Green houseplants make a wonderful addition to any home but sometimes they can be left to languish in a dark corner as they gather dust. Containers can really make a difference to the look of your plant but before you start sticking your plants in any pot you have to hand, think about how it will look in your home.
Dracaenas can be planted into a simple, square white cube, giving a pleasing symmetrical effect that will suit most homes. The Sansevierias plant has dramatic vertical leaves and looks good planted in a chic glass cube. Epipremnum aureum, also known as the Pothos, Silver Vine takes on a rustic quality when potted in a terracotta or ceramic pot. For the image conscious, a great way to display aloe vera is to wash the roots of the plants before attaching them with decorative pins to a soft willow bowl. Another display piece that would be perfect for the office or reception are the Maranta and Peperomia plants.
Sticking with the minimal bold look, Muehlenbeckia plants are given a whole new status when planted together in a sleek ceramic trough.
In order to help out the UK honeybee population it is important that we make our gardens as bee-friendly as possible. There are lots of things you can do, from planting specific flowers to setting up your own hive.
Single-flowered plants are most attractive to bees because they are easy to get in and out of. It’s also a good idea to plant flowers that are going to bloom in early spring and last through to autumn. Flowers known to attract honeybees include geraniums, dahlias, hyacinths, crocuses and tubular flowers such as foxgloves and snapdragons.
Another way to keep bees in your garden, without the hassle of your own beehive, is to make a bee house. There are many resources online showing how you can create your own or they can be bought from places such as Green Gardener.
To make your own you can cut some bamboo cane down into 20cm pieces and bundle them together.
Honeybees probably won’t visit these bee houses, but the others that do will help to pollinate your garden and leave it looking fresh and attractive.
If you are thinking about keeping honeybees then the rewards are amazing, but you must invest in the proper equipment and training to keep your bees happy. The British Beekeepers’ Association has all the resources you’ll need to get started. Once your hive is up and running you’ll be rewarded with 27kg of honey a year – that’s about 50 jars.
This Valentine’s Day bouquets of red roses will be sent across the world in celebration of this romantic occasion. In order to help you keep your flowers looking their best for the longest time possible, there are a few simple rules to follow in order to keep your bouquet of Valentine’s Day roses fresher for longer.
Roses need lots of water and they need it right away so it is best to arrange your flowers as soon as possible and get them into a vase with fresh water.
Leaves, stems or thorns that fall below the water level in your vase once the flowers have been placed in it should be removed as these will cause algae and bacteria to form.
Roses prefer lukewarm water rather than cold water as it helps them to absorb nutrients more efficiently. Once arranged to your liking, keep your bouquet out of direct sunlight and away from cold draughts.
In the 17th century, the court of the Ottoman Empire developed a way of communicating using flowers to represent different meanings. The Victorian era saw a resurgence of the idea with a number of books published on the subject from various authors, including French writer Charlotte de Latour who wrote Le Langage des Fleurs (The Language of Flowers) in 1819. Victorian women especially picked up the silent language that allowed them to communicate feelings and meanings that the strict propriety of the era would not allow. In today’s modern society, flowers have taken on a more universal symbolism and many varieties are closely associated with certain occasions.
The creative new design tool that allows you to put together your very own bouquet using a range of beautiful flowers and foliage – all displayed in full colour. Helen Quinn, Commercial Director at Interflora, said: “We are really excited about My Interflora creation. My Interflora Creation gives you a wide range of more than 70 flowers and foliage to choose from, with each one displayed in full colour and organised by colour, flower meaning and alphabetically. Bring together a mixture of flowers to create a personal and unique gift that your loved one will adore and trust in Interflora’s expert florists to create your order once it is complete. The red rose is an internationally recognised symbol of passion and love, so it is no wonder that on Valentine’s Day it is the most popular cut-flower in the world. The red rose also comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, ranging from small headed, pinkish flowers to large deep crimson varieties. Candella – A medium red hybrid tea rose, the Candella was first created in 1996 in New Zealand and is also known as ‘Eternally Yours’. Scarlet – A dark red mini-flora that was created in Denmark in 1987, this flower has a very mild fragrance and neat, rounded flower heads. Although exact numbers differ depending on who you’re asking, there are roughly 422,000 flowering plants in the world today. A flower which can’t be found in every florist, bouquet or garden can be like discovering a rare diamond, just like the ones found on this list of the world’s rarest and most endangered blooms. As well as one of the rarest flowers in the world, the Corpse Flower is also one of the strangest. Once found across Europe and the UK, this delicate orchid is now only found growing in one particular spot in Lancashire; a golf course. Named after the famous British broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough, this unusual plant was discovered in 2007 after a two-month research expedition and has since appeared on the 2012 list of the world’s 100 most threatened species.
The unusual sea green petals and navy-purple buds of the green jade flower are certainly some of the most eye-catching flowers on our list.
It is almost as if the Ghost Orchid wants to be one of the rarest flowers in the world – it doesn’t have leaves, it has unpredictable flowering times and it requires very specific host trees in order to grow in the first place.
Sadly, this charming little flower is now extinct in the wild and the only example to be found is a single clone that has been reproduced by vegetative propagation. With spring just around the corner and the longer days on their way, now is the time to get back out into the garden and start preparing for the coming year. Your garden will probably have been a bit neglected over the winter months so now is the time to have a tidy up and get it ready for spring.
Regularly check the heaters inside your greenhouses and sheds if you have them and make sure they are still in working order. If conditions allow, fork over the soil in your garden and clear out any weeds that have survived through winter.
If the weather isn’t too bad, now is a good time to treat any wooden furniture or fences with wood preserve. With the colder weather we often have the heating on longer and hotter in our houses, which is great for us but no so great for your houseplants. Interflora have launched My Interflora Creation, a free, fun and easy-to-use website which enables you to create, send and share a unique bouquet. The innovative tool works by allowing you to drag and drop your chosen flowers into a virtual arrangement which you can then share with friends via email or social media, or send to an Interflora florist to make-up and deliver. To celebrate the launch of My Interflora Creation, the Flower Experts are also giving you the chance to win an iPad3 plus see your design brought to life by one of their florists.
The mistletoe has featured in a number of stories dating back hundreds of years, from the 13th century Prose Edda from Norse mythology to stories from the Ancient Celts, but the origins of its name are unknown to this day. As far back at the 16th century, kissing under the mistletoe has been depicted in festive artwork and stories, although how this tradition was originally founded is still unclear. European mistletoe is the variety seen most in the UK, with rich green leaves and soft white berries. Every year, Tenbury Wells hosts the Mistletoe Festival which celebrates the popularity of this unique plant. Ireland is often pictured as a lush, green land with fields, trees and woodlands stretching to the four corners of the country. The Lusitanian Flora is a group of 15 plants and flowers that are exclusive to Ireland, having been transported there from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) decades ago. Ireland’s mild climates and rich soil lends itself to thriving wildflower populations and its varied environments each have their own particular types of flowers and plants growing there.
Conservation efforts have been under way for the past few years to protect these flowers and plants from decline and loss of habitat.
Interflora flowers Ireland allows you to send bouquets and arrangements with ease, presenting your loved one with beautiful natural flowers from sustainable sources. During the festive period, many homes across the country will be decorated with any number of flowers and plants in preparation for the upcoming celebrations.
Here we have taken a closer look at the most popular Christmas plants and flowers that you may come across this year during the holidays.
Originally from Mexico and parts of Central America, the poinsettia was brought to the United States in 1825 by the then-United States Minister to Mexico, Joel Roberts Poinsettia, whom the flower was then named after. Association with Christmas: The origin story for the poinsettia tells of a young girl who was too poor to afford a gift for baby Jesus.
Holly is an extremely widespread evergreen plant due to its adaptability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. Association with Christmas: It is said that Holly was used in Pagan celebrations around Yule, which is held at the same time as the Christian celebration of Christmas.
This species includes both ground-crawling and climbing varieties and is native to many parts of Europe, north western Africa and south western Asia. Association with Christmas: Ivy is believed to protect the home of evil spirits if used as a decoration. The most recognisable species of mistletoe is viscum album, or European Mistletoe, which is a semi-parasitic plant that grows on host trees and produces white berries. Association with Christmas: Mistletoe has only been used as a Christmas decoration from around the 18th century but now it is considered one of the most quintessential. The Christmas Tree is not a name associated with only one species but instead is used to refer to fir, pines and evergreen conifers used in Christmas celebrations. Association with Christmas: The origins of the Christmas Tree as a festive decoration can be traced back to pre-Christian times, despite its association today with the celebration. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow all cookies" to give you the very best experience.If you continue to use this site then you are consenting to this. These plants are extremely popular among home gardeners, Fengshui believers and even interior decorators.
8.4k6000If you want yummy vegetables and greens in the winter, then now is the time to start planning (and planting)! We invite you to subscribe to NorthernHomestead and follow us on Facebook or Pinterest for the latest updates.

I think this idea is neat but after this last winter in Michigan -I don’t think I want to winter garden. Some posts include affiliate advertising links to Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which give us a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you.
If you ever happen to find yourself wandering the cedar breaks of the rocky hill country between the Rio Grande and Austin, perhaps exploring one of the area’s beautiful state parks, you will undoubtedly encounter the Texas mountain laurel (Sophorasecundiflora). Mountain laurel is a perennial evergreen in the family Fabaceae, and is well suited to rocky soils which receive little precipitation.
The association between humans and the mescal bean goes back thousands of years and has been found to be widespread throughout the species’ distribution. Lately, Texas mountain laurel has gained immense popularity as a native landscaping stand out. The thing is, those caterpillars that eat the laurel leaves will turn to… Butterflies. You might want to spray just half the tree or the bottom or some branches and not other if you still enjoy providing habitat for butterflies. We provide high quality, drought tolerant xeriscape landscaping services using Texas Native Plants . Our primary goal is to promote more xeriscape landscaping in Austin and Central Texas and to build upon current Xeriscape landscaper design knowledge and practices. Our specialty is designing and installing xeriscape landscapes using exclusively Austin, Tx and Central Texas native and adapted plants. Mold spreads through spores, miniscule seed-like substances that are most often invisible to the naked eye.
If you’ve followed our guide to mold detection and found house mold, try these mold tips to prevent mold from spreading. Get in touch with a professional mold removal company, like Magical Restoration, to perform a mold inspection.
If your mold inspection reveals mold growth in your home, book a mold treatment like ThermaPureHeat as soon as possible. One reason a heat treatment is more effective than cleaning mold yourself is that the treatment eliminates spores in addition to mold in the house. Dracaenas do not tolerate over watering and can thrive under sparse light and low air humidity.
Add some colourful accessories, such as yellow sticks to accentuate the colours of the plant but also give it extra height and a designer touch. Earthly colours such as brown or russet suit any mediterranean style and a touch of gold on the container can really brighten up your design. These look fantastic when planted into low, black, glossy containers then decorated with white sticks and yellow cotton. They are ideal for a north-facing windowsill of an apartment or flat and will suit the city dweller looking for something a little different.
These include details of beekeeper training, where to buy equipment and how to look after your bees. After all, it is the most popular cut-flower in the world and for centuries it has been used as a symbol of love and passion.
Always use a sharp pair of scissors or secateurs as anything blunt risks damaging the stems and the flower’s ability to absorb water. Home-made mixtures such as bleach or copper coins are rarely as effective as proper flower food. In a time when not everyone could read or write, this became a helpful way of passing messages to one another without the need for writing. Sending a small posy of flowers, or a ‘tussy mussy’ as they were also known, or wearing them as fashion accessories, allowed young women to communicate with suitors without saying a word. Red roses are typically given to lovers on Valentine’s Day, while pink carnations and chrysanthemums are often associated with Mothering Sunday.
Style a personal, thoughtful bouquet featuring your loved one’s favourite flowers or colours and have it created in time for Valentine’s Day by an expert Interflora florist.
At the moment we’re seeing a big trend towards bespoke gifting and we wanted to create something ground-breaking that allows people to use their creativity to design a unique and thoughtful gift. My Interflora Creation allows you to create a bouquet any combination of flowers and you can even decide whether you want your gift hand-tied or presented in a glass vase.
The tool features options to save your gift for later, share it with someone or buy it right away.
Whether you are sending a single stem to a secret crush or a stunning bouquet of 100 blooms to the special someone in your life, red roses show your true feelings for someone with a touch of style and luxury.
Here we have listed our top 12 red roses for Valentine’s Day to help you make a lasting impression on your loved one. Flowers come in all sizes, shapes, species and colours, but sometimes what makes a flower truly special is its scarcity.
This event is rarely witnessed by anyone because the Kadupul flower blooms only after midnight and withers away before dawn.
It can reach up to 3 metres in height and produces an unpleasant smell reminiscent of rotting meat. Many efforts have been made over the years to propagate this flower elsewhere but all attempts have failed, making this one remaining example one of the rarest single flowers in the world.
For centuries it was believed to be a myth, until a Chinese farmer found tiny white buds, measuring just 1mm in length, growing inside a set of steel pipes. A carnivorous plant that traps its insect prey in its large pitcher-like bowl, the plant can grow up to 1.5 metres in height and includes some of the largest pitchers of the genus.
The curved flowers, which are unusually durable in texture, droop from a vine and are pollenated by bats that hang from the vines to collect the nectar from the flowers.
In 1992 the Gibraltar Campion was declared extinct due to the destruction of its habitat but, in 1994, it was rediscovered growing in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. They are a protected species in the UK due to the rarity of their appearances and the penalty for removing or tampering with them can involve a prison sentence! The dark red, almost maroon coloured flowers include a ring of six to ten petals and it emits a sweet, vanilla-like scent reminiscent of coca beans or vanilla pods that give it its common name. There are a number of jobs you can get done in January that will get you ready for the months ahead and help your garden stay looking fresh and healthy throughout 2013. With weather permitting, tidy your lawn, clear away dead plants and get some fresh compost on the go for the coming year. New shoots and plants can die quickly is there is a frost so daily checks are worth the effort. Turn in some good quality compost to help with drainage and clear out any piles of leaves remaining to the compost bin.
It is worth checking patio furniture and sheds for rot as well as the sooner you spot it, the better it can be treated. Think about what you fancy growing this year and do your research before you buy the seeds. You can choose to start a new design from scratch or customise any of the existing designs in the inspiration gallery.
It requires a host tree in order to survive and relies on birds to spread their seeds to new trees.
In the 18th century, mistletoe became more popular as a Christmas decoration and many people began using it in earnest around doorframes and on fireplaces.
These berries are poisonous if eaten and can cause stomach upsets, so care should be taken around children and small animals when used as a decoration. In fact, the first Saturday in November is National Mistletoe Day and signifies the start of the festival.
It’s rich and varied landscape makes it a perfect place for wildflowers to grow and many species native to Ireland are now the subject of much research and scientific interest. These species have now evolved their own distinctive characteristics for the climate they inhabit and are not found growing anywhere else. The peat bogs provide Ireland with some distinctive and varied wildflower species, such as Bog Cotton and Ling Heather, while its limestone-rich soil areas such as The Burren are home to fuchsia and Bloody Cranesbill. The Botanic Gardens has created an Irish Threatened Plant Species Conservation Programme in order to monitor and catalogue the populations, spread and threats facing wildflower species in Ireland. Leave the wildflowers in the fields and choose your floral gifts from Interflora to send a wonderful present and keep a clear conscience. But how much do we know about the reasons behind our decorations and why some flowers and plants are favoured over others? The distinctive thing about the poinsettia is the red parts of the plant which are often mistaken for petals but are in fact leaves. Easily recognisable due to its dark green spiky leaves, the vibrant red berries can be harmful to humans if ingested but provide an important source of food for birds and wildlife.
The plant was used to decorate the home and headdresses in preparation for the coming winter.
Some varieties are highly invasive and are considered weeds, but others are prized for their decorative qualities and are allowed to grow across the sides of buildings, especially in England.
It is said to represent loyalty and devotion due to its ability to survive through harsh winter conditions. Although commonly used during the Christmas holidays as a decoration, the berries are toxic and should always be handled with care around pets and small children. Kissing under the mistletoe is a well-recognised festive tradition and it is often used as a decoration in the home.
Conifers can be traced back to the late Carboniferous, about 300 million years ago and due to its diversity, can be found on virtually every continent on the planet.
The Egyptians were said to use evergreen trees in their customs as a way of representing eternal life, which seems to be why the Christmas Tree is now used to during the celebrations of the birth of Christ. They have to be taken care properly as the leaves of the plants are extremely sensitive to light.
A number of varieties are available that have different color and patterns in their succulent leaves.
They need a fertile soil to grow and the soil has to be changed from the pot at least once in two years. Cathy, a great winter gardener, already started broccoli and cauliflower for transplanting to the garden in mid-August, and she started the first sowing of succession plantings of endive and radicchio. I looked up wich zone we live in (the Netherlands) and if I’m correct we live in zone 8.
Northern Europe has a unique situation, even though you are very far north, you still have mild winters (Zone 8). This hard as nails, extremely drought tolerant Texas native (can survive on a partly 14 inches of annual rain) will grace any landscape with its presence.

Distributed widely across this scenic habitat, Central and West Texas make up the northernmost reaches of this native species’ range. Like all members of the legume producing Fabaceae family, Texas mountain laurel has a special relationship withnitrogen fixing bacteria and plays an important role in the ecosystems in which it is found. Often used like a bead on clothing and jewelry, archeological evidence from caves in the lower Pecos region has been discovered which shows usage of the bean as far back as 4500 BC. This is partly because of its ability to thrive in rocky, dry soils, as well as its beautiful and fragrant blooms which adorn its delightful evergreen foliage.
I would recommend contacting the heavyweights of Texas Mountain Laurel growers in Central Texas to discuss. We strive to be the best xeriscape designer and landscaper in Austin and introduce more folks to the beauty of Texas Native Plants. Hardy and drought tolerant, native Texas plants thrive in our climate with minimum water, fertilizer and maintenance input.
Cleaning mold yourself gives it an opportunity to move to other locations in your home, or become airborne.
By killing mold spores, you prevent mold from transferring to other areas of your house and from returning immediately once your mold treatment is complete. If you want to grow roses in your garden, choose a single-flowered type such as the field rose or dog rose. Solitary bees, such as mason and leafcutter bees, may visit if your bee house is hung in a tree. The art of floriography is now used in a less direct but equally meaningful way and, by experimenting with different colours and types of flower, you can create a personalised message that conveys any sentiment you wish to express. Once you are happy with your creation one of our expert florists will create your order, ready for delivery or collection from your local flower shop. Because of this, it is also the world’s most expensive flower – in fact it is priceless because no one has ever had one long enough to sell it!
Combined with a deep red colour at its core and an unusually warm temperature during its bloom, the flower can attract carrion insects such as flesh flies which it uses for pollination. Due to deforestation, this species has now become endangered and so are extremely precious.
Since then, strenuous efforts have been made to continue its propagation and, thanks to the work of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London, it has now been re-introduced to the Rock of Gibraltar. At Chiswick House in West London you can see the stunning Middlemist Red – brought to this country more than 200 years ago by John Middlemist. Very delicate shoots may benefit from being brought indoors if there is a particularly bad frost coming. This also gives the birds in your garden a boost as well as your flowers and plants as it uncovers a whole host of pests for them to feed on. For those tricky surfaces such as trellises and woven panels, you can now find spray on preserves that are just as effective as roller ones.
Only grow things you know you are going to use and try to vary your selection to keep things interesting. And, with more than 70 different flower and foliage varieties to choose from – plus a selection of vases and accessories- each My Interflora Creation bouquet is as unique as the person who created it. In line with an old custom, mistletoe should not touch the ground once it is cut from the tree as this will bring bad luck for the next year. Tenbury Wells produces the UK’s biggest supply of mistletoe for Christmas and exports the plant across the world in time for the festive period.
Examples include the Maidenhair Fern, Irish Fleabane and Large-flowered Butterwort and although the group has been the focus of much study, it is still unknown how the plants first came to Ireland.
They can withstand extreme temperatures, poor soil conditions and survive even irregular watering. They are extremely attractive at the same time these parasitic plants can even swallow huge trees. These ferns can withstand almost any extreme conditions from direct light to scarce watering. I don’t think there is anything sweeter and more tasty than carrots from my garden in winter. I’m sure this site will help us a lot since we have never had a winter garden before.
I have seedlings growing in the house and I am now so tempted to move them out to the tunnel sometimes next week. While normally called the Texas mountain laurel or mescal bean in English, the species’ geographic distribution actually lies mainly within the borders of Mexico where it is commonly referred to as the frijolillo for its abundant and colorful legumes which appear after the spring flowers have been pollinated. Diazotroph is the term given to describe the unique bacterial which have the ability to turn atmospheric, raw nitrogen unusable to plants species into ammonia which is ready to be absorbed by the roots and used in the production of all necessary organs. More sites containing the bean include dwelling and refuse excavations that have been dated to more modern prehistory.
Once established, the plant will resist drought easily and produce pretty red beans which contain a cultural legacy important to the region and its modern inhabitants. Texas native plants, which are watershed friendly, also contribute to local ecology by providing habitat for native wildlife like birds and butterflies. Mold spores can survive conditions that are too sunny, hot, cold, dry or wet for house mold to grow. This is especially important if you have toxic mold, as you don’t want to inhale toxic mold spores.
As you may have guessed, this treatment uses heat to kill mold, increasing the temperature in your home beyond the threshold that mold and mold spores can survive. They have since been discovered blossoming on the Buddha statue’s head at the Chonggye-sa Temple in Seoul.
In fact some of the plants cannot survive when they are exposed to large amount of sun light.
Still, you can try to plant a winter garden, making sure most things mature before November, than you can harvest till late February to March, and start over again a new garden.
Perfect to conceal that unsightly neighbor of yours or disguise that noisy road near the window.
These little red beans occur in sets of six or seven and are contained in silvery seed pods covered in hairs.
This interaction is considered “mutualistic”, one of several ecological classifications of species interaction, due to a mutual exchange of resources between the bacteria and the plant species.
Among the numerous toxic compounds the beans contain, the alkaloid cytisine is structurally similar to nicotine and effects the same receptors.
Ecologically important, the species interacts with nitrogen fixing bacteria to permanently improve the quality of soil where it has grown or been planted. Therefore, spores can be present in many places indoors and outdoors, even if you see no visible signs of mold.
I am not sure how much protection tunnel will provide in the event of frost of more than -4 deg C, so is it worht the rsik? In contemporary Texas, many may be familiar with these seeds through the immature childhood antics associated with them. In return for the ammonia which it supplies, the Diazotroph (specifically called a Rhizobia in the case of Fabaceae) receives organic acids which are used as an energy source. Just like nicotine, in high dosages the alkaloid is very toxic and causes nausea, vomiting headaches and death, while in lower doses cytisine produces stimulating and sensory enhancing effects. Easily trim the mountain laurel into either a shrub or small tree, and then collect the crimson beans in the shade of its thick foliage while paying homage to a species which has been a caretaker of man, as well as nature. It is when those spores land on a moist surface that has food, air and a suitable temperature that they will start to grow into full-fledged mold.
As you know, we can still get a blizzard with -20C, so be prepared to give your plants some more protection and even heat if needed. Many have both fond –and traumatizing- memories of rubbing the seeds eagerly on a bit of concrete until the friction makes them incredibly hot, after which they are placed on an unsuspecting friend’s skin to great amusement. In this way, the bacteria is able to exchange nitrogen that it “fixes” from the atmosphere which is found in soil into a usable form for the plant, increasing the overall fertility of the landscape.
Due to the variance in alkaloid content within the species and difficulty associated with measuring dosages for oral ingestion, the bean is now generally considered a dangerous toxin. This painful example of impulsive decision making in children and Lord of the Flies–esque behavior is actually a small part of the long story of human interaction with the species.
This is an organic fertilization method employed by many farmers throughout the world who plant legumes like alfalfa in rotation with normal crops to ensure future productivity and deter erosion. In modern pharmacology, calculated doses of the compound are marketed in Europe and have recently been undergoing testing in the US to help smoking cessation. The beans are known to be used by at least a dozen cultures throughout prehistory and the 19th and 20th centuries in Texas and Mexico. The flowers of the Texas mountain laurel are celebrated by many, as much for their abundance and delightful purple color as their amazing scent, which seems to mix the senses with a“purple” fragrance often described as grape soda or kool-aide. In theory it works like methadone by binding more strongly to the nicotinic receptor than nicotine therefore giving little to no effect from smoked tobacco.
While used widely in low doses throughout the region and beyond by indigenous cultures as an intoxicant and hallucinogen during ceremonies, the alkaloid found in the bean often also causes nasty effects including respiratory depression and death if taken in higher doses.
The large seed pods which appear shortly after the flowers are pollinated and are covered in trichomes. In the 19th century a mescal bean society gained popularity among many Native Americans as the pioneers and immigrants arrived during Manifest Destiny and slowly suppressed their cultures. Due to the inherent danger in the use of the species as a sacrament Native American tribes throughout the United States were quick to adapt to using peyote, which has the same general distribution with the mountain laurel and is much safer. Trichomes are thin hair-like growths common in many species of plant and are an extension of the dermal cells found coating the outside of plant organs.
This society occasionally used the bean as an intoxicant during rituals, but also as an ornament in ceremonies.
Often found on leaves but not limited to any distinct part, trichomes are found in a diverse array of shapes and forms and have many functions. Eventually the mescal bean society was eclipsed by the modern Native American Church, which uses peyote as a safer sacrament and mescal beans only as adornment in its vision ceremonies.
Others have a physical shape which causes injury to any insect, bird and mammal which tries to eat the organ on which the trichome is located.

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