On display next to Bolivian products at the El Alto International Airport, the "Made in Bolivia" slogan represents high quality Bolivian goods and services.
This is the heart of the “Made in Bolivia” movement, a government-supported campaign aiming to promote the domestic consumption of Bolivian goods and services, increase jobs, economic growth and eliminate contraband, which the National Chamber of Industry (NCI) launched again on December 3. Created to combat the economic crisis of the same year, the economic initiative was originally launched by the Departmental Chamber of Industry of Cochabamba.
Choosing to buy local, national products instead of contraband items could have doubled our economic growth in 2015, according to president Evo Morales, La Razon reports.
About 200 Bolivian businesses have registered to join the national movement to strengthen the economy since the relaunch, according to Minister of Productive Development and Plural Economy Veronica Ramos. Using the logo and seal on national products demands compliance with minimum quality requirements, however, this set of conditions is still unclear. Buying locally sourced products is a fundamental aspect of the new Bolivian economic model, which links national consumption with public investment expenditures, like hydrocarbons, airlines and the building of roads and bridges, according to information provided by the Ministry of Finance and Economics. Here in Bolivia, the point is not so much to buy fresh and organic vegetables, as it is to buy national wine from the local market, instead of contraband Argentinean wine smuggled over the border. Roce de Uruguay con Argentina por la instalacion de una papeleraWas the CIA involved in the murder of DEA agent Kiki Camarena? WASHINGTON — Leading Senate Democrats invoked the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing on Tuesday to push for consideration of Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, prompting an angry response from Sen.

In speeches on the Senate floor on the 21st anniversary of the bombing, four Democrats talked about the tragedy and then praised the work of Garland, who coordinated the federal investigation and the prosecution of those involved in the plot.
During his floor remarks, Leahy displayed a large copy of the well-known photograph of an Oklahoma City firefighter holding the body of 1-year-old Baylee Almon. Choking back tears, Lankford held up a picture of Leahy standing by the enlargement of the Baylee Almon photo.
He said, “It is absolutely fair game to talk about the record of Judge Garland and what he has done. Lankford said Republicans had made it clear since Scalia's death that they were not going to advance Garland's nomination during this election year. Chris Casteel began working for The Oklahoman's Norman bureau in 1982 while a student at the University of Oklahoma. Established in 2001, the slogan, “Consume our own- Made in Bolivia- Employ our own,” aims to increase economic growth by promoting the valorization and consumption of national Bolivian products. The logo serves to identify national, high quality goods and services to promote economic development. Of these businesses, about 105 have received certificates approving the use of the seal on their products, General Manager of the NCI, Marcelo Rubin de Celis confirmed. A draft regulation to address these conditions has been created, which needs to be validated by all productive actors, guilds and chambers, according to the Vice Minister of Domestic Trade and Exports Oscar Sandy, Bolivia en tus manos reports.

Pat Leahy, of Vermont, who is the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said Garland "helped oversee every aspect of the criminal investigation and response, and years later, he still considers his work in Oklahoma City the most important of his life.
Patty Murray, of Washington, and Dick Durbin, of Illinois, also members of the Senate Democratic leadership team, made similar statements, detailing Garland's role and criticizing Republicans for not holding committee hearings on his nomination. Jim Inhofe, R-Tulsa, have agreed to meet with Garland, nominated last month for the Supreme Court vacancy, but they don't want the Senate to hold hearings or a confirmation vote. We are grateful as Oklahomans for his service to our state and to our nation to put away those awful terrorists. Newer and more modern, the design has improved slightly since ’01, complementing the relaunch with a new marketing campaign.
They contend that the next president should make the nomination after taking office next year.

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