OK, so we know we need more and better quality sleep.  But what if you have a hard time getting to sleep or staying asleep? Along with the thigh gap, there has been the relatively universal thighbrow (the line appearing at the top of the thigh when one leans forward), the finger trap (the ability to line up your fingertip with your nose and have the rest of the finger touch the lips – if it does, you’re a beauty), the collarbone club (how many coins can you rest in your collarbone?) and the bikini bridge – which turned out to be an internet hoax but is no doubt also a thing. And now it's the turn of the horribly painful sounding 'ab crack' which has got people talking.
The 'ab crack' is now all over the social media site, being as it is, after all, the home of all things aspirational. In defence of Ratajkowski (and all other women with a washboard stomach), the ab crack has been a thing for years. Fast forward to present day and while I do suspect the ab crack trend is mostly fuss over nothing (there will be another in a few weeks – a knee trend, or perhaps a desirable elbow? If you'd like to be part of the ab crack crew but can't really be bothered, we think you will like what they had to say. American Bully Pit Bull Puppies such as the one shown above are rapidly growing in popularity.
Your Bully is considered a puppy from 8 weeks to 6 months, to ensure the proper growth and health of your puppy, follow these tips. Every year, staring at 1 year of age, you should give your American Bully a 7-way vaccination as a booster. Quantity will depend on your dog, we feel it is best to feed an american bully puppy as much as they will eat.
For dogs under a year and females we also recommend giving a calcium supplement, or some breeders add powdered all purpose fee milk to their food. There are many other nutritional supplements on the market, we recommend trying some out and seeing how they work for your Bully.
Toys and chew toys, there are a variety of good ones, from tug toys to indestructible chew toys. These are some tips that can help ensure a healthy and happy Bully, always consult a vet or professional trainer for any more serious questions you many have.

The health benefits of getting enough sleep are undeniable; you are more more alert, happier, and have more energy.
The perfect schedule for our bodies would be: Wake in early morning hours, fuel the body with nutritious food and beverages, spend the majority of the day being alert, active, doing mentally stimulating work and enjoying the sunlight. Our circadian clocks get messed up from time to time and we fall into the “Can’t relax or sleep” category and occasionally very serious insomnia. Breathe in through the nose, breathe out through mouth; watch thoughts enter and leave your mind (all the stressful thoughts) and end with becoming aware of surroundings before ending mediation.
On Instagram, (mostly) women have been earnestly posting pictures of their ab crack progress while on the less image-orientated Twitter, people have mostly been wondering what the heck it is. Have we all agreed on how rounded our earlobes ought to be yet?) – we spoke  to three health and fitness professionals to get their take on this new body phenomenon nonetheless. Loss of periods and reduced bone density are well recognised in low body fat females and as such we are seeing regular incidences of osteopenia (reduced bone density) in female clients in their 20s and 30s,' he adds.
According to google trends, the popularity of this breed reached an all time high this January. These helpful tips will give you some brief and general rules for properly raising a Bully. It is always best to have your vet do a fecal check to see if your dog is infected with any worms, parasites, or bacteria. After a year to a year ?, you should feed your dog enough to maintain a full look, but not over weight. If sleep patterns are disturbed or not enough sleep is met, this can negatively affect judgment, impulse control, attention and visual perception. The evening hours should be spent indoors winding down, listening to music, talking softly, reading, doing relaxation and meditation exercises and preparing for at least seven hours of sleep in the dark, allowing for at least two hours of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep before awakening and starting the pattern all over again. If that happens, here are some natural ways to get your body back on track for proper sleep and rejuvenation.
Some are even effective for fleas and ticks, ask your vet to show you the different options they have.

We recommend a food with at least 20% fat content or higher, and at least 30% protein content or higher. Their metabolism will change on its own, and you will see the puppy fat change into muscle.
ALWAYS supervise your dog with a toy, and never leave them alone with one of their toys unsupervised!
The photograph being most widely used to illustrate the trend is this one posted on Instagram by actress Emily Ratajkowski. I would then look at photographs of models and wonder why they all had a line going down the centre of their torsos and why I, hundreds of crunches later, did not. Never train your Bully by hitting, corrections should be quick and to the point, and while on a leash.
Your dog need to walk and work its limbs every day, so make sure they get adequate walks daily.
Consult a trainer that teaches you to train your dog, that uses praise for reward, and teaches your dog to respond and interact to you. This breed was created to be the ultimate companion, make sure if you own one, you are the same to them. Love your Bully and give your American Bully love, affection, and most important, attention.
The Bullies are the ideal companions, treat them right and they will be the best companions a family or owner could ever heave.

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