Spider bites are usually not very serious unless there is venom or an allergic reaction involved. However, before trying any of these remedies it is important to know the type of spices that caused the spider bite. Brown recluse and black widow spider bites need emergency medical care. Hydrogen peroxide has excellent antibacterial properties and hence used to treat insect bites. Also, you can mix equal amounts of butter and baking soda (this mixture is known as poultice) and place it on the area bitten by spider. You can reduce swelling and get relief from spider bite by applying wet, cold washcloth or ice pack to the skin.
In order to get relief from pain, it is essential to neutralize the poison and aspirin is quite effective in this regard. Wash the area affected by spider bite thoroughly and apply salt (kosher or sea salt is better). Heat rash as the name suggests are the rashes that occur due to the exposure to heat or rather overheating and as such it is more prominent in the summers.
An important thing to note is that human sweat also contains salt, which has the potential to irritate the skin. Written many TV serials including Health Based TV Shows, several articles and stories for various renowned magazines and also written articles for websites.
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Those ?” round holes in unfinished, soft, damp or dry woods, outdoor furnishings and decks clearly indicate that your house has been infested by the carpenter bee. By making use of the smallest nozzle of your vacuum cleaner, you can easily get rid of the carpenter bees from the wood.
This remedy is particularly useful for those who abhor the after-effects that are caused by spraying the insecticides. Yet another effective way to keep carpenter bees away from your home is by using vinyl siding to keep your home protected.
During spring season, carpenter bees fly around in search of burrows so as to lay eggs or feed their larvae.
You can also make use of almond oil or almond essence, in order to repel the carpenter bees.
Wear your gloves and fill the burrows made by the carpenter bees with some diatomaceous earth. Keep all the wooden fixtures well maintained and painted, particularly the vulnerable areas.
Wear shielding clothes while using any remedy or when handling these carpenter bees, as they can hurt you.
Once they are in I turn it quickly to prevent them escaping and then either spray the culprit with carpenter bee spray (it kills on contact), or I drown them.
Petrol is extremely flammable, NOT INFLAMMABLE, as you state in the article- meaning whatever you put it on becomes ready to burn, and permanently infused with a very foul odor. Dark, leafy greens such as spinach and dark leaf lettuces have high amount of folic acid in them. Garlic is a traditional remedy for many kinds of infections that can also treat Trichomoniasis.
Anemia is a medical condition where the red blood cell count or hemoglobin is usually found to be less than normal.
When every component of the complete blood count is looked at, then only the physicians can gather knowledge as to what is causing anemia in a patient. When one is diagnosed with anemia, they can take certain precautions which will aid them to overcome the disease.
It is seen that those who suffer from iron deficiency usually exhibit the symptoms of anemia. These steps will ensure that you step up the iron content in the body which is the main element needed to produce hemoglobin. It is necessary to have citrus fruits which increase the iron content in the body and the absorption of the micronutrient.
It is best to avoid coffee as the caffeine increases the heart rate and might not be ideal for anemic patients. When you are anemic, it is best to look into your diet and ensure that you eat the right food.
As one eats healthy, it would be apparent the changes coming on and one is sure to feel stronger, less fatigued, more energetic and other positive side effects of following a healthy diet.
These micronutrients are known for their necessity to step up the hemoglobin content in the bloodstream. This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It develops very slowly and can also lead to cancer in severe cases.Obesity, consumption of alcohol, poor diet, intake of drugs and exposure to toxic substances etc. Extract of gooseberry herb has been found to be helpful in protecting the functioning of liver. Consumption of one vegetarian capsule of milk thistle herb one to three times along with meal on a daily basis is recommended. As the name suggests, urinary tract infection (UTI) is caused by the bacterial infection of the urinary tract. Urinary tract infection presents itself with very troublesome symptoms which make you to run for treatment without any delay.
One of the causes of UTI is the transmission of bacteria present near the vagina during a sexual intercourse. Hence, pass the urine as and when you feel the need and sit there a few seconds longer after you have passed it. Staph infections are pretty common because the staphylococcus bacteria which causes staph infection lives inside the nose, mouth, genitals and anal area. The infected area becomes red, tender and swollen and later open sores or blisters erupt on the surface of the skin. The staphylococcus bacteria are immune to commercial antibiotics and therefore practically indestructible by them but natural antibiotics can easily eradicate the bacteria and promote quick healing. Garlic has natural and extremely powerful antibiotic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which not only kill the bacteria but also reduce the swelling and itching and strengthen the immune system so that it is able to combat the harmful microbes.
They scavenge all the pathogens and drive them out of the body and at the same time improve the function of the immune system thus enabling it to defend the body against all kinds of germs.

Neem has overpowering antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which have been deployed since time unknown for curing a wide range of diseases and disorders especially all diseases and infections of the skin. Most stings and bites are healed on their own and you can treat the itching, pain, swelling, redness and various other reactions due to spider’s toxins with the help of home remedies.
Spider bites usually appear as two close together punctures and resemble mosquito bites with or without pus.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
It appears in the form of prickle heat, malaria, red malaria etc. It usually surfaces around the back, neck, groin, abdomen, chest and even the armpits in the form of red bumps, which are small and very itchy. An active person, infants, children, individuals suffering from fever etc all are likely to develop heat rash.
Very rarely, Heat rash may result in certain secondary infection. Heat rash treatment is usually not required as it tends to fade off on its own if the skin is kept dry and cool. Cool showers after an outing or whenever it gets too hot would help in controlling the situation. Ice packs on the affected area could also be a good remedy for heat rash.
Though these insects are not aggressive, but can cause huge damage to your garden and furnishings. Closing all the openings and entries of their nest may prove out to be an effective step to get rid of carpenter bees.
Use the store-bought sprays and squirt it directly into the nest when you feel that the carpenter bees are inside the nest.
Spray boric acid in the holes of the carpenter bees, in order to kill their larvae before they hatch (8).
It is certainly not a gentle product to be used for the extermination of carpenter bee, but it is the most effective remedy.
Look for a citrus-based spray that is specifically designed for carpenter bees or you can even make it on your own. Although the bees attack all wooden surfaces, it is believed that they give more preference to untreated wood. Killing the reproducing females or adult bees is not merely enough; you also need to destroy the bee larvae in their burrows so that they don’t reproduce and start the complete menacing cycle all over again. They hover around while the females prepare the nesting tunnels with food and lay eggs for their young.
The sperm of a healthy, fertile man will contain a high level of this nutrient, while an infertile man’s sperm will usually be found lacking. The Trichonomos veginities is a disease that is sexually transmitted; to keep Safe from this kind of disease it is important to have safe sex.
This causes are greenish discharge from the vigina in the women where as in men there can be an inflammation of the urethra, it is the tube that connects the bladder with the genital organ.
The tea tree oil can eliminate the parasite protozoan which is responsible for the Trichomoniasis so the oil can be quite effective.
Coconut oil is antimicrobial in property that not only kills the parasite but also bring relief from the itching. Always try to urinate after an intercourse, so that the harmful microbes can be flushed away. Any physiological process can disrupt the life span of the red blood cells and that in turn can cause anemia.
When anemia is uncomplicated, simple home remedies and a stress on onea€™s diet to cover up certain deficiencies will ensure that anemia is reduced and kept under control. This medicinal herb helps in reducing the concentration of enzymes which are responsible for causing fatty liver. It is effective in boosting up the immune system and treating other digestive problems also. Other than these remedies, there are a number of other beneficial herbs that are useful for treating fatty liver. One feels urgency to pass urine because the controlling system does not work efficiently any more. The first one deals with bacterial infection and the second has to do with the weakening of bladder muscles.
Holding of urine for too long stretches the muscular walls of the bladder more than it has been designed to.
The bacteria do not cause any harm as long as they remain on the surface of the skin but if they happen to invade the top layers of the skin through a cut, injury or abrasion then they cause infection and untold harm. The blisters fill up with fluid which contains the infection causing bacteria and other impurities and anyone coming into contact with this fluid can easily get infected.
Amla contains exceptional amounts of vitamin C, bioflavonoids and other nutrients which exhibit antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Boil plenty of neem leaves in sufficient water to allow you to bathe with it, for ten minutes.
Mix one teaspoon of coconut oil into a glass of warm milk and drink it every night before going to bed.
Leave this overnight on the affected area, which helps in the removing the toxic and heals the infection. It is mostly a result of excessive perspiration by an individual. Heat rash clogs the pores along with dead skin and bacteria thereby damaging the cells on the topmost layer of the skin because of which the sweat can’t find a way out of the body and seeps into the skin forming water bumps on the skin. Drink a lot of water as it helps in hydrating your body as well as maintaining your body temperature. Also, the male carpenter bees get aggressive around people when they feel a quick movement, such as – waving the hand in the air, and might sting.
Make sure you follow all the instructions mentioned on the product and wear the protective equipment, for instance- gloves and goggles, to guard your skin. It is available in varied types – some types may be effective in killing them instantly inside their burrow while the others will make their homes uninhabitable.
Take any of the citrus fruit such as lemon, orange, grapefruit, or lime, and allow it to boil in a shallow pot completely filled with water. Watch in mid summer for signs of the developing young as they leave their tunnels – falling or small piles of sawdust, an occassional bee flying by, or a buzzing sound coming from inside your wood as the larvae develop. 30% of couples who struggle to get pregnant, find themselves struggling due to the male’s infertility. Salads, made with leafy greens, carrots, kale, and other vegetables, are great for raising a man’s sperm count.
Omega-3 fatty acids help improve circulation, which provides more blood flow to the genitals during sexual activity.

The name of the disease can cause fear but do not worry it is treatable and there are many home remedies through with it can be treated.
The clove of garlic can be inserted into the vagina and can be kept as much as time possible. These beneficial bacteria can fight the harmful parasites effectively and it does balance of the good and the bad bacteria.
The coconut oil can be applied by both the male and the female when they undergo the trichomonas.
Anemia is a condition that is caused by the destruction of the red blood cells or hemoglobin or an increase in the loss or the destruction of the red blood cells. In this medical condition, fat cells in the liver get enlarged, bloated and cause pain.A Symptoms associated with fatty liver include weakness, nausea, weight gain, yellowish skin, pain in abdominal area, high cholesterol level etc.
It has anti-ulcer properties due to which it has been used in Ayurvedic medicines for treating liver problems since ancient times.
It is an Indian herb helpful for cooking purposes.A It has medicinal properties that are beneficial for fighting against virus that cause hepatitis B and C. Dandelion and barberry are the two traditional herbs that can be used by the patients of fatty liver.
It may happen that the output of urine is very little and one continues to feel the need to urinate.
When the urine is released, there is considerable lowering of pressure and the bladder contracts. If the infection spreads, there can be fever, chills, sweats and uncommon swelling in the affected area. Apply coconut oil all over the rashes and blisters three or four times to get rid of the itching and burning and to heal the blisters rapidly.
Dip a ball of cotton into some tea tree oil and dab it all over the affected areas three or four times a day.
It would certainly be beneficial if you relax in an air – conditioned room or under the fan, especially during the summers. You can even include juices. In case you find your skin itching a lot you could use calamine lotion or any medicated powder that are easily available. Several chemical products are available in the market, but how to get rid of carpenter bees in a non-toxic way? If you are making use of a spray bottle, then label it and put it aside for use of petrol-only in the future. The next obvious extra option after hitting them is to step on them (with shoes on, of course). Make sure you don’t use the glove for any other purpose; either throw them away or keep them for the next time.
These vegetables are full of antioxidants, as well as vitamins and minerals, that helps to improve the quality and quantity of sperm. It is important for both the partners because both male and females can be affected by such disease. Eating yogurt helps in fighting the infections by removing the toxins and boosting the immune system, taking the yogurt daily or applying the yogurt on the vagina can help get relief from the trichomonas. Apple cider vinegar is said to be highly acidic in nature which can kill the parasite and restore the condition of the vagina. Pregnant women are advised to increase their intake of water to avoid a UTI, as they are not supposed to eat medications meant for treatment of a UTI. People with weakened immune system and diabetes are at a greater risk of developing staph infection.
Here are some home remedies that will help you do away with these nuisance in an eco-friendly manner.
For the best results, the finest time to perform this remedy would be in the evening hours as the bees are in their nest during these hours and will not be able to move out quickly.
If a man finds out that his sperm count is low, there are things he can do to help get it higher. Red pepper and Carrot The rich amount of Vitamin A present in Red peppers and Carrots helps in sperm growth. Additionally, if you keep delaying the passage of urine, the chances of infection increase many fold. Fortunately for men who find themselves dealing with a low sperm count, a change in diet is quite helpful to increase their sperm count and fertility. Cleaning the effective area with this solution regularly can cure the trichomonas in some time. It is important to understand the causes and symptoms of anemia and take steps accordingly to resolve the problem. It needs to be taken into consideration in order to avoid other health issues from coming up like heart diseases and others. Vitamin C will increase the sperm count, motility, strength, and ability to fertilize the egg.
A regular blood count should be taken to monitor the progress in alleviating the condition of anemia. This vitamin is proven to be very effective in keeping sperm count higher and preventing damage to the sperm. If you are on the look out for effective home remedies, there are many useful and easy to implement tips suggested above. When a man suffers from a vitamin E deficiency, his testicular tissue can begin to break down.
This can decrease the quality of a man’s sperm, making it more difficult to impregnate his partner. The increase in blood flow to the genitals will improves a man’s performance, which in turn, may help to improve the chances of fertilization.When working to increase sperm count, it is important to stay hydrated.
Other than diet, regular exercise is a key factor in improving sperm count, quality and quantity.

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