The pudendal nerve is responsible for proper functioning and control of urination, defecation and orgasm in both males and females.Located deep within the pelvic region, the pudendal nerve emerges from the base of the spinal cord (sacral area), and separates into three branches. Because the it carries signals between the brain and the pelvic organs (bladder, genitals, prostate, colon), serious problems can occur in the event of an injury. Hillary for America, a campaign group for Clinton, set up a little programme where you can see what insulting Trump would say about you. They come ready-sized – so all you have to do is press download, then upload it as your profile photo as usual.

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These include:1) Urinary incontinence2) Bowel problems3) Prostate disorders4) Sexual dysfunction5) Painful sexual intercourse6) Pudendal neuralgia7) Pudendal nerve entrapment (PNE)The last two are chronic conditions which can cause great pain in lower pelvic areas (scrotum and penis, vagina, perineum, anal region).
And it does highlight some of the truly terrible things the potential future-President has said. In short, life loses most of its joys and pleasures when this 'mission control' pelvic nerve is injured.

It can suffer from what is known as nerve stretch injury, when it is stretched by as little as 12%.

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