My good friend, Alan Tyson, physical therapist and owner of Architech Sports, posted the following healthy tips for athletes.  I believe they make sense for all of us! Tip #3 Have a source of PROTEIN at every meal or snack (meat, fish, eggs or egg whites, yogurt, etc.). Tip #6 Eat a combination of healthy CARBS, healthy PROTEIN, and healthy FATS at every meal. You went on a dream vacation – enjoying gorgeous weather, lazy days by the pool, fun with family and friends, and, of course, lots of indulgent meals, snacks and drinks.
You need a post-vacation recovery plan, to make sure you don’t pile on any more pounds – and to lose that weight you gained quickly and easily. Chances are, you (or your kids) have picked up a few goodies whilst on holiday: boxes of fudge, biscuits, chocolates and candy are all great little vacation souvenirs. And, if you’re like most of us, the figure on your bank balance post-vacation may have been as horrifying as the number on the scales. Broadening the range of foods you eat is usually beneficial, helping you get plenty of nutrients in your diet for optimal health – and ensuring that you enjoy lots of variety, so that you don’t get bored.
If you found a type of exercise that you really enjoyed, why not make it a regular part of your life?
If you drink alcohol, you probably indulged a little (or a lot) more than usual whilst on vacation.
The main thing to remember is not to panic about having gained a few pounds during your vacation. Tips that you read not just a sample of popular magazine, and developed by the Group for cardiovascular prevention to Evrepeyskoto Society of Cardiology. It does not matter if you already have been diagnosed and are being treated or have visited cardiologist just for prophylactic purposes – diet for you is important and you should watch it seriously and not neglect medical advice. Naturally, the diet should not be viewed in isolation from the other components of a healthy lifestyle – proper exercise, good sleep, the ability to master stress and unload emotionally with fun activities and fascinating hobby. Studies have found that people who eat a diet of whole foods – fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and high-quality proteins – show a reduced risk of developing some types of mental health problems. It’s important to remember that while whole foods can reduce the chances of developing some types of mental health problems, a depressive disorder needs to be treated by a doctor. The infographic below shows the details on the link between nutrition and health and has recommendations for the types of food to increase in the diet.
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Meal Prep Once or Twice a Week– If you have never meal prepped, you have not realized the impact of clean eating towards reaching your physique goals.

Grocery Shop on the weekend and purchase 1-2 sources of lean protein, 1-2 sources of complex carbohydrates, and the veggies of your choice. Store your prepped meals in your fridge for 3-4 days and purchase a large lunch cooler to transport your meals daily. Set an eating schedule and stick to it– Determine which meals you will be eating on the go and have a set plan for what you will eat at those times.
Stock Convenient Foods– Always keep quality, non-perishable foods in your desk drawer, purse, or lunch bag for when you just can’t step out to eat due to a demanding schedule. Have a list of “go-to” take-out meals– While meal prepping in your kitchen is the ideal, for those days when you simply are behind, one should always have a contingency plan of foods that are readily available that you can pick-up while staying on track towards your fitness goals.
Learn the signs and symptoms of heat related illness and monitor yourself for signs on hot days.
Wear loose fitting, lightweight, and light colored clothing to allow your body to cool properly and sweat to evaporate. Rehydrate by drinking cool (but not too cold) water or a sports drink like Gatorade or Powerade. If possible, try cooling measures such as a cool shower or place towels soaked in cool water on your skin. But now you’ve returned home to find the dream fast becoming a nightmare – starting with the moment you step on the bathroom scale.
That might mean dragging yourself to the gym for your usual Monday workout, or reminding the family that only Friday is “takeout day” – not every night of the week! Grab a small diary or notebook, or open up a new spreadsheet on your computer and write down what you eat and when. Knowing that you don’t have to drag yourself to work in the morning may have meant drinking every night, rather than just at the weekend.
They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more. They are very popular in the cardiology community are included in the recommendations of the company and reflect an important trend of recent years – advice that he gives cardiologists a healthy heart are not limited to, the appointment of drug treatment, and begin and end with the idea that the patient should change their attitude towards their lifestyle as a whole if it is to achieve as a result of a healthy heart. Translated into plain English, this means that if you eat properly, the risk of becoming a victim of cardiac event was 76% less than if you prefer fatty foods, alcohol and concentrated cans, generally speaking. This means that if there is no need to change something in your lifestyle towards a healthier style of behavior, no treatment will not help – no drug therapy or surgery or interventional procedures. Advertising for them to pour over literally everywhere – from billboards on the streets and the TV screen to the leaflets in pharmacies and even supermarkets. Consuming foods high in selenium, calcium, and magnesium can help with memory and stress relief, while folic acid and other B vitamins can relieve depression and fatigue. Opinions and comments published on this site may not be sanctioned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., its owners, sponsors, affiliates, or subsidiaries.

No matter how hard you work out or how often you exercise, you cannot compete with what you eat.  Meal prepping is as simple as follows and only needs to be done 1-2 times a week. Baking these items simultaneously for varied time durations as needed on a non-stick baking trays is the fastest way to get all your foods cooked. If you don’t know what ratios and what amounts to prepare, it is recommended to consult with a nutritionist or to purchase a customized meal plan for your physique goals.  However a good starting point that will help most people get started is a ratio of 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fats. It is recommended to stock basics such as tea, plastic cutlery, a protein shaker cup, and low-sodium condiments in your lunch bag. On days when humidity is heat and humidity are high, sweat may be unable to evaporate off the skin. Even a well insulated truck can become dangerously hot in the summer heat when the air conditioner is turned off.
Information contained herein is not intended as, nor does it constitute, legal or professional advice, nor is it an endorsement of any source cited or information provided. Instead, leave a key with a friend, and ask them to pick up a few basics for you on the day you’re due back (and promise to reciprocate the favor when they go on vacation!). Getting straight back into good routines and habits will see those pounds drop off easily – and you’ll be left with just the happy memories, rather than unwanted weight, from your vacation. Add any of your tips in the comments below … and hopefully we’ll all learn how to have a wonderful summer! Eat fish four times a week, providing every day at least 400 grams of fresh fruit and vegetables Vary your diet with 70 grams of nuts, do not forget to add in your food 1 clove – 3 g garlic, 100 grams boldly eat chocolate, drink happy 150 ml quality red wine in. So without asking we unconsciously depriving them of carbohydrates and proteins from natural sources that do not burden our body unnecessarily. Council and in this case – do not reach for them, not you talk to a doctor, not replace nutritious foods in tablets or capsules. If you are new to meal planning it is recommended to set at alarm on your phone every 2-3 hours or as your work schedule allows as a reminder to eat. In no event will Travelers or any of its subsidiaries and affiliates be liable in contract or in tort to anyone who has access to this publication for the accuracy or completeness of the information relied upon in the preparation of this publication or for the completeness of any recommendations from cited sources. Except the knowledge that health is a priceless gift, which, however, must be kept and prices.

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