Having never gone to points south of the downtown area, that's where we plotted our course. After lunch we hit a few stores, sang the Robin Sparkles song, and lamented about how much we loathe malls. Deciding to head back north to the Health Sciences Station (I am assuming it is called Health Sciences because it is located next to the University of Alberta and the Hospitals), and upon walking several blocks in the wrong direction (it was intentional, the scenic route, he said) we began our way toward White Ave., the hipster capital of Edmonton. Covered in fur, feathers, and pet dander 95% of the time ~ I am the owner of a elderly (but don't tell him) housecat, an anxiety-riddled fox terrier, and a hormonally imbalanced ringneck parrot. When life gives you a 4 pound bag of lemons, you make your own  Del's Lemonade !!
I learned early, as a child, that if you dip a strawberry into a little sugar it tastes mad, crazy-good - and it makes a lovely syrup.
Today I am sharing my favorite sugar cookie recipe; these cookies are soft, chewy, buttery and delicious.
Twin Grove RV Resort & Cottages and Chocolate World, in Pennsylvania, was the next stop on our big adventure.
Check the website to download the TimmyMe free app for your mobile device to find the nearest Tim Horton's locations. Tim Horton's is a Canadian company and Canadians seem to love their Tim Horton's coffee and donuts. It's less of a place where budding novelists create their latest works and more of a place for friends and neighbors to gather to visit and catch up. You can order it single single (one cream, one sugar - also known as regular,) double double, triple triple, or any variance in between. Just like other coffee shops you can also chose artificial sweetener, low fat or no-fat milk or black. The coffee is made every 20 minutes from 100% Arabica beans so you're guaranteed a fresh brew when you buy their coffee.
The hot beverage sizes have recently been renamed extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. Not only regular and decaf coffee, but espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate, cafe mocha, latte, hot smoothie, steeped tea, specialty tea, and tea latte are also available. Like other coffee shops, new products are occasionally added or offered for limited release. Tim Horton's signature cold beverage is their Iced Cap (Cappuccino) which is a summertime favorite. Breakfast at Tim Hortons Edmonton can be as simple as a bowl of oatmeal, as fresh as fruit with yogurt, as convenient as a breakfast wrap, or as hearty as a breakfast bagel or breakfast biscuit sandwich. Mugs, travel mugs, coffee makers and even Christmas ornaments (in season) can be purchased at Tim's. You can't talk about Tim Horton's without mentioning their wildly successful annual RRRoll Up the Rim to Win promotion.
After drinking your beverage you roll up the rim at the arrow to see if you win a free coffee, donut, gift card or a bigger prize.
It's a lot of fun and held every year beginning the end of February until late March or early April when the special cups run out.

Tim Horton's is involved in community programs and sponsor's camps for children through their Foundation. In comparison with some of its more upscale competitors, Tim Horton's offers a modestly-prices cup of coffee, a kind of no-nonsense cuppa that's solidly flavorful and unpretentious - a bit like Canadians themselves. The breakfast biscuits and biscuit sandwiches are very good, not very expensive, and nice to order when you have to grab breakfast on the run. Groupon usually has restaurant deals - sometimes other Edmonton deals - but it's my favorite way to get to know Edmonton at half off deals! Amusement Parks and Water Theme parks are always a way of attraction for children, teenagers and even old people. Wet n’ Wild Water World is one of the most popular water theme park which offers a wide range of pools and attractions for people.
It is the largest Park in USA with a total of 51 slides and is also known as the place for water in the Midwest.
The Sandcastle Water Park is situated in Black pool; England started its operation in 1986 and is known to be the largest and the best theme park of United Kingdom.
Sunway Lagoon is the home to the world’s largest wave pool and is located in Jaya, Malaysia.
The Pacific Park located in California, USA is another good location of amusement for the tourists. The largest Amusement park in Bangalore, this Wonderla water spans a total area of 35 hectares in South India.
The Schlitterbahn Park Resort is an amusement park that started as a simple river accommodation and gradually got the shape of one of the top water theme park in the world.
The water country theme park is situated in New Hampshire, United States launched in 1984.The Water Country Park is awarded to be the Largest, Safest, Cleanest and the Friendliest Water Park in the world.
If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Johanna and Dave invited me to their cabin near Nordegg for a weekend to photograph their engagement session. Their Mexico destination wedding was held at the Grand Palladium Resort south of Playa Del Carmen. This Lifeguard Tower Kiss wedding photo represents week 12 of my 52 Weeks of Weddings Project. Darwin Mulligan Photography will photograph your Wedding, Engagement, family portraits, etc, and is available to travel to virtually any destination worldwide. As we were driving home and approached the border, the question arose, "Where's the nearest Timmy's?" A collective sigh of relief went up as we eventually saw the familiar sign and pulled into Tim's for coffee, iced caps, and steeped tea. It is located in Oxen ford, Gold Coast and it attracts tourists and people from all over the world especially from Australia. Opened in 1979, the Noah’s water theme park celebrated its 27 years of successful operation in 2003.
Among the top attractions of this amusement park includes Waters of Africa, Wild Wild West and a lot of popular water rides. It has one of the largest solar powered Ferris wheel in the world and includes dozens of rides and food stalls.

The water park comprises about 53 water rides and the electronically controlled rain showers are the main attractions of this water theme park.
The Schlitterbahn Park has been featuring a good deal of new water slides and pools for its guests and the major attractions are Boogie Bahn 2 which many tourists love. The major attractions of this water theme park includes the Crazy River which is actually an artificial fast flowing river created in the vicinity.
Nordegg is a hamlet in west-central Alberta, and is located in the North Saskatchewan River valley in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, at the crossroads of David Thompson Highway and the Highway 734 spur of the Bighorn Highway. The popularity of these theme parks and amusement parks has dramatically grown in the last two decades.
The most attracting thing is the Caribbean Storm Tree house which is an artificial coconut tree that sprinkles water on guests coming to the play area. The dry park which is also within the lagoon is another attraction for the tourists coming to this great and lovely park.
It has a total of 4 zones like Dream World Plaza, Adventure land, Dream Gardens and Fantasy Land. The free fall ride for Children has been the major attractive place for the kids and of course for its popularity. The Water tunnel and “The Bomb” are among the favorite spots for adults and the kiddie pool area is really popular among children. These amusement parks have evolved a lot in the years and now many theme parks feature artificial beaches, spas and water slides which are a good entertaining resort for the people.
Among its oldest rides and slides are Double Screamer, Tornado, Twister, Speed Coaster and water flumes. It includes some of the great attractions such as lazy rivers, wave pools and paradise lagoons.
The popularity of the theme park rise, because of the indoor drop slide known as Sidewinder.
Some of the top things to see are Red Baron, Ship Ahoy, Crazy Submarine and spinning submarines for kids. The park features kids only play grounds, family playground areas and high speed slide areas. The best thing about all of these Amusement parks is that you can go and enjoy regardless of the season and weather. Among its most thrilling water slides are Black Anaconda which is the largest bowl ride too. The management organizes and event “The Color of the World” every weekend to attract more tourists. The water country park has about 18 major water attractions and 47 resort facilities for its guests.
You will indeed love the simulating items and amazing river pools with great surfing and body boarding at your hand.

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