To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Now is a good time to decide whether or not any of your outdoor timber (fences, furniture, decking) needs painting or preserving. If you’re in doubt of any unpleasant growth in your house, you should simply assume there is a problem whenever you see mold or smell mold odors.
It has been few years ago, people start focusing on natural and green concerns or we can say it back to nature. Before detailing about wood flooring, we have to know the advantages and disadvantages of it. The untreated wooden flooring will not be easy to be cleaned in cased we drop ink or alike.
The untreated wood flooring has to be cleaned on regular basis, or else, the fiber will be den of diseases and bacteria. When installing the wooden floor, use a vertical and horizontal combination to prevent any swells.
After understanding the pros and cons of wood flooring, now, we are well informed about it and start to “welcome” our wooden floor. Wooden flooring is suitable for any house styles such as traditional, classic, modern, and ethnic or whatever you name it.
The upper part is coated by certain type of protection so that it will not easily absorb any dust or dirt. The best quality of the imitation wood flooring is fireproof, waterproof and scratch-proof. Tempered glass may seem like a great material option for a cutting board — it's sturdy, treated for thermal shock, and easy to sanitize in the dishwasher or sink.
Wooden cutting boards may take a little bit more maintenance and care than the tempered glass variety, but they're way more gentle on your knives.
Here at Wood Finishes Direct we love nothing more than to see what our customers are doing with the 1000’s of wood finishing products that are bought from us every week. We have loved seeing your before and after photos so much that we decided to put just some of them in an online photo gallery, for all to see on the Wood Finishes Direct Facebook page here. One of the first customers this year to send us images was Martin from Cheshire who used Fiddes Hard Wax Oil to treat the floor of his rural property, Hilltop Country House is used as a Wedding Venue.

Back in April we were also delighted to have provided products to Chrissy Brown who’s shed was a category winner in this year’s Shed of the year, sponsored by Cuprinol Timbercare. Throughout the summer you have not only been treating your external wood but also many of you have sent us images of your floors, furniture and upcycling projects. As you can see from just the small selection of pictures above, our customers are passionate about their projects. With the New Year just a matter of weeks away, It’s never too early or late to draw on other peoples projects and experiences to fan your own flame of creativity.
If you have the seed of an idea in your mind but are unsure of where to start or which products are best for the job, give our resident experts a call and they’ll be happy to guide you on which products are suitable for a specific project. But first I need to protect all the wood from the condensation of the shower room and then stain them in various wood types to vary the pattern on the walls.
I have heard suggestions of using Barrettine Wood Preservative to coat all the wood before using Fiddes Hard Wax Oil in various shades to colour the wood. The Premier Wood Preservative is recommended for out door use only, but if you are treating the wood before installing then this would not be a problem. However, wooden floor has pros and cons that we should know so that we will be wise enough when deciding to use wooden floor. Untreated wood flooring is causing the wood easy to get porous due to dampness or humidity. But if you have oak hardwood floor colors, it would be great and more natural to place candles in there. However, there are good reasons why I'll never go glass when it comes to my cutting surface.
After all, every slice of a knife ends at the cutting board, so it follows that the more forgiving the surface, the less wear and tear on the edge of your knife blade.
And this summer, you wonderful people have inundated us with your amazing photos of your decks, sheds, log cabins and a plethora of other interior and exterior projects.
If you’ve brought any wood varnish, oil, wax or stain from us in the past year, why don’t you add to our photo gallery too. The Oil warmed up the floor beautifully, I wonder how many Brides and Grooms have since exchanged their vows in this stunning location. She used Barrettine Premier Universal Preservative to give her shed the best protection she could.

Many of our customers used Ronseal Decking Rescue Paint, like John from Hertfordshire who showed us some great photos of his deck before during and after treatment. The Slate and Grey toned finishes have been very popular this year for many external projects and you can see why looking at the finish of Nicks decking. Back in July we had a guest blog from Andrew who built the ultimate Upcycled haven using wooden pallets and scaffold boards which inspired many of you to embark on your own projects. As well as looking to give the wood in their homes and gardens the best possible protection against wear, tear and the outside elements, it’s also about individual style, taste and achieving a specific look and as you can see, with the right wood finishing product or combination of products, the possibilities are endless. An alternative that we tend to recommend for bathrooms is the Osmo Wood Protector along with the Osmo Polyx Oil and the Fiddes Hard Wax Oil would be equally as good. RHS members have the great advantage of being able to use the personal service by phone, letter and email. The fact is, some molds produce a toxin called aflatoxin (toxic and among the most carcinogenic substances known) that causes illness and death in people.Sometimes, mold growth is hidden and difficult or hard to locate and find. The price is cheaper and the durability is almost the same like the engineered wooden floor. And we absolutely loved the Beach Theme that she had gone for with her gorgeous ‘She Shed’!
Charles from Winchester showed us his stunning reclaimed maple floor finished with Junckers varnish.
Why re-carpet over a wooden floor when you can have a floor that screams class and elegance?
In such cases, carefully conducted sampling and visual inspection may help determine the location of contamination. Give me the dull thud of an end-grain butcher block any day; compared to the racket created by cutting on glass, it's practically music to my ears. However, mold testing is rarely useful for trying to answer questions or inquiries about health concerns.

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