Edema is a medical condition which makes the individual experience swelling due to excess of fluid retention in body parts, such as legs, feet, hands, ankles, and other parts. When performing warrior pose, you stretch your arms, shoulders, legs, and other parts of the body. This is extremely useful yoga pose since it helps massage your internal organs for smooth and better functionality. This is one of the major yoga poses since it provides appropriate abdominal and upper abdominal stretch and twists your body. Ask a Doctor Online Now!The cornea is composed of 5 layers – corneal epithelium (outer), bowman layer, corneal stroma, descemet membrane and corneal endothelium (inner).
The eye has several mechanisms to protect the delicate tissue of the eyeball like the eyelashes and eyelids, conjunctiva and tears.
A corneal abrasion, commonly referred to as a scratched cornea, is the scraping away or wearing down of the outermost part of the cornea.
Most corneal abrasions are related to trauma (injury to the eye) and less commonly due to various syndromes that can allow for spontaneous abrasions. An uncommon cause of a corneal abrasion arises in the unconscious patient where the eyelids were open for along period of time thereby leading to eye dryness.
The symptoms of a scratched cornea may vary depending on the degree of abrasion and even the causative factor. The preferred method of investigating a suspected corneal abrasion is by slit-lamp examination with fluorescein staining. An ocular CT scan or ocular MRI may be necessary with high-velocity and penetrating injuries where the object has entered the eyeball. The treatment depends on the underlying cause and in most cases requires little more than anti-inflammatory eye drops to reduce the pain and inflammation. In the event of a foreign body that is still lying superficially, the eye is carefully irrigated to help wash away the object. Please note that any information or feedback on this website is not intended to replace a consultation with a health care professional and will not constitute a medical diagnosis.
A sprain is caused by the twisting or bending of a joint into a position it was not designed to move. TED hose or anti-embolism stockings are special compression stockings for both men and women.
The TED hose and TED anti-embolism stocking are the same item, but these names are used interchangeably. Many people intend to buy TED hose anti-embolism stockings to get rid of their edema, but then they see an expensive price and refuse to get them. When the fluid is retained in various body tissues, organs and systems, and skin and swelling is witnessed all over the body, then it’s called generalized oedema.
When performing this yoga pose, you stretch muscles and nerves of your body that helps in cutting down fluid retention. When performing this pose, you lie on your back, lift your legs and lower body, and by keeping upper body and head on the floor your try to get your feet above your head.
You make posture similar to extended side angle by stretching you hands, legs, neck, back, and other parts of the body. It improves circulation of blood in your body and prevents water retention in abdomen and other body parts.

It lacks blood vessels but receives nutrients from the tears at the front and the aqueous humor at the back. However, these mechanisms are sometimes insufficient to shield the outer layers of the eye thereby leading to tissue injury. It is almost always limited to the corneal epithelium and does not penetrate the underlying Bowman layer. With regards to traumatic corneal abrasion it is more frequently as a result of foreign bodies like dust, dirt, sand and debris like wood shavings or metal filings. Spontaneous abrasions are uncommon but may be seen with recurrent corneal abrasions and Cogan’s (map-dot-fingerprint) dystrophy. Most cases are mild and only cause minor eye irritation like a foreign body sensation or grittiness in the eyes.
There is little more than minor discomfort of the eye and the symptoms may be so mild that it is ignored.
While an impaled foreign body may be seen, in most cases the object is so small that it cannot be viewed with the naked eye and further opthalmic investigation is necessary. This is a simple procedure where anesthetic drops are first administered in the eye, the eyelids everted and the conjunctiva and cornea then examined.  Fluorescein staining involves placing a saline-moistened fluorescein strip on the everted eyelid and then asking the patient to blink in order to spread the dye over the corneal and conjunctival surface.
An MRI is preferred over a CT scan in assessing injuries associated with non-metallic objects.
It will help identify the causative bacteria and  determine the selection of the appropriate antibiotic. Antibiotic eye drops are particularly indicated for larger abrasions and contact lens wearers. If this is not sufficient a cotton wool applicator or even hypodermic needle may be used to remove the foreign object. Unlike orbital cellulitis (a more extensive infection involving deeper tissue), periorbital cellulitis does not cause the eyeball to protrude (proptosis) or limit its movements. When to Contact a Medical Professional Although periorbital cellulitis rarely has complications, any infection near the eye and close to the brain is potentially serious. I spoke with the pharmacist who told me to wash it with Aveeno body wash for itchy, dry skin (fragrance free) and then apply Calamine lotion.
This yoga exercise helps stretch all muscles of your body including tiny muscles from your head to toes.
Warrior pose energizes your entire body, as your legs, arms, neck, belly, ankles, and other crucial body parts are stretched, and prevents the accumulation of water in the body.
This yoga pose provides all necessary stretches on your feet and stomach, thus preventing fluid retention in your body. Performing this pose enhances healthy functioning of your body, boosts your flexibility and strength, and prevents water retention in the body.
It prevents water retention in legs and internal organs of your body, thereby curing edema substantially. Also, this yoga pose improves blood circulation in the back and facial region, enhances digestion, tones your liver, and massages your kidneys leaving no scope for fluid retention in your body.
You simply need to lie on your back and lift your legs and lower body upwards by placing head and upper body on the floor.
An extensive nerve supply mainly from the opthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve (CN V) makes it one the most sensitive tissues in the body.
The constant replenishment of superficial corneal cells ensures that the epithelium is quickly repaired.

This is a radiation injury caused by the UV rays and similar injuries may be seen with electric sparks, suntanning beds, halogen lamps and photographic flood lamps.
There may be some degree of excessive tearing and eye redness but this can be absent in very minor abrasions. There may be disturbances in vision from sensitivity to light (photophobia) to blurred vision particularly if there is irritation of the iris (iritis). With cobalt illumination, the area of abrasion or ulceration will fluoresce green as is illustrated in the picture below. Some of the common symptoms of edema are swelling and water retention in the body parts, pain in the swollen parts, stiff joints, fluctuations in the weight, sluggishness, bloated stomach, and stiff body. Stretching during this yoga pose minimizes the probability of water retention in your legs and other body parts, thus preventing or curing edema. Light entering the eye through the cornea is bent (refracted) passes through the pupil to the lens where it is refracted further and then focused on the most sensitive part of the retina. The cornea, particularly the outer layer, is constantly replenishing itself – old cells are shed and passed out with the tear drainage while new cells move centrally from surrounding epithelium and frontwards from the underlying layers.
Therefore the cornea is exposed to the external environment in much the same ways at the conjunctiva covering the whites of the eye (sclera). Chemical injury may be due to any number of factors ranging from pepper sprays and ear drops in the eye to pool chlorine and deodorant. Corticosteroids should also be avoided as a means to reduce inflammation as it may increase the risk of fungal infections.
Excessive washing of the eye in order to remove a foreign body can irritate the cornea and conjunctiva even further. So I spoke with the Podiatrist who said that after the Aveeno wash to use the Aveeno 1% Hydrocortisone anti-itch cream.
Superficial injuries to the eyeball may therefore affect the conjunctiva and cornea simultaneously.
However, it can be slower to heal and more likely to complicate if the abrasion is deeper and involves underlying layers beyond the corneal epithelium. Other chemical injuries can also occur with exposure to alcohol from disinfected medical equipment as may occur with a tonometer plunger when measuring the intraocular pressure (IOP).
Yoga poes prevent the retention of fluid in various body parts and help cure edema to a great extent. Sometimes the injury can be deeper when the trauma is a result of a penetrating injury by small objects flying at high speed like shrapnel or glass during a motor vehicle accident. At other times the foreign body may be lodged in the inner eyelid and scratch the cornea during blinking. Contact lens related injuries are also not uncommon these days as more people use lenses to correct refractive errors of the eye or for cosmetic reasons. Sometimes the best place to look for TED hose or anti-embolism stockings is in the insert that comes with the newspaper or the Parade magazine with the Sunday newspaper.

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