There are umpteen-gazillion books out there, both good and bad, concerning Buddhism for adult readers. I’m assuming that Daily Buddhism readers are going to want to use the book to explain the Buddhist perspective on the questions posed here. This is a super practical floating shelf for you to place your small accessories such as keys, handphones etc.
If you want a more 3D look for your wall, then this square white floating shelves can create such an effect. This is a beautiful piece of tree shelf design that has a mixture of white and greyish blue color.
Having a white floating shelf above the working desk is a more way to create more storage space for either a home office or at the company office.
For a more unique type of white floating shelf, you can do no wrong with this double S shaped design. These exciting and comfortable designs from the new book "Small Eco Houses" show what's possible, and sustainable, in 1,500 square feet or less.
Click through to see what's possible in a smaller size, selections from this collection of 18 amazing small green homes.

In 2009, the average American home was 2,343 square feet, well more than double the average in 1950. The new book Small Eco Houses (Universe, $35) by Cristina Paredes Benitez and Alex Sanchez Vidiella is a wonderful survey of beautiful small homes that are packed with sustainable features, from use of recycled and local materials to natural lighting and landscaping. The text is short and extremely simple, and even beginning readers will be able to move through the book quickly. I took a look at Google trends and saw that there are more people searching for white floating shelves compared to other colors such as black, red, grey etc. The lines are curved to to emphasis a more modern look.  If you are looking for something unique, this is a great piece of furniture to consider.
Since these are used to typically store and organizer items such as files, it is good to buy white floating shelves with doors so that these files are not visible to all. Whether it is for your living room or bedroom, it is a beautiful designed floating shelf that will surely impress your visitors. Efficient light bulbs, non-toxic furniture and Energy-Star certified appliances can certainly reduce your family's environmental impact. While new home sizes have dipped slightly during the recession, it's also true that more and more architects and builders are recognizing that small really can be beautiful.

Many are inspiring examples of what's possible if we think outside the old mantra that bigger is always better. This is why we are doing this article to let you see some unique and cool white floating shelves. As you can seen from the image above, not only can you place a TV in the centre of the shelf, there are other compartments where you can place other things such as DVD player, game consoles, cable box etc. Modular shelves tend to have curves, thus making them more sleek and their square counterparts.
But as population rises, we have to start paying more attention to the fact that the more dwelling space we provide for each person, the more resources we are going to use. We see this in efficient, affordable modular design, and some folks are even going so far as to move into repurposed shipping containers. Some small green homes are envisioned as rustic cabin getaways, while others are on the cutting edge of style and amenities.

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