FLY TIPPING: These items were left in this lay-by on the B3078 road between Wimborne and Cranborne.
NATURAL SOLUTION: Compost bins, like this one pictured in a house in Poole, can be bought or hand-made or can be just in the form of a heap.
RUBBISH DUMP: The landfill site at Beacon Hill, that serves the communities of Poole, Bournemouth and East Dorset. ODD ONE OUT:  Poole householder David Russell with his blue recycling bin and his green bin, which is a voluntary service for garden waste. CRACKING DOWN: Baroness Ros Scott of Needham Market, chairman of the House of Lord’s EU committee, who says’ buy one get one free’ deals should be scrapped as it encourages more food waste and tax incentives to ensure more unsold food is eaten. AM I imagining it or does our litter problems and the food waste we generate across Dorset and Somerset seem to have taken a turn for the worse.
Everywhere one goes, the distressing site of seeing wasteland and green space used as a dumping ground for glass and plastic bottles, fast food packaging, sweet wrappers and plastic bags to name a few items carries on without much attention.
I heard them chattering that and they weren’t prepared to wait for the next M1 Poole to Bournemouth bus but it was actually less than 10 minutes wait. When I worked for The Western Gazette a few years ago in Yeovil I volunteered to go over the Carymoor Environmental Centre at Dimmer, Castle Cary, to find out what environmental and recycling projects that they were involved in. One fact that stuck in my mind was when one of their staff revealed a giant hole the size of six football pitches serving South Somerset and Mendip at the Dimmer landfill site would only take three years to fill. To be frank to those reading this, it is costing us ?8 on annual basis for every ton of landfill being generated. But across the area where Dorset Waste Partnership operates (Christchurch, West Dorset, Portland and Weymouth, North Dorset, east Dorset, Purbeck), most households have a larger food waste container kept outside and a smaller slop bucket that is kept in the kitchen to fill it up with.
The new containers have vents to combat putrid smells generated from food waste and a container lid that has a special way of being opened and which is said to be a deterrent to scavengers like foxes. Dorset Waste Partnership has information in detail about what materials are recycled at different landfill sites and recycling centres and where the materials are sent and what happens to them, and it may go some way to dispel some myths perpetuated by some cynics that the vast majority of material is not being recycled. During the course of another conversation I had with a younger colleague whilst working for a short-term assignment, it emerged a friend of hers thought nothing of chucking out rubbish from a car window along Holes Bay Road, right next to Poole Harbour. An environment consultancy recently said that you can’t change the habits of consumers using supermarkets, and this would have no tangible effect in the amount of waste generated. They also seem to disagree that changing the way we shop slightly would not adversely effect the amount of waste we generate.
Speaking to a national newspaper, she said: “There is much that can be done domestically, and in particular by the big retailers, to cut waste. You might be interested to read about the new anaerobic digestion plant that has been built near Bridgwater.
I don’t know if you came across it in your research but the Courtauld Commitment is an interesting development.
Grass clippings, mulched leaves, wood ashes, straw, lake plants, and dirt all make good compost when in the right proportions.
Compost can finish in 6 months to 3 years, depending on the amounts of air, water, carbon, nitrogen, and turning that the materials receive.
One of the most common reason a backyard compost works slowly or stops composting is a lack of moisture. A compost bin can attract animals, especially if you include materials that cannot be composted, such as meat, bones, and dairy products.
The reason vermicomposting is becoming popular is because worms are very efficient eating machines.
If you look online you will notice a bunch of different companies selling their own version of a worm bin, however If you look around your house you may be able to make one yourself for next to nothing.
6.)Place bedding at bottom of container with holes( I used a cocoa mix, cardboard clipping work fine as well. If you get this far, keep adding your worm food daily and wait at least three months for your worms to their thing. An application of compost tea will add life to your soil with beneficial micro organisms that will fight disease and pests, as well as, boost your plants growth. Many assume that worm tea is simply made by collecting the liquid that drains out the bottom of a worm bin (if it has drainage, that is), but this isn’t really the case.In actuality that liquid is referred to as leachate, and definitely isn’t nearly as good as real worm compost tea. Hello, Kudos for this post Its such a easy way to get nice organic soil for your pnlats .
Even then it is less attractive commercially owing to very low yield per unit weight of the substrate and an extremely short shelf-life. Many of these are recyclable items that can be put into the blue bins of Poole Borough Council and the equivalent bins of neighbouring authorities.
Within a few minutes, there was silence and I turned round to find both the cans left on the bus shelter bench. I’ve found items chucked from cars in hedges near places such as Corfe Castle and the New Forest. Land managers have their role in clearing up rubbish when they come across it but the wider public has the lion’s share of responsibility in taking their rubbish with them or finding a bin to put it in. However it has recently been revealed by the House of Lords European Union committee that Britain contributes ?15M of food waste out of an EU total of ?90M and that is the equivalent of ?60 per UK household each month and one pound in every six pounds of EU food waste. Really, well Baroness Ros Scott of Needham Market, chairman of the House of Lords EU committee, agrees to differ, particularly singling out Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) deals. We are urging supermarkets to look again at offers such as ‘BOGOF’ which encourages excess consumption that leads to food waste. This now processed food waste collected at the kerbside from Somerset households, creating biogas which is used to generate electricity and a compost used by local farmers. The Waste and Recycling Action Programme is working with major retailers to design out waste. Finished compost will have a granular texture, homogenous color, and neutral or earthy odor.

You should have beads of moisture form between your fingers when you squeeze a handful of composting materials - like a sponge. If any of those parts is missing or deficient, your compost bin will not perform at optimum rates.
Anaerobic conditions occur when oxygen is limited by excess moisture, lack of mixing, or rapid decomposition of green materials. You can minimize animal attraction by covering your bin and mixing composting materials with yard waste frequently. The “end” product, called castings, is full of beneficial microbes and nutrients, and makes a great plant fertilizer. Lay bricks on their side, this is to give the top container space to let the worm tea drip out. One you get a good batch of Humus, let me know and I will tell you how to seperate the worms from the humus so that you can add it to your garden or turn some into worm tea. The problem with leachate is that it can contain all sorts of compounds produced in partially composted or anaerobic waste materials – some of these can actually be phytotoxic – that is to say they can harm or kill plants. These are : the white mushroom (Agaricus bisporus), the paddy-straw mushroom (Volvariella vovvacea) and the oyster mushroom (Pleurotus sajor-caju). But, as a kitchen-garden crop it is preferred because it is very delicious and nutritous.Oyster mushroom can grow at moderate temperature ranging from 220 to 280C. Selection of StrainsFor successful mushroom production, it is necessary for each grower to produce as economically and efficiently as possible the highest quality of mushrooms. The sad indictment was that they weren’t prepared to take their rubbish with them as it was somebody else’s problem.
Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty status and National Park status are what these two places fall into in terms of landscape designations. The more waste that can be recycled, then more money can be made available for other council services. Large particles can inhibit compost activity so consider shredding materials before composting them.
So, vermicomposting is the practice of using worms to make compost simply by feeding them your food waste. If you dilute the leachate with aged water and aerate it for 24 hours or so, it should be fine.
It was a gr8 idea and i know even today my mom has this pit behind our backyard for vermiculture . This can be accomplished among other requirements, by selecting the best strains which should be high yielding , visually attractive, having desirable flavour, and resistance to adverse climate and pests and diseases.
Quality of spawn is basic for the successful mushroom cultivation.At present, the pure culture spawn has been the basis of modern spawn production units all over the world.
Food digesters can take any kind of household food waste, including fish bones and meat remains. Not only is it good for your plants, if you pay by the can for waste removal, it can also be good for your garbage bill! Remember, maintaining a hot pile takes ongoing attention to aeration (turning), moisture, and the balance of green and brown materials. Piles made on an add-as-you-go basis heat up very little, even if they are high in green materials, as break down occurs incrementally. It is a familiar item in the menu of most hotels in Bangalore where it is being grown commercially.In north India, the climate conditions prevailing during different seasons can be exploited for growing mushroom throughout the year.
By periodic subculturing of the mycelium on a suitable agar medium, the span strains can be kept for many years in a fairly good state. The manufacture of the pure culture spawn is done under scientifically controlled conditions which demand a standard of hygiene as in a hospital operation theatre.
However, due to its low temperature requirement, its cultivation is restricted to the cool climatic areas and to the winter in the plains of Northen India. Equipment and substrate used for spawn are autoclaved and filtered air is passed during the inocluation ensures complete freedom from contamination.(a) Manure spawnBoth composted horse-dung or synthetic compost may be used. AdMaterials needed: a 55-gallon garbage can with a tight fitting lid ( use plastic or galvanized metal).
Compost can inhibit some plant diseases and pests, remove the need for chemical fertilizers, and increase the water efficiency of your plantings. In summer, the tropical paddy-straw mushroom is suitable for growing in most parts of India. Maintenence of strain by multisporous culture is only possible if new multispore cultures are compared with the original strain before the original multisporous culture would show much genetic variation. The composted manure is thoroughly washed to remove such substance in compost which retard growth. A snow white mushroom first appeared amongst a bed of mushroom in the USA and ever since the variety has dominated the mushroom industry throughout the world, although it has a very high limited shelf-life.
In the tissue culture, small pieces of fruit bodies are cut under sterile conditions and inoculated on a nutrient medium. Where growing conditions tend to be on the dry side and humidity cannot be correctly controlled the brown mushroom should be grown.
Mycelium growing out of these tissue can provide the starting point for subsequent spawn production. The manure is packed in half-litre milk bottles or heat-resistant polypropylene bags os suitable size.
So you would never want to include it in a compose pile, if you are looking for certain nutrients that rice contain, just cook the rice beforehand. 2. New superior strains are through selection, hybridization and induced mutations continually introduced by mushroom research laboratories and spawn makers.
However, it is commonly observed that tissue cultures often give lower yields than the original cultures.

The bottles or bags plugged with non-absorbant cotton-wool and sterlized in an autoculave at 1210C for 2 hr or on 2 consecutive days for an hour each. Flip the can over and punch 4 equidistant holes near the center of the bottom for drainage. Used cooking oil, grease and fatThese materials don’t readily degrade and can also coat other materials inhibiting breakdown. 3.
Of these 3 methods, mycelium transfer is most reliable but it is essential that the performance of the mycelium is continually checked in order to detect any degeneration-like slow-growing matted mycelium or fluffy mycelium with abnormal growth rate. They are then inoculated with a large bit of agar-containing mycelium and incubated at 220-240C in a dark place.
Elevate the can using blocks and place the pie tin underneath it to catch any liquid compost tea that drains out (this is great for feeding houseplants).
These strains were originally introduced from reowned commercial spawn makers, Somycel and darlington. Layering the Compost Layer 1: Start by spreading a layer of garden soil (or saw dust) 3 inches deep on the bottom of the can. Bones will take far far longer then you I am sure are willing to wait and the meat will just attract insects and rodents. 4.
Now these strains are well adapted in the Indian climate and are very popular with the growers. It is one of those natural items that are just not a good idea for the health of future plants to plan on having. Other Materials6. PaperSome types of paper, such as newspapers and brown bags, can enhance your compost pile, particularly if you are using worms. The gypsum prevents the grains from sticking together and calcium carbonate is necessary to correct the pH. Other kinds of paper like magazines, catalogs and printed cards are simply not degradable and often are made with toxic materials. 7. WoodMost commercial grade lumber is chemically treated, and thus the sawdust or ashes should never go in the compost pile. Layer 2: Next add some chopped leaves, junk mail, shredded cardboard, or a few sheets of newspaper. Human and Animal WasteHuman and carnivorous animal waste should never go in the compost pile because of the risk of disease. Other grains like sorghum and pearlmillet can also be used for spawn making.(c)Perlite spawnThis was developed by Lemke (1971). Also, cats and dogs have organisms in their digestive tracts that are detrimental to the composting process and to plants. Greens include grass clippings, pet hair, dust bunnies, vegetable and fruit peelings, coffee grounds, and other non-fatty kitchen scraps including eggshells. However, the bedding and waste from herbivorous animals such as hamsters is fine, and actually can work to aerate the compost pile. 9.
The ingredients, of the spawn are : Perlite (1,450 g), wheat-bran (1,650 g), gypsum (200 g), calcium carbonate (50 g), and water (665 cc). If you are composting with worms, avoid onions and keep citrus peelings to a minimum (worms don't care for them). Plant MaterialsInvasive plants such as dandelions or ivy will simply use your compost pile as a prime growing spot, so they should go in the garbage. Diseased plants should also go in the trash to avoid transferring problems to your healthy plants. 10. Inorganic MaterialsMaterials such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides, plastics, cleaning solutions and medical waste are deadly to your compost pile because they kill the natural organic processes. Finish with another couple of handfuls of garden dirt and a few sprinkles from a watering can.
They may also transfer toxins into your garden, and to you when you eat produce you have grown.
The benefits of compost include lowering your water bill, lessening the amount of waste you send to the landfill, and improving your lawn and garden soils. Each time you add a layer of green, cover it with some browns and a few more handfuls of garden dirt. Moisture Along with oxygen, moisture must be present for the organic materials to break down.
Adding Compost to the Garden Depending on conditions, you can expect finished compost in as soon as 4 to 6 weeks. If composting with worms, leave the cover off for a few days before emptying the compost into the garden. I think the critical mass is about a cubic yard, but it's worth double checking me on that. We drilled holes all around the can, including the lid, stopping a couple inches from the bottom. The black color may help it get some extra heat from the sun when the weather's not otherwise warm enough for the compost to cook. This means, for example, that we've had no problem dumping cooked food scraps in the compost. To do this, we ran twine through the holes on the can and lid, and through the handles, and tied it tightly.

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