What is usually referred by snacks, lots of junk food, are health hazards that will make you ill on the long run. Stop eating sweets or other junk foods that contain many calories and avoid diabetes and obesity by doing so.
You probably are in the middle of piles of work that has to get done till the end of the day.
Find out more reasons to eat a healthy breakfast daily and get motivated to never skip it again. Usually at 10 am and at 16 pm we suffer an insulin attack, meaning that we get hungry at those times.

You know that sugar is bad for your health but you should also know that salt can be as dangerous too.
By eating something full of fats your body will have to spend a lot of energy on digesting the meal instead of using that energy to feed the brain.
You have to quench your hunger because if you don’t you will imbalance your metabolism and throw your body into chaos. If you feel sleepy after lunch you should know that you have eaten the wrong kind of foods.
You should eat a small portion of all types of nutrients that your body needs: dietary fibers, carbohydrates, proteins.

Also you should avoid snacking after eating lunch if you want to maintain your weight or lose weight. All the food you eat before you go to sleep usually gets deposited under the form of fat on your body.
Snacking late at night can lead to cardiovascular diseases because the fat gets deposited on the blood vessels too.

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