Our Sherman Oaks spa is conveniently located on the second ?oor of the Sherman Oaks Galleria.
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With 17 massage rooms, six facial rooms, two wetrooms, and three nail care stations, we’re confident we can accommodate your needs. While you’ll frequently find us out and about in the community or hosting an event in our spa, we don’t have anything on the calendar right now.
Alfresco dining, whether on a spacious porch or under the leafy canopy of a tree, is always a special occasion. A table large enough to accommodate a lot of guests is important, of course, but so are comfy chairs that invite your friends and family to linger over a meal into the wee hours.
A casually elegant Tuscan farmhouse-style table, lit by flickering candles, is a natural setting for open-air meals featuring seasonal fare. Self-serve pieces such as drink dispensers, pitchers and double-tiered platters for hors da€™oeuvres all encourage a casual a€?help yourselfa€? attitude. New listings of restaurants, bakeries, cafes, bars, grocery stores, and other places in Toronto.
Most of their creations are wonderful, and my one major beef with them is that they don't do sandwiches. I will be returning soon to see if they have decided to make my dreams a reality.Photos by Jesse Milns. The interior is emblematized with a mural - courtesy of Matt's dad - but otherwise sparsely decorated, save for bright red stools that punctuate the barn wood-clad space.
Shibui Robata Bar, situated on the lower level of the flamboyant Copacabana, shares a common address, and even a hostess station. ManCave Barbers Lounge is at the intersection of a men's salon and a barbershop, created with the aim of being a cut above the rest. Klaxon Howl has packed its duffel bags after a two-year stint at Queen and Manning, and headed for home - its previous location, located less than a block away. Owners Michael and Jeremiah Rudan opened the first Brazilian steakhouse over 10 years ago and have since practiced the arts of butchering and churrasco by immersing themselves in Brazilian culture. Jagger's work with clients like Nicole Richie, Kristen Stewart, and the sisters Simpson keeps her in high demand - and, for much of the year, in Los Angeles. It's a compact gym with the workout space in the centre, and change rooms equipped with showers at the back. Nam Sandwich Shop is a clean and contemporary 20-seat joint that aims to introduce speedy, affordable and take-away-friendly Vietnamese street foods to the west side of Trinity Bellwoods Park.
The opening menu, scrawled on a chalkboard, features seven different banh mi, each built on serving-size baguettes that are delivered daily to ensure freshness. These little guys want so much to be independent, yet they don’t understand they still need a  little help on a few things. The kids feel so grown up when they can pour their own milk for cereal or refreshing drinks during the day or at meal times.
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You can easily dress the affair up or down to suit your mood and the season a€” depending on the weather, your fresh-air dining may range from lazy summer lunches to a grand Thanksgiving feast. Folding bistro-style chairs not only have charm but can be slipped into slender spaces for storage between parties. Or go boldly modern, accessorizing the table with gleaming glass and chrome lanterns and plates. Any cart, bar or bench will do as a handy serving station for your guests to use throughout the party. The family business opened its doors Monday, and brands itself as Toronto's first "vegetarian butcher shop." While points for branding creativity have to be awarded, I also have to ask YamChops patriarch Mike Abramson what, exactly, this means. I pushed the point with them, and they said they've only been open for a few days, and to give them time.
The new outpost is the third in the fleet of seafood restaurants from chef Matt Dean Pettit and partners Michael Homewood and Darryl Fine, joining locations on Ossington and Queen West.

The menu, meanwhile, is an amalgamation of its predecessors, listing options that were once exclusive to one location or the other.At the new location, the infamous lobster poutine ($15) sits next to the lobster mac n' cheese, along with the snow crab ($28) and lobster ($45) boils. When entering from Adelaide, you'll be forced to choose between Brazilian rodizio upstairs or Japanese robatayaki downstairs. At this loungey Japanese grill, the brothers have enlisted the expertise of Chef Masaki Nakayama, who hails from Japan by way of New York and Miami and has held positions at notable state-side spots like Sushi Yasuda, Mr.
While it's not exactly the first of its kind (there's one on Eglinton West and another in Niagara Falls), it might just be the first location to make you take notice. This third effort (located above Shibui Robata Bar) is to be the flagship location, where the vibrant atmosphere and live entertainment finally matches the indulgent food and fun service style.On the top floor you'll find the choice seats in a loungy area fronted by floor to ceiling windows that open to the street below.
The fine-jewelry and accessory boutique is the pet project of Annie Jagger, an LA-based celebrity stylist known for her edgy, feminine, downtown-chic aesthetic.
Located on West Queen West, the new fast food eatery takes over the former address of Parkette. Don't mess with the menu - substitutes are not allowed and the only customization happens when answering "with jalapenos or without?"It's hard to go wrong with safe bets like the lemongrass chicken ($6), cooked on the flat top then assembled to order with cilantro and NAMslaw, a fine tangle of pickled daikon, radish and carrot. I spied these Help Yourself Pitchers while volunteering at Mason’s preschool last year and finally decided to purchase one. Relax by the ?replace in the main lounge or enjoy the sumptuous luxury of the marble and granite that adorns the women’s and men’s spas. And dona€™t forget lighting: Candle sconces on the wall, lanterns hanging from overhead branches or beams, or vintage string lights will all focus attention on the table and illuminate the proceedings with warmth and simple elegance. And if you dona€™t want to worry about breakage, use pretty melamine dinnerware and nonbreakable goblets in classic country-estate patterns. There's a long, L-shaped counter with a glass case full of vegetarian and vegan delicacies on display.
The new spot also boasts three patios, making the 50-seat interior three times larger in the summer.
Notably absent are the $5 favourites - you know, the single tacos and Fillet "Eh" Fish - presumably because the crowd here will be more interested in dinner and less into bar snacks.
In contrast to the World Cup crazed street, I walk into what is a quiet, sepia-toned cycling galleria. Jagger, who was in town for the boutique's launch, is married to a former Torontonian and visits often - but, moreover, she says, "I saw an opportunity here, where there was a hole in the market and it wasn't oversaturated with stores like this."At Gilding The Lily, fine jewelry creations (as in, real-deal precious metals and stones) by small, independent designers are offset by a smattering of equally high-end accessories and a few candles and art books. It's neither boutique-gym elegant nor Crossfit gym industrial but somewhere in the middle.If you think that boxing gyms are only for gorilla-sized men with cauliflower ears, you need to think again. The line-up also offers coconut meatballs ($5), pulled pork ($6) and an all-veggie version ($6). With over 25 treatment rooms, this elegant facility is a perfect location for entertaining, and includes a second private lounge available for small groups. These include "smoked salmon," (which I sample in the classic smoked salmon-capers-cream cheese combo on a cracker, and which is divine), as well as vegetarian spin-offs of chicken teriyaki, and "tuna salad" made from chickpeas (a recipe I have often tried and failed).But Armstrong, the creator of the dishes, knows what he's doing.
Catering to families on the east side, the space is soon to be equipped with dedicated stroller parking. Unlike upstairs, the menu isn't exclusively meat-centric - sushi and seafood selections are equally as plentiful.
The cozy space is dressed in a splatter of memorabilia, which is juxtaposed nicely against a wall display of high end frames and apparel leading to a service bay area in the back. If ever you need a rest - or finally reach maximum capacity - just flip the coaster-sized menu over to signal the parade of meat to halt.Vegetarians can opt to just eat from the galleria on the first floor where a line-up of house-baked breads, salads and side dishes are help-yourself.
One of the more unique sandwiches is the turmeric-spiced baked fish ($7) topped with dill and sauteed scallions. They come in a pack of 6 for $20, so you could go in with a couple of other moms or give the extras away as gifts. An $8 kids menu offers a choice of popcorn shrimp, man n' cheese or stuffed grilled cheese with a drink.We stick to the newly introduced items on the menu, since we're already quite familiar with the signature rolls and raw bar offerings, but of course it's all available should you wish to order clusters of snow crab ($10) or lobster tails ($12) a la carte.
Men that want to pamper themselves."If you want a classic barbershop feel with a hand massage and a mini-facial, you're in good hands. At the hot table you'll find mac 'n cheese, lasagna, wild rice, fried yucca and sweet potato casserole. The designers themselves, too, are new to the area, with most not stocked elsewhere in Toronto. Punching doesn't just require arm strength; to generate force you need to throw your whole body into it.
Sriracha is DIY over at the napkin station, while pate (for those who care) is absent on the menu. So he left the world of advertising after 27 years, decided to open a business, and nine months later, YamChops opened its doors to College Street.

Served two per order, they will leave you wanting seconds, though the price tag might be cause for second thought.
His colleague, Keith MacDonald (former owner of Cavern Cycles), waves hello from the back, engrossed at Greece getting hammered by Colombia.
Jagger rattles off a list of favourite brands: Rona Pfeiffer ("she has a really edgy, cool, new aesthetic"), Jacquie Aiche ("famous for her body chains she puts on Rihanna"), and Elahn ("more of your red carpet, formal-looking jewelry - I use them a lot on the red carpet with clients"). For banh mi, it's not as cheap as I'm sure some would expect, but considering the landscape of $10 hamburgers in the 'hood, it might still be one of the more wallet-friendly lunch options nearby.Bao ($4) are available with slabs of pork belly or grilled beef nestled into a freshly steamed bun.
A quiet room provides a relaxing environment with lovely recliners, dim lighting, and herbal tea for before and after your treatments.
He stresses that he's trying to sell healthy and interesting vegetarian alternatives, and not peddle a moralistic lifestyle."This is not about tree-hugging," he tells me, kind of sternly. Unique to this location is lobster bruschetta ($13), a cold salad of plump Nova Scotia lobster mixed with fresh corn, celery, mayo, Thai chili, and vine tomatoes over a base of avocado on crostini. Lamb chops ($18) glazed with spicy Korean miso are more generously portioned and accompanied by grilled seasonal vegetables and a side of cool cucumbers and pomegranate over creamy avocado. Their signature cut, the 007, for instance, comes equipped with a cut, shampoo, head and hand massage, a hand wax, mini-facial and, to top it off (pun intended), they provide a complimentary two-week, post-cut clean up.
I try the belly, which is cooked to a gelatinous state and gently caramelized around the edges, then slathered with hoisin and garnished with cucumbers and scallions. Also from the grill: A prime filet mignon ($26) imparted with the charbroiled flavours of an open flame. Stud earrings are priced in the low hundreds, for example, and sculptural earrings - like Smith and Mara's "ear skimmers" - are in the mid-hundreds.It's those subtly boundary-pushing pieces - the ones that live where "investment piece" and "statement piece" meet - that set Gilding The Lily apart.
Sides of sweet potato fries ($5) come with a choice of curried mayo or horseradish dipping sauce.Cold rolls ($6) ready for grab-and-go come in a choice of beef, chicken or shrimp and pork delicately wrapped in rice paper with vermicelli, fresh cilantro, basil, lettuce and mint. Accompanied by a little Clamato shooter, the bivalves are doused in vodka and topped with lobster, diced tomato, worcestershire and celery leaves.The vegetarian-friendly Green Jacket ($12) takes advantage of seasonal spring produce like baby leeks, green beans and asparagus. The steak is topped with crispy fried shallots and a dusting of shichimi spice mix, and served sliced to show off its juicy pink centre.The bar makes sake its niche, offering selections by the glass ($12-$15), bottle ($24+) or sampling trio ($12).
Now, I see us focusing more on parts and services." There was a Fuji racer on display for $829 right beside a gorgeous black and white customized Giant Propel Advanced racer for $12K.
Jagger's picks - including above-the-knuckle rings and bold cuffs - could mix seamlessly, together or alone, into weekend outfits and showstopping evening looks alike."As a stylist, I'm always trying to stay on the cutting edge of what's happening with everything in fashion, whether it's shoes or handbags or jewelry, jewelry being one of my big loves," Jagger says. A selection of salads are planned for future menu expansions.Nam Sandwich Shop is open daily at 11am and closes weeknights at 9pm and on weekends at 7pm. Grilled lemon spritzed overtop makes the dish sing while finely shredded Grana Padano adds umami.Aside from fries, the lettuce cups ($12) are the sole vegan option featuring sliced avocado, orange segments and slivered almonds set nestled into bib lettuce leaves and dressed with lemon zest, basil, garlic and olive oil. The shop has a longstanding partnership with graffiti artists Stash and Futura, offering customized frame designs (most popular are ones by Colnago) among other pieces bearing their signature designs. They're a larger size than many juices on the market, so they give you a true nutrient pick-me-up, and Jess gets creative with spices. Passing these off as a meal for meat-free eaters is a little a cruel - especially when your company is mowing down fresh seafood - but as a side or starter, I totally approve.At the bar there is wine on tap from Vineland Estate as well as beers on draught, in bottles or tall cans.
Once you find us, and you not only get, but appreciate what we do, we'll be friends."Writing by Shayne Stephens. Pineapple Express is ideal for summer, with its simple combination of pineapple, apple and mint. The house Caesar ($13), garnished with a lobster tail, is a menu staple, though there's other stuff too (who knew?), like the Radler Paloma ($12) made with Tromba Tequila Blanco, Stiegl Radler and grapefruit bitters.Rock Lobster (Leslieville) is open from 5pm, Monday through Friday while on the weekends brunch is served from 11am.
When I walk in on a bright weekday evening, there's a well-dressed middle-aged man sitting on a black leather couch in the waiting area browsing a GQ. The shop is indeed quite a specialty store with a host of parts and accessories from brands like Schwalbe (tire levers), Frog (lights), VTech SLC (tires), a series of large capacity courier and pannier bags from a mix of international brands like Berlin's nosebleed chic Bagjack, Canadians Under the Weather and Push the Envelope, and Aussie-based skingrowsback as well as some choice jerseys of course.
Fridges in the back hold jars of their own pickled daikon and carrot and Mongolian beef sauce, as well as pickled treats from Manning Canning. His hair looks nice.) Beside him, a big screen TV is showing a balding, overweight bloke throwing darts.
There are a pair of classic black and silver Belmont barber chairs sitting idly in the front window.
The modern aesthetic holds steady throughout the length of the shop with a straightforward black and white colour palette, including the six barber chairs. If you're into a tight fade avec a hand massage, you've found your new favourite barbershop.Photos by James C.

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