Flora, Fauna and Merryweather (known collectively as the Three Good Fairies) are major characters in Disney's 1959 animated feature film, Sleeping Beauty.
The three good fairies are clothed in medieval-styled dresses with a particular color predominating.
Flora's dress is predominantly red with her petticoat, cape clasp cuffs and hat veil a dark yellow. Though their magic was stated to be inferior to Maleficent's in raw power, when they work together they were capable of granting people extremely powerful weapons to be used in the cause of righteousness. The three fairies dress very much alike in long medieval style dresses and pointy hats reminiscent of the traditional witches' hat.
As members of the Fair Folk, the three fairies function as forces of good and use their magic in its service. Before Merryweather could give the child her gift, Maleficent appeared and invoked a curse that would cause the princess to die upon pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel.
Flora, while brainstorming ideas to keep the princess safe, stated she could turn Aurora into a flower reasoning that as flowers have no fingers Aurora could not prick hers on a spinning wheel or anything else.
The fairies choose instead to disguise themselves as humans by dressing as peasants, hiding their wings and swearing off magic for the duration. In their quest to rescue Phillip and escort him to Aurora, they again displayed how powerful their magic could truly be: using their wands as cutting torches to free him of his shackles and open the locked door of his cell, conjuring holy weapons (the Shield of Virtue and Sword of Truth), transforming objects (boulders into bubbles, arrows into flowers, burning oil into a rainbow, transformation), and turning living creatures to stone, as Merryweather did to Diablo in an effort to prevent the raven from alerting Maleficent. Flora, Fauna and Merryweather first appear as the invited guests of King Stefan at Aurora's christening. After she starts an argument over the color of the dress by turning it blue, they try changing the dress and each other's clothes to the opposite colors, and the magic blasts fly up the chimney and attracts the attention Maleficent's henchman, Diablo. The fairies begin to talk about the boy, with Merryweather expressing her opinion that it's unfair for Aurora to be forced into an arrange marriage. The fairies feel guilty for what has happened, but Flora insists that they put everyone in the castle to sleep until Aurora awakens. The fairies sneak into the Forbidden Mountain and witness a group of Maleficent's Goons celebrating the prince's capture by partying around the bonfire. The Goons drop giant rocks, shoot arrows and pour hot oil, but Flora uses her magic to turn them into bubbles, flowers and a rainbow, respectively. With Maleficent gone for good, Phillip and the fairies enter Stefan's castle and go up to the tower where Aurora is in her enchanted sleep. While Flora and Fauna leave, Merryweather stays for a few moments to give Aurora her wand in case things become too difficult. Flora, Fauna and Merryweather appear in the Disney Junior series as the supporting sidekick characters to the titular character Sofia. Their largest role in the series to date is in the episode "Make Way for Miss Nettle" where the fairies' former apprentice, Miss Nettle visits the academy to (supposedly) teach an after school gardening class to Sofia and friends.
The Three Fairies appear in the 2014 live-action film under different names and are referred to as The Flower Pixies. They grant the infant Aurora with magical gifts but when Maleficent places a curse on the young princess, they take her into hiding and raise her as their niece. In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, the three fairies appear during Ventus's visit after Maleficent took Aurora's heart using Terra's darkness.
In Kingdom Hearts II, the three fairies give Sora his new outfit after he wakes from his year-long sleep, as well as the Star Seeker Keyblade and the ability to use Drive. Although they don't appear physically in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, The three fairies were briefly mentioned in the game. We can book all the best-known and loved comedians, from Harry Hill to Jethro, Dave Spikey to Jim Davidson or Craig Charles, Billy Connelly, Freddie Starr to Roy Chubby? Brown. TER Group works with national promoters and can strike a strategic deal for you with the artist.
TER Group has sucsessfully booked many famous names for charity award ceremonys and private or corporate events. We regularly book comedians that can be seen at many other venues such as Jongleurs, comedy club and many other comedy venues. It was only a matter of time before superhero films would come knocking at Johnny Depp’s door. Latino Review says that Marvel is eyeing  Depp to play Doctor Strange in their long-awaited film adaptation of the classic comic book character. Variety points out that while Marvel may want the Oscar nominee, nothing is set in stone and talks haven’t even officially started.
For those who don’t know, Doctor Strange was a former surgeon who, after a severe accident and training with the Ancient One, becomes Sorcerer Supreme and primary protector of Earth. A TV movie manages to fix all the mistakes made by Maximum Overdrive while making a ton of its own. With the genre ready to explode in the coming years, taking over the film industry with many ambitious and quality products featuring some incredible talent, both Warner Bros DC and Marvel Studios have revealed ambitious plans for their movie universes for years to come.
Though it was only known that Benedict Cumberbatch was in talks to play Steven Strange, the sorcerer supreme, it was known to be incredibly likely that he would land the role and was close to closing the deal with Marvel Studios. Cumberbatch is the correct choice for this role in my opinion, as he has the range for the role for sure and looks very similar to the character in the comics. The Suicide Squad casting news is also confirmation of castings that were previously rumoured online. You may be thinking that the idea of Captain Boomerang as a villain in an otherwise incredibly serious film is pretty ridiculous. With the direction of David Ayer, the man who directed Fury, the first ever standalone Suicide Squad movie should be incredible.
Yesterday I talked about a Spark that I caught from one of my granddaughters, Ashley,and how she urged me to teach Chemistry and Physics (indirectly, through learning about crystals). They were fascinated with the fact that there was hot, melted rock inside the earth called magma and that sometimes it erupts from the earth. There was a chart in both the adult books and the kids’ book showing the softest rock, talc and the hardest rock, diamond. Extra curricular clubs are an important part of school life and in my school every teacher is required to offer at least one club.
In previous years and schools I have run various different clubs, including a Young Writers club, Book Club, even a Criminal Minds Club which focused on the TV show of the same name which was surprisingly popular.
The way that I have run the club in the past is to get the students to choose which films we watch from which genres, the list is then sent home to parents to make sure that they are happy with the students watching these films. It is in the first session that I get the students to priorities genres they are interested in and brainstorm which films they would like to watch.
These 3 ingredient Nutella cookies are about the quickest shortcut to chocolate bliss around. In addition to the dresses, the outfits are complimented with matching capes and pointy hats secured to their heads with colored veils. She appears to be the leader of the group, and based on her dialogue in the film, she seems to deal heavily with flowers and nature; her favorite color is pink.
They can do many things such as shrinking in size, fly, bring inanimate objects to life, and putting people to sleep.
Flora's hair is gray and Fauna's hair is brownish-gray and they wear it swept back and up into a pompadour and a bun. They possess various magical abilities that seem to be channeled solely through their wands, and hence they were practically powerless without them.
While Merryweather did not have the power to break the curse, she was able to weaken it and provide a means for the curse to be broken. Merryweather derailed that course of action by pointing out that it would work fine until Maleficent sends a frost.

It was only during their preparations for Aurora's 16th birthday did they start using magic again: bringing inanimate objects to life to do their bidding, moving objects without touching them (telekinesis), manipulate colors (Flora and Merryweather changing the birthday gown from pink to blue and back again), conjuring a crown out of thin air for Aurora to wear as a Princess (conjuration), making objects disappear, and lighting the tips of their wands to provide light. The most powerful feat they performed was, apparently, blessing the Sword of Truth so that it could kill Maleficent with one well-aimed blow. An agreement with Aurora's parents is reached: the fairies will raise Aurora for 16 years, until the curse is no longer a threat, and then return her to the palace. After failing in their attempts to bake a cake (Fauna has never cooked before) and sew a dress normally (with Flora, using Merryweather as the mannequin), they decide to use magic after closing off (almost) every crack except the chimney.
The argument ends when both rays hit the dress at exactly the same time, making it a mixture of pink and blue and Flora was outraged at Merryweather for messing the dress up.
They use their magic to create a tiara for Aurora, to help her realize her true royal identity. When Fauna suggests they reveal the news to King Stefan, they are hear a faint sound from the room and realize that it's Maleficent enchanting Aurora. However, when putting King Hubert to sleep, Flora learns that the man Aurora met in the woods was actually her fiance, Prince Phillip. The fairies follow Maleficent, who has been watching the celebration, to the dungeon, where Phillip is chained to the walls.
After escaping the Forbidden Mountain, the fairies aid Phillip by protecting him from various obstacles as they make their way to Stefan's castle. The fairies watch as Phillip gives Aurora Love's First Kiss that awakens her from that sleep. Since the death of Maleficent, the fairies have become almost desperate to help Aurora out with anything. After giving Hubert his speech, Flora and Fauna learn the secret Merryweather has been hiding about the wand. They are the magical tutors of the young princess and teaches her the ways of the royal highness she will one day become. However, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather soon discover Nettle's actually after their spell book, in an attempt to become more powerful than the three fairies combine, betraying them. In episode "Humphrey in the House", they performed on stage attempting to cook without magic.
Knotgrass (Flora) was played by Imelda Staunton, Thistlewit (Merryweather) by Juno Temple, and Flittle (Fauna) by Lesley Manville. They claim they are very good with children but it turns out they are incapable of looking after a child so while they struggle living like humans, Maleficent secretly cares for the princess from a distance and through Diaval while at the same time, pranks the trio just to kill her boredom. They originally come from the Enchanted Dominion world and appear in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. But when Flora sees the blue color on Aurora's dress, she changes it to pink and Merryweather changes it back to blue. When Diablo brings Maleficent's robe to Yen Sid's tower, the fairies' memories accidentally bring her back to life.
Yen Sid mentions to Mickey, Donald and Goofy that Lea is being trained to summon the Keyblade in a magically suppressed training session under the three fairies and Merlin. The worlds leading comics are available for corporate events and private bookings through their perspective management. Corprate events are the favourite bookings for these stars as most are national tours with national promoters so new venues find it hard to book the vip fraternity of comedians. 18 years in the business and our contacts certainly open doors that would normally be closed for others. TER Group is proud to booking many comedians for all types of venues, from social clubs, pubs to comedy nights in theatres and larger venues across teh country. While other names have been tossed around in the past, Depp is the biggest star to be mentioned for the part. Strange does battle with all sorts of magical and mystical baddies and, well, just thinking about him on the big screen sounds damn exciting.
As well, Doctor Strange would require a big name to carry it since the character isn’t as well known as Captain America or Iron Man.
The reason I don’t specify Marvel or DC is because there has been casting news on both sides of the coin. It is good that they are going with a director that is well versed in the horror genre, he will no doubt be able to capture the grotesqueness of the dark side of the Marvel Universe such as the deepest depths of Mephisto’s realm. Although I have never been someone to complain that an actor doesn’t look enough like the comic version, in this case it matters. The Suicide Squad movie directed by David Ayer will feature Will Smith as Deadshot, Jared Leto as The Joker, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Tom Hardy as Rick Flagg. However, many times he has been done to good effect in the comics, in various different ways.
Right away they began discussing where we could go to get good rocks to make our own rock collection. They couldn’t believe there was ground up rock in body power and that wedding rings were really rocks. There was a chart showing that there are 92 elements that make up the earth and that salt is made up of two of them, sodium and chloride.
When it was time to go I was just heading out but Lizzy said, “Grandma shouldn’t we take some of these books home so we can look at them some more. I will admit that I do sometimes lean the students toward a certain film that I think is a good example of the genre and that I also like. I do this in a computer room so that they can check the certification of the film before adding it to the list of potentials, we try to find films that a majority of the club have not seen before as well. Information on this site may or may not be true and BabyRazzi LLC makes no warranty as to the validity of any claims. Fauna's outfit is a dark green with accents in a lighter shade of green and she appears to be second-in-command. When they gave Prince Phillip the Shield of Virtue and the Sword of Truth (possible parodies of the shield of faith and the sword of the Spirit from the Bible, seeing as how their names are almost synonyms [ref.
Merryweather's hair is black and she also wears it in a bun, but her veil, which covers the entire back of her head makes it hard to see exactly how the hair is styled. Their first notable acts of magic were the blessings they gave to the baby Princess Aurora.
Instead of dying, Aurora would instead fall into a deep sleep from which only True Love's Kiss would awaken her, breaking the spell. After Aurora had pricked her finger and fallen into the enchanted sleep, they cast a spell to put the entire kingdom into a similar sleep that will only end when she did.
Flora uses it to sew the dress, Fauna uses it to bake the cake (and later decorate it), and Merryweather uses it to clean up the room until she is distracted by seeing the dress being pink. As Briar Rose is returning from berry picking, Flora quickly turns it to pure pink and hides. However, they soon decide to leave her alone for a time as Aurora is still heartbroken of never again seeing the young man she has fallen in love with. They frantically try to stop the princess, who keeps following Maleficent (as a will-o-the-wisp) up the tower. Phillip has previously intended to go to the cottage to meet Aurora, so the fairies race back to the cottage. They wait until Maleficent leaves the dungeon to go sleep in her tower, then they free Phillip and melt the dungeon lock. Lastly, the three fairies go to the throne room, where they watch happily as Phillip and Aurora descend the stairs, reunite with their respective parents, and share a dance. While King Stefan, King Hubert, Prince Phillip and Queen Leah are away; Aurora is left in charge.

While they were gone, the wand's power began to get out of hand but eventually due to Aurora's calm attitude; things were settled down. It is shown in several episodes that Flora and Merryweather have yet to settle the blue-pink debate. Fortunately, due to the efforts of Sofia and friends, the fairies are rescued and peace is restored.
Though not outright vilifying them like King Stefan, this film portrays the characters in a rather unpleasant light compared to the clearly good original versions. The three fairies also appear on Aurora's pillar during Sora's Awakening in Kingdom Hearts.
Whatever the type of humour you are looking for – family comedy, alternative humour, slapstick, maybe even a bit of blue?, we can provide the right comedian for your event. TER Group are industry favourites when it comes to booking comedy and comedians so why not give us a call and let us see what we can do for you. Considering the success Depp has had with Pirates and Alice this seems like a no brainer for Disney and Marvel.
However, as time goes on announcements are fleshing out the known information on the upcoming superhero movies of DC and Marvel. Marvel Studios made the deal official with an announcement last week that the actor would portray Doctor Strange in 2016. To complete the ensemble are Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang and Cara Delevingne as Enchantress. More recently Captain Boomerang has been brought to life on the small screen in a really interesting way. She asked about crystals and so we began a journey of exploration to find out more about them. We found a wonderful picture that showed crystals that were transparent, translucent and opaque.
The girls thought that it would be really fun to find the rocks and then figure out if they were igneous or sedimentary. Usually I try to have 3 films per genre in case there is a film that a parent doesn't want their child to watch so we can switch it around.
Each film usually takes between two or three sessions to watch as we have 1 hour each week.
Despite her tendency towards absentmindedness and obliviousness, she is the quieter and the more introspective than the other two fairies, and often functions as a peacemaker between Flora and Merryweather.
Despite their claims that they could only do good things with their magic, they were not above using their powers in morally ambiguous ways: Flora gifted a sword and shield to Prince Phillip (which could be interpreted as promoting violence) while Merryweather turned Diablo into stone.
John 14:6]) for the final fight with Maleficent the sword (boosted by the fairies' combined magic and Flora's incantation) was so empowered it could destroy Maleficent and her evil with one well-aimed blow.
Flora blessed the child with the Gift of Beauty, while Fauna gave the child the Gift of Song. The fairies then decide to hide as mortals, as their magic will raise attention, and disguise themselves as Briar Rose's aunts.
They warn her not to touch anything, but Maleficent orders Aurora to touch the spindle to trigger the curse.
They arm him with the magical Sword of Truth and Shield of Virtue, both believed to be weapons of righteousness that will triumph over evil. The fairies assist Phillip in retreating, but he is cornered at the cliff and loses his shield. Hubert accidentally forgets his speech at Stefan's castle so the fairies finally help Aurora by going to return it. In "Jiminy Cricket", they gave Aurora a sewing machine so she wouldn't have to use a spinning wheel. With Ventus gone, the three fairies find Aqua in a cell, where they meet Prince Phillip, the only true love who can break the curse laid upon Princess Aurora. However, Doctor Strange would also be a Disney project so maybe they could make it all work out.
The genre has been bubbling under for some time, with some strong films released earlier in the noughties, the genre hitting its stride in recent years with some incredible shared universe movies from Marvel and the fantastic Christopher Nolan trilogy on the DC side of things.
As of yet the jury is out on who will play Amanda Waller but Oprah Winfrey is apparently who DC are trying to get for the role. They would make a decision on each one as to whether they thought it was mica or crystal bits in the rock. They were intrigued by the fact that when it cools it becomes igneous rock and sometimes if there were people nearby it left mummies.
Yet here was a six year old and an eight year old diligently learning about rocks and crystals. After each film is finished we spend a session reviewing and discussing the film and then the students write their own reviews. Merryweather is dressed in shades of blue, her favorite color, and is distinguished from the others by her diminutive stature. Insulted by her lack of invitation, Maleficent curses the infant to die, from pricking her finger on a spinning wheel spindle before the sun sets on the princess' 16th birthday.
After Flora points out that the mop is still running, Merryweather uses her magic to make it stop. The fairies arrive too late as they run into Maleficent, who briefly mocks them of their efforts of stopping her. Deducing that the prince has been captured by Maleficent, the fairies decide to go to Maleficent's domain, the Forbidden Mountain, to rescue him. As Phillip and the fairies exit the dungeon, they are confronted by Maleficent's pet raven, Diablo, who calls the Goons. Under Flora's direction, the fairies empower his sword, allowing Phillip to throw it straight into the dragon's chest, finally killing the evil enchantress. Merryweather regains her wand and they all gather for a banquet put together by Aurora without the use of magic. The three fairies help Aqua and Prince Phillip to the castle and defeat Maleficent in dragon form. This is a stellar line up for one comic book team, there are some really huge names in this cast that will obviously pop on-screen. It talked about sand and the shells of tiny sea animals and how sedimentary rocks are made. The argument continues, with the dress keep alternating colors (pink and blue) as the storybook is closed.
Windows were transparent, colored glass was translucent and the door frames were opaque (sorta).
Although Merryweather can't undo the curse, as Maleficent's magic is far too powerful, she's able to weaken it by making Aurora fall asleep until awakened by True Love's Kiss.
When she tells her "aunts" about the man she met in the woods, they forbid her from seeing him again.
The fairies also reveal her true identity as Princess Aurora, as well as the fact that she's already betrothed in an arranged marriage.
They asked questions about everything and practically had their noses on the page to get a really good look at all the pictures.

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