I found the original article about Malcolm and his battle with Clostridial Myositis (and the update) originally posted here. And then I saw another horrible photo and another article… Here is the link to the original story. We lost a horse a several years ago with the same deal the horse got a real high fever, and bubbles under the that had a crackle feel to it and he was in real pain. YES you can give IM and never have this happen, but why risk it when there are other methods? Using Banamine iv is absorbed faster and inflamation or gas bateria risk minimize but you need to know how to do it .I will rather give it oral vs im all day long in my 45 years of experience I have seen it all but if IM is the only way make sure the site is scrub sterile and hopefully you will be ok. An improperly cleansed injection site is what I suspect, because Clostridium spores occur naturally everywhere. While a bacterial infection can occur following any intramuscular injection, it is particularly risky when injecting Banamine because it devitalizes the muscle tissue. Read the information, yes it is rare and yes we have all given thousands of banamine shots IM but it DOES happen and it is truly awful and expensive! I think what most of the comments are not taking into consideration is that bacteria is an evolving organism.
There has to be circulatory failure in a local area or by extensive soft tissue damage and necrotic muscle tissue. It is important for us horse owners to keep upto date on the issues concerning horse health. It is like taking your child into the doctor and the receptionist giving your child an injection. This condition results in an area with low Oxygen where the anaerobic clostridial spores can develop into the vegetative form. What people need to be careful about is the proper handling of injectable medications particularly multi-use vials.
I didnot know until recently that injectable banamine can be given orally ( into the horses mouth without a needle ofcourse) with the same effect as an injection and might act quicker as the oral mucosa absorbs the med and send it to the painful area quickly. If you are giving an injection that is supposed to IV when you pull back on your needle and no blood.

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