.
It’s almost as if they are trying to communicate yet lack the linguistic skills to do so.
There are no overbearing waypoints, quest markers or even a map to speak of and while the game is, of course, still in early development, I really hope that the game maintains this level of mystique and foreboding as production continues. I just hope that when the final product comes around, our son isn’t under a giant arrow that we simply follow. I followed it for about a year and when I got my hands on it, admittedly buggy, the points were hammered home. Razor sharp out of the box, the 7.5 inch clip point blade on this beauty can slice and dice with ease while the tip is pin point sharp and perfect for piercing. But there’s nothing dull or average about the Black Mouth Cur, perhaps the most prevalent and common yellow dog there is.
Popular with both regular armies and guerilla forces for its legendary reliability and low maintenance, the AK even graces the flag of Mozambique, a country “liberated” by AK armed guerillas. You’ll be chopping down trees when you suddenly hear strange metallic clanging behind you (play with headphones for extra spooks) or see strange shapes in the distance.
It’s not as if you can get your creative juices flowing by designing new shelters as they all come pre-made, all you have to do is get the supplies.
The fully serrated spine of the blade is perfect for cutting rope, straps or even timber as is a half serration on the cutting edge.

The blade offers an extremely sharpened blade with a forefinger groove making the grip more durable.
The weapon is also extremely durable and can withstand dirt, moisture, and residue better than other weapons. The updates have been phenomenal and it’s recently implemented multiplayer which is really fun but a bit buggy, as expected. They’ve been known to tree squirrels, raccoons, bobcats, mountain lions, and even bears when the situation calls for it.
An ideal survival knife, it comes with a FREE nylon sheath and belt loop so you can always have it ready by your side. On the ground, they’re excellent at hunting hogs and feral cattle, the animals the black cur’s Celtic ancestors were originally bred to hunt.
These dogs never run away or give up, and their instincts for treeing and herding are so strong, it’s not unlikely that a young Black Mouth Cur will perform these tasks independently. The blade is manufactured with a sharpened top swedge, blood groove, and a saw tooth back and parkerized with a zinc phosphate finish. Their excellent tracking skills also lend to search and rescue missions.Pioneer DogsThe Black Mouth Cur breed originated in the United States, and as such it has been part of our history. Wherever they began, the breed has been the constant companion of pioneers across the country for over 200 years.As varied as their regionsA Red Alabama Blackmouth Cur. For example, the Ladner Yellow Black Mouth Cur is prevalent in the south, largely in Mississippi, whereas the Red Black Mouth Cur is common in Alabama. Texas has the Weatherford’s Ben Black Mouth Cur, and Florida the Florida Black Mouth Cur.The jobs the cur has been bred to do are also varied. The Red Black Mouth Cur serves as a guard dog, a herding dog, and largely as a hunting dog. The breed is marked by its dark brindle or yellow coloration and the darn snout, from which the Black Mouth Cur earns its name.As petsA blackmouth cur with a brindled coat.
Image via Wikimedia CommonsA poor choice for apartment living, the Black Mouth Cur is a rugged, muscular, Southern dog that needs daily physical and mental exercise, preferably through steady work.

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